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  1. i'm not aware of any but I will do some research on them!
  2. Hello, I am just finishing my stay in the UK and will be leaving the country start of June. I currently have a tank with 3 goldfish. Comet, Common and a fantail, that one is considerably smaller than the older ones. I've had them for about 4 years now and I got the Comet and Common from another friend that moved so they must be pretty old! Anyway my question is what is the best option for them that you would advise: Option 1. The Petstore have offered to sell them for me, I am concerned that the fish that lived so well are either separated they always are together in either corner of the tank so I'd hate for them to end up alone somewhere.. I know pretty sad... lol my other concern is whether the person that buys them is a newbie and kills them off. Option 2. Find someone that knows what they're doing and can get them all together... Anyone in here living close to Bath, UK ????? Option 3. Find a friend and give them to them, this is a possible option but again I'm worried that they will kill them off whilst they're learning how to take care of them. Thanks in advance for all your help! Lydia
  3. i just feel so bad deserting it right now :/ even though it keeps to its self i'm quite attached to it now lol i will keep a close eye and then might do the tank divider if i see it misbehaving... at least that way they won't eat its food. mind you on a good note.. the fishies keep eating those algae wafers and its done wonders for their constipation. the smaller fantail always started floating after eating and now i haven't seen it done that once!!!!
  4. right now its so small it just runs away and the bigger ones are too big for it to even contemplate touching them :/ I am worried though and don't really have another tank to put it on its own.
  5. the problem is that my goldfish ontinue their party long after the lights go off LOL! i just saw the pleco flatter onto the plant so wow maybe it actually will eat on its own. I will turn the lights off and then drop it some wafers see if it eats it. Also, its a common pleco.. right now its 2inch / 5cm approx... its with 4 other goldfish and the small one is about 3inch long.. please tell me the pleco won't attack them!! will it???
  6. Hey all, I have a pleco in my tank and I bought some sinking wafers for it.. the problem is that I do not think it actually gets the chance to eat either of them before the others steal them and eat them!!! It also seems to be constantly hiding here and there which I suppose is natural and at night it does come alive but I wonder if it'll be willing or curious enough to seek those wafers that might have evaded the other gf's greedy lips. Any advice on that would be great!
  7. fishie died a day after i posted i miss it terribly. other fish are just great as happy as ever. i think the fantail missed its buddy it now follows the bigger ones everywhere
  8. how do you keep water clean if its all new water in new rubber 'tank' with just an air stone to give it oxygen? do u think i need to be doing small changes in that little 'tank' to avoid the ammonia?
  9. btw im thinking about moving the goldfish in a new rubber tank, what do you think of using a broad spectrum medication like disease safe by Interpet?
  10. oh d'oh LOL sorry it was not ph I gave u it was GH !! ph is actually 7.6 , we have very hard water here in Bath. gills appear to be cherry red, i just looked at the fish but its so small its not so easy to examine it thoroughly without needlessly stressing it. how do you clean the filter? I wash it in the water that I took out of the tank. well these fish were originally in a 20L tank and i got them from someone else so the bigger tank was as much as I could house without breaking the floor of the medieval house! i will do more frequent water changes, the problem is that i am getting afraid of these changes as every time water is changed these problems appear :angry: what about the heavy breathing? i am certain we have a fungus problem right now but i know that it is also caused as a secondary infection... could it really be *THE* infection itself causing all the symptoms? i really appreciate you helping me
  11. one more thought... how am i going to be doing the whole moving the fish around process if the medication needs that you dont take out water? just keep redosing?! also if its refusing to eat, it wouldn't be Fin Rot/Fungus even though its getting that now as a result of that or is it?! im so confused i dont want to be overdoing it with yet another medication
  12. no other fish are ill, and yes i think this one is the weakest hence my most favourite always make sure it gets its fair share of food. it used to be really fiesty too pushing the other fish out of the way even if double its size! the water itself isn't heated but since its next to the room heater its heated from that way.. the fish is now on its own in the rubber tub though.
  13. I have Interpet number 8 but i have not seen anywhere that the symptoms is the gasping and refusing to eat, we had this problem before... could this be why it was gasping to start with?! I now understand better the water theory. so i'll need to be really moving it around for the water... how does it work though with the salt, if you are emptying it all the time?
  14. I was looking at the results too, i remember the levels as I used to have the same test strips at home. Ammonia Level? 0 Nitrite Level? 0 Nitrate level? 10-25 Ph Level? >10 od Ph Level out of the Tap? same Tank size(How many Gals) and How long has it been running? 80L been running for over a year now What kind of Filtration? Fluval 3plus (not undergravel) How often do you change the water and how much? this ranges. i usually change it every 2 weeks but I was away on vacation so I changed it after 3 weeks this time. What kind of Water additives or conditioners? Aquasafe Any Medications add to the tank? mentioned in first post, started with melafix no change so did water change and tried the Velvet/Slime/Flukes, again didnt seem to do any change and fish started growing Finrot so i moved it to a tank by itself and used salt and No9 by Interpet How many fish in the tank and there size? 4 fish, 2 are 'big' 10cm and the other other 2 are 5cm (incl this one) Add any new fish to the tank? no What do you feed your fish? mixtures of flakes, pellets (for big ones) they started developing swim bladder so started being more careful with what they were eating and now they're fine Any unusual findings on the fish? Such as "grains of salt", bloody streaks, frayed fins, fungus? its fins were a little frayed but this was for quite a while, i noticed a white dot i think bigger than Ick but not apparent to be Fungus either... since deteorating the fungus has grown worse and there's multiple growths on its body Any unusual behavior? Like staying at the bottom, not eating, ect..? It all started by it gasping and the mouth was opening and closing as if it run out of air and then the gills were quite open, its really heavily breathing... then it started spitting the food i gave it even if it first took it.. then it just refused to eat and started resting on bottom constantly moving and hiding. If you can what is the chloramines Level from the Tap? no idea sorry
  15. ohhhh food for thought. i wonder whether i should move it then. he's been sitting in that for over a day now. why would there be Ammonia rising though if it doesn't eat / poop at all? also how long do they start to recover from internal bacterial infections IF its that, i have no idea if its working or not.
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