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  1. It's been about three years since my last post, but I thought of this forum again today and thought I ought to share some news. Today I had to euthanize my last goldfish, Lumpy. (an Oranda) She had been suffering from some recurring finrot that just kept coming back. The other day I discovered that she also had dropsy, with pineconing of scales already. Long story short, it was finally too much and I decided to euthanize her with clove oil. I put her into a smallish container with about half a gallon of tank water, and added a small amount of a water solution with one teaspoon of clove oil shaken into it. There were no signs of distress and all movement ceased after about thirty seconds. (I added another teaspoon and waited about fifteen minutes to make sure) She lived for about 7 years, my personal record. I'm probably done with goldfish for awhile now since I'm moving away to a new college. I intend to get back into it after college if I have time for it, but we'll have to wait and see...
  2. Yeah, It was kind of hard to do, but I just convinced myself that it was better than letting him suffer more. It's something that I thought I would never have to do, but I did. Thanks for your sympathy.
  3. I'ts been forever since I was on here. I had to euthanize my Pearlscale, Golfball last night. I used clove bud oil and it went pretty smoothly with no distress. I think it was kidney failure because he got these huge water-filled bubbles all over him and he couldn't swim because of them. (I read that that's what happens when the kidneys stop working) They looked like the bubbles on a bubble eye except they were everywhere. Then he got finrot and dropsy with pineconing scales. (probably complications) He started getting red sores and I decided the best thing to do was to euthanize him. I had added Maracyn two as soon as I saw the first bubble because I read that when they pop, they can cause infections. On a slightly more positive note, all of my other fish are in good health with no other illnesses since I stopped coming to this site. I tried my best, but it didn't work. It still hasn't entirely sunk in for me. It was only like 2 days after I saw the first bubble on his body that I decided he couldn't possibly recover.
  4. It looks great! I'd set up a pond, except for the cost involved, and the risk of predators. (My neighbors have an "outdoors" cat.)
  5. abeadle

    My Goldfish

    So he's either something that was supposed to have a dorsal and barely didn't, or something that wasn't supposed to have a dorsal and almost did.
  6. abeadle

    My Goldfish

    Hmm... *Flat-bodied *Fantailed *calico *No dorsal Weird ranchu with no head growth and a flat body? Mutant common with a double tail? Perhaps a wakin with no dorsal? I have no idea. I think he's unique. BTW, What is that bump on his back? is it a partially developed dorsal fin? I'm worried it might be a tumor.
  7. I just stopped back to see how the site's doing. Hi all. I saw the exact same video 3 days ago! (weird) I agree, don't post a comment. Just give it a low rating.
  8. abeadle


    From what I can tell, (Just did some web-searching) it is a intermediate between a Wakin and a Ryukin. I suppose they are extremely hard to find, and I only found one picture of them by doing a google image search "Watonai Goldfish".
  9. I'm happy with my whisper, but it did seem loud at first. I have one of their smaller models though. Try adding a strip of carpet or something under it to decrease the vibrations. That worked for me.
  10. I think it's most likely that he died before the fish got him, like Brandon said.
  11. That looks pretty neat. I've got a pothos (I previously had no idea what it was) and I think I'll try that. It's been growing hydroponically (No soil) for about 3 years now, so it should be an easy switch.
  12. I don't know if you could tell if it's cancerous. If it gets really bad, there's probably some way of removing it but I don't know. None of my fish have gotten a tumor, and I think it's somewhat uncommon. You should resolve the overcrowding. All the fish are probably fighting for oxygen right now, and that is a factor in his lack of activity. (He already has a disadvantage) You could also add a bubbler to the tank to help the oxygen and upgrade the filter. If he still has problems breathing, you could add some aquarium salt. Reduced gill function is sometimes caused by loss of electrolytes through the gills , and the salt helps replenish them. Of course, that still doesn't resolve the tumor. Maybe someone else knows about tumors.
  13. Welcome to Koko's! I'll try to sum up everything I can. Your tank comes out to about 50 Us Gallons. Your tank is slightly overcrowded and it sounds like the filter is also underpowered. Here on Koko's, we recommend 10 gallons per fancy goldfish and 20 per flat-bodied fish. 10x filtration is also important. For example your filter should be rated at 500 Gallons per Hour. A 20 gallon tank would need 200 Gallons per hour. (GPH) I think you should be changing the water more often. A test kit would be a good thing to buy if you don't have one yet. That way, you know exactly what's going on in the chemistry of the tank. I don't know what the lump could be. Possibly a tumor. Could you post a pic on photobucket.com and give us the link?
  14. I don't know. personally I would use a towel, but I'm just over-cautious sometimes. Then again, the tank's already filled. It's your choice.
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