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  1. i'm not aware of any but I will do some research on them!
  2. Hello, I am just finishing my stay in the UK and will be leaving the country start of June. I currently have a tank with 3 goldfish. Comet, Common and a fantail, that one is considerably smaller than the older ones. I've had them for about 4 years now and I got the Comet and Common from another friend that moved so they must be pretty old! Anyway my question is what is the best option for them that you would advise: Option 1. The Petstore have offered to sell them for me, I am concerned that the fish that lived so well are either separated they always are together in either corner of the tank so I'd hate for them to end up alone somewhere.. I know pretty sad... lol my other concern is whether the person that buys them is a newbie and kills them off. Option 2. Find someone that knows what they're doing and can get them all together... Anyone in here living close to Bath, UK ????? Option 3. Find a friend and give them to them, this is a possible option but again I'm worried that they will kill them off whilst they're learning how to take care of them. Thanks in advance for all your help! Lydia
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