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  1. ###### it! I was thinking the exact same thing already so taht was no help.
  2. wow, you can hardly see a thing on that. It's so blurry.
  3. This is my little fishkie Dorothy. What kind is she?
  4. Britanix


    I'd say a young oranda. there's certainly some wen growth.
  5. Britanix


    Definitoy an Oranda. Having the wen and all. it's a beautiful colour.
  6. That is a lovely looking pearl scale.
  7. Lovely fish, and great clear quality on your video. A*
  8. The more fish the merrier, you (and they) only live once.
  9. ******** removed due to voilent content********** Your bubble eye looks awesome.
  10. HAHAHAHA, Sushi is a brilliant name for a fish! Why didn't i think of that? So good.
  11. It was acyually my little siter who named him, but it turned out quite well because for a while he had a sort of black rim to his tail fin which made it look like a scythe.
  12. This is Death, he's gotten so big since i first got him (i couldn't get a picture with his wonderful fins in it) he's a common (possibly cross with a comet). These two lovelies are my white fantail and red capped oranda: Damien and Dandy. Damien is one of my newest, but Dandy is my first goldfish (along with Death). The next two pictures are of my partially sited lionhead Dorothy, she's blind in one eye, which to me made her all the more cuter. When i saw her in the shop i just had to buy her: picture one and picture two. And to finish off, here's one of the beautiful Dandy by herself. I know these aren't very good pictures so if anyone could give me tips on how to improve my photography they would be greatly appreciated.
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