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  1. Do you have any other fish in the tank? How big is the tank? Levi
  2. Thanx for all the info! I dont have a Top on my fifty five gallon i just have a long bulb hanging above it, I dont have the money for a lid right now so i will put a piece of wood on their thanx Levi
  3. I went to my LFS today and picked up a dojo loach. He is in my fifty five gallon. He has two other plecos in with him and 5 fancies. The tank is usually 72-74 degrees, perfect water, do water changes 25 percent once a week. Could anybody fill me in about dojo loaches, ive done some research but couldnt find much thanx Levi
  4. I was on a map that shows all of the members and where they live how do i get back on that, i remember i had to put down where i lived and i dont remember how to get there, i know im in the wrong forum but i didnt know wat else to put it it thanx Levi
  5. Calico oranda, i can barely see a wen
  6. Wow pretty cool, Nice guppies i have some guppies they are green cobra delta guppies and just had 40 babies! I also saw some babies in ur pic on the leaves of the plant, how do u get ur plants to grow so much! In our guppy tank we have a type of lilly that grows alot but the java fern doesnt grow any and it doesnt get eatin Levi
  7. they are pretty small they only get 3 inches
  8. yea they are the prettiest our lyretail male he is so beautiful, he has a golden ridge on the dorsal fin its really pretty, do the dalmation molly female and male look alike? levi
  9. no i wish, i cant find the cable to hook the camera to the computer sorry...
  10. We had 42 guppy and black lyretail moll babies today!! Thank god we have another tank set up just for them we also had 10 guppy babies last wed. and 11 mickey mouse platy babies two mondays ago! They are so tiny but they are awsome! Levi
  11. I have two albino catfish type bottom feeders, i also have 4 other just the same but they are not albine they are a green grey color. Does anybody know wat their name is??? I saw in a post today that Devs was showing her BN plecos and its babies.. Just curious Thanx Levi P.S. They do a really great job in cleaning the gravel!
  12. Ok cool! thanks for responding, do you have any suggestions for plants? Levi
  13. This spring i really want to go out and clean our 200 gallon pond out. It currentlly has 6 common goldies and one fantail. The commons are about 10 inches. I can't tell if the other fish is a fantail or an oranda. I have 5 fish tanks 4 10s and a fifty five and i have three fantails in my fifty five and they look nothing like th one in the pond. He really reminds me of an oranda. But anyway off subject! We have a flat rock about a foot in length and 8 inches in width i wanted to put some plants in but they would have to be in pots.. At my pet store they say to use terracota.. Is that right? And could i get some suggestions of wat kind of plants.. The pond seems like it gets dirty so quick i dont know wat kind of filter we have in it. We also have two 5 in. channel cat but i think i will take them out when i clean it this spring.. Levi
  14. wow ziggy is the best! lol Levi
  15. I have a koi in a fifty five gallon he is doing great... I also have one in a 200 gallon pond outside it doesnt affect them that i see they act as of any other fish.... i think it would be fine if you put it in their till april but only if its by itself. Levi
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