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  1. Thanks for the clarfication. I haven't bought anything for a new tank for a few years and wanted to make sure I did it right. I always bought new filters with a new, bigger tank in mind, but never got the size that fits the filters I bought. This time I am getting the tank first. I like to keep an extra filter in the tank in case I need a QT tank. I will double check the flow rate on my whisper filters to see what they are for how it will work.
  2. OK, I am going to buy anew tank inthe next week or so. I am planning on buying a 29 or 45 Gallon tank (depends on what the store has in stock). My question is this, I have 3 filters running on my 10G (my 30 gallon developed a leak that I tried to reseal 5 times to no avail, and I wantedt o keep them all cycled and the water clean) and was wondering if they would be enough or if I have to buy another. I have bought 4 filters over the years, and the most expensive, 30G Penguin, broke within 1 1/2 years of use (can hear engine working but no water flows, and leading up to that, the water would stop flowing and then start flowing when ever it felt like). If I have to buy a new filter, my hubby my disown me and my fish keepign habit. I currently have: 10G Tetra Whisper that hangs on the tank 20G Tetra Whisper that is tank (my least favourite I must say, since it is hard to clean without dirting up the water) 20G Aqua Clear * If I have to buy one, a 50G is what I would need (for the 45), and 30G for the 29G correct? What is the flow rate needed again, at least 10X correct? It's been awhile. I have 2 GF (about 4-5 inches & 3-4 inches) that I will be putting in the new tank and will have plants as well. Thanks for your help and suggestions.
  3. I am just putting my kids to bed, so I will add more info when I can, but I also just did a 10% water change and dumped the old water, so the test results will be from after. Hopefully I can put them up tonight. My GF has what I assumed was finrot (white on fins and then the fins getting ragid). I have been doing salt dips/baths (I know I shouldn't but I eyeball it) since the weekend and doing daily water changes (10-30%; 30% and more thourough cleaning yesterday, and 10% today and previous days and a 30% on last Friday I think). Today when I went to do, while "he" was soaking, I noticed what looks like eggs on his dorsal fin at the base. I just set up a QT tank (10 gallon) for it and have put API tetracyclin in it, but I am waiting for the water temp to rise before putting him in it, so he is still in the bucket I soak him in salt. The tank he is usually in is a 30 gallon with one other GF (stunted commet, so it is about 4 inches). This GF is about 6 inches long and has long flowy tails, but is not a specific fancy. I set up this tank a couple of months ago, but have had to re-seal it twice (slow leak), so it has been set up for about 3-4 weeks now. The water temp is 22 or 23 C I usually have 3 filters on it (took one to put on the QT tank which is a Aquaclear mini for a 10 gallon); a tetra Whisperer hanging (for a 10 gallon) tank and a Tertra Whisperer in tank (20-30 gallon). My larger bio-wheel filter konked out a while ago, so I have had t omake do with what I have, as I have no money for another filter. I usually change 30% weekly, but with being away for x-mas, was a little off with that, so it went 2 weeks. I age my water so I don't add chemicals or conditioners, but in the QT tank I just added Nutrafin tap water conditioner since I didn't have enough water for the QT tank left after water change. I feed them twice a day with an automated feeder (flakes and pellets) and feed them frozen brine shrimp or blood worms once a week. As I said before, he has frayed tail fin which did have white cottony fluff on it (has been going away with the salt) and now has what appear to be eggs (4) on the dorsal fin. I have had these fish for 3 1/2 years and were previously in a way too small tank, hence the stunted growth. The fish is still eating and behaving normally. The other GF occasionally nips at the white, frayed parts of the tail (why I finally decided to seperate them), but has done this before, only when the other fish has fin rot and only where the white parts are. When I soak him in the salt water, there is often white stuff floating on the top after which is what I assume came off his tail. So is this eggs? What else could it be? If they are eggs, they have never laid them before I can't see any anywhere else in the tank. I am sure he has finrot but don't know what the egg things would be? Thanks for any help you can offer and I will get teh other info up ASAP.
  4. Well I have tried feeding them more often, but alas, 1/2 the plants are now gone. They are definitely eating them as I have seen them, there is very little of it floating around (when they find pieces, they gobble them up) and 1/2 their poop is green like the plants. Oh well, I guess it can't hurt them and can always buy more plants.
  5. I'll try feeding them more (I usually feed them Am and PM, but occasionally once a day). I always get worried that I might over feed them as I know GF will eat themselves to death if allowed and their stomachs are only the size of their eye. Yesterday I fed them pellets and frozen bloodworms, but often feed flakes as well. Lennard, don't you worry about problems with the earthworms? I worry that because they aren't sterile, they could make them sick. Oerba, yes they really are eating them. I watched them take chunks for quite sometime, and there were virtually no pieces floating around. I know GF like to root and dig, but they were taking chunks from the upper parts of the leaves and you could see all along the edge where parts were missing. Kulukan, thanks for letting me know I am not alone, lol.
  6. I just moved my GF into my "planted" tank (they have never been in a tank with plants before) and they have been going crazy eating the java fern. I didn't think they would eat it, but they have and boy was the tank full of poop today! Is this safe for them to eat? I want to make sure they won't make themselves sick by eating it. Thanks!!
  7. Thank you all for your input. I think I know one thing that we will be getting for Christmas! A snail to help keep it clean will be very helpful with left over food trapped in the plants as I am due with our 3rd in Jan and also do after school care, so time ins more limited and to do a thorough cleaning takes over an hour, for this one tank alone. It has been months since they had their last treatment, so there is no worries about meds still being int he tank. The fins have regenerated many times over the past year, but the ones closest to their gills (sorry can't remember proper name)and the barbels are really slow to regenerate (barbels haven't at all). I have small gravel and small/med sized rocks in the bottom of the tank for the plants, and for the last 5 years their hasn't been any kind of problem. Thanks!!
  8. I have 2 albino cory's in my tank that I have had for over 5 years. The 3rd died awhile back and I never got more as the remaining 2 came down with bacterial infections that destroyed their barbels and fins (fins have partially regenerated but the barbels have not). With the female, I have noticed some behavioral changes as well as the fact that they are schooling fish, which have me wondering if they might do better if I get 1-2 more cory's. Do I need to worry about the bacterial infection they had (it started over 6 months ago and the other cory died close to a year ago) and how do I know it has gone away, other than they aren't getting worse physically? I know having more would be socially beneficial to the 2 I have, but I think it would be cruel to put more in there only to have them come down sick. * So in a nutshell, how do I know the bacterial infection is gone and that it is safe as safe can be to get more? I have put it off this long because I was worried about putting more fish in the tank, but they really need more to be healthy. * If it would be OK, would you foresee a problem with getting the new ones which would be so much smaller (the female is over 2 inches long)? They have lived with a small school of neon tetras in the past, but not for some time now. I was also thinking of adding more tetras or another type of fish again as well, (a cleaning fish or snail maybe, but have to look into), but not all at once, cories first, then consider others. Also, I know if I want eggs another male like I had is good, but I don't want eggs, so would another female be OK socially speaking (if it even matters at all)? Thanks for your advice!
  9. How long do Albino Cory cats tend to live in a tank? I have mine for approx. 5 years and was wondering how long I can expect them to live under normal tank conditions. Thanks!
  10. Thanks for the tips. one of the things I forgot to mention is that it will sometimes start, then stop, drain all the water out (so I refill the water), start to work and then stop again. This happens several times, once about 10 minutes later, and then will start working. I usually rinse and clean it out once a week and have never had this problem until a couple of months ago. It is with a bare bottom tank and I do have extra media in the filter. I have taken this out and sometimes this helps but not always. I worry if their is a power outage when I am not home and it won't start and the motor burns out (don't have $ for a battery backup). I'll take another look at it next time I clean it to see of there is something I missed. Thanks for your input!
  11. I have had the filter up and running for over 5 years now and a few water changes ago, I started to have problems with it. When I unplug it to change the filter and clean it out, then plug it back in, it doesn't want to start working again. It makes a cracking sort of sound, and will eventually start again, but it does take awhile. In the mean time, while I am waiting, I worry the motor will burn out. I have tried to remove the intake tube and the propellor and put them back in. This works sometimes, but not all the time. Sometimes I just have to sit and wait and hope the motor won't be ruined. What is going on with it and I am I going to have to replace it soon or can I fix it somehow? It is the Penguin Bio-Wheel 200, minus the bio wheel which I took out about 3 years ago. Thanks!!
  12. I have no idea why they laid eggs, but my female did this afternoon, within the last 2 hours (I did nothing to stimulate it). I am not sure if they are fertilized or not (haven't bothered checking as of yet; don't want to know in case I shouldn't keep any). Tonight will be the last dose of Maracyn (day 5) and Champ, one of my male cory is really sick, and I am confident that the other 2 (one male and one female) have a slighter bacterial infection. Tomorrow is when I was going to start the daily water changes and do a major cleaning of the tank, gravel and plant roots. To eat or not to eat, that is my question. With the tank medicated, would it be wise to try and see if any are viable or best to let them be a protein dinner? Thanks for the advice!!
  13. Thanks that is great to know! Now when I am finished medicating in a few days I will vaccume the heck out of the tank and put the new rocks in so the roots have more chance to attach. I like the idea of swooshing them. I had avoided putting them in my GF tank because it is barebottom, so thanks for the tips.
  14. I decided to use Maracyn as the female's tail is starting to look weird. So I thought better dafe than sorry. Champ is also strting to look weaker again as he keeps getting stuck on the intake tube of one of the filters. he has started to hide again though. After last nights water change, I thought we accidently dumped him with the dirty water because I couldn't find him, but a few hours later, there he was.
  15. I was just researching java ferns and found a picture that seems like that attached it to a rock and then buried the rock in gravel so it seems to be growing out of the gravel. Has anyone tried this and/or do you think it would work and be a good idea (easy to gravel vac to clean the gravel then). Thanks!! Here is the link of the picture m(my gravel is finer than this pictures): http://animal-world.com/encyclo/fresh/plants/FernsMosses/javafern.php
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