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  1. do all types of loaches eat snails? i have alot of small small snails and i really want to get rid of them. i do have an already cycled 40 or so gallon tank that i can put my goldies in while the loaches work their magic, but i want to know if i am to get loaches, which ones to look for and whatnot. also, how long does it usually take loaches to clean a tank out of snails? barebottom 110gallong tub.
  2. I bought a baby ryukin awhile ago because i've wanted something that will be of decent size when it grows up. i've probably had him for over two months now and he's grown some. just wondering though, how does his hump look? ive never actually seen a grown up ryukin in real life and havn't seen what a good baby ryukin actually looks like. it looked decently sized to me, but will it be of this level/size for the rest of its life or will the hump grow bigger? here is a picture a day or two after i got it: and here is a picture i just took today(september 11th, 2007) he's still pretty small, around 2inches high and not too sure how long, i believe pretty close to 2 inches also without a tail.
  3. I have seen pictures of peoples breeding mops, or whatever theyre called, and i was wondering how you make them? they all say to use nylon, but i dont have any nylon. i do have cotton and 100% acrylic yarn but is cotton, rayon, acrylic, and other yarn material safe for goldfish?
  4. ya i actually don't soak my food anymore. i did when i first used progold because it would always take my goldfish so long to actually get through the pellet that i soaked it to soften it up some but they seemed to have gotten used to the food and i stopped after a week or so. one of my orandas have developed some floaty characteristics with pro gold too. it didn't have it when i used hikari but it also didn't have it when i first used progold either, so i dunno if it developed a stomach reaction to it. hopefully it won't be the same with the hikari. atleast they like eating pees, kinda.
  5. the way i trained my fish to be handfed was to first have the food in my fingers. i'd kinda follow them with it and when they swam by or looked at my fingers i'd drop the food. eventually they understood what the hand meant and they'd start going towards the hand. if you get the fish young its usually pretty easy to get them to eat from your fingers or swim into your hand, usually around a week or two, but if theyre older it can take quite awhile, or perhaps never. i currently have 7 goldfish, 4 of them we bought as babies and the rest were given to us. the 4 that were bought as babies took really quickly to hand feeding(not so much the newest one. i think he was scared of all the other fish because the average length of them is probably 4 1/2 inches and he's been around babies for all of its life probably), from as little as 3 days to as long as 2 weeks, but eventually they all got used to it. as for the other fish, one of them is probably 3 years old or so, and it took him maybe a month or two to get used to hand feeding, but now he just swims into my palm when my hand is in the tank. the 2 other ones don't let me hold them but will eat from my fingers, though i believe theyre scared because theyre bubbleyes and can't really see much so theyre probably naturally cautous. goldfish also seem to tell the other goldfish when theres food. when we got our sister a baby goldfish it would always be hiding somewhere or not looking up. whenever i fed them one of the other goldfish would go up to it and nudge it to tell it theres food. when i got our newest goldfish, my sisters goldfish did the same to it, and i believe this also helps the goldfish understand that your hand means food.
  6. hikari also makes a goldfish food for lionheads. i believe its pretty much the same thing as the oranda food except it sinks. check if the petstore you bought the oranda food has the lionhead food too. i used to use it and my goldfish just loved the stuff. i switched to pro gold but when i soaked the food it falls apart and somewhat clouds the water. not to mention that the goldfish seemed to like the hikari stuff more. so now that i'm almost done this big bag of pro gold, i'll be switching back to hikari lionhead food. hopefully it'll be here sometime this week.
  7. sounds like theyre trying to make babies. do you have any live plants or fake plants in the tank? if not, you should get some so that they have something to lay the eggs onto. you should be able to see eggs on the plants too if they do lay any.
  8. Hi. my goldfish have had 3 spawnings so far. the first i was able to catch and we transfered the eggs to a seperate container. the eggs looked kinda fuzzy and only 19 of the eggs hatched. the second spawning we didn't even know of and didn't even see the eggs. they spawned onto a plant that we had in the tank which we transfered to a pot because it wasn't getting enough sunlight. i looked in the pot afew days later to find a afew baby goldfish. we transfered everything in the pot into a newly bought tank and there were around 50 live baby fish. since we didn't even know they spawned or hatched we didn't get a chance to see what the eggs looked like. we just had another spawning last night. the eggs look like the eggs from the first batch, pretty white and have like a fluffy aura around them. is this what theyre supposed to look like, or are they infected with something? i have transfered them already but my camera died when i was taking pictures of the eggs so i can't show what they look like. does anyone else have any pictures of healthy looking eggs throughout the process of hatching?
  9. thanks for the compliments about the fish. they seem happy too. here is a picture of the setup: The tub is a 110 gallon stock tank i picked up at a peavey mart(i dont know if you guys have this store, but its basically a farm/garden/whatever store). i believe its made by tuffstuff? it was around 90 canadian dollars and i keep it indoors in my basement. its an elongated oval and the longest diameter is 51". the overall height is around 21". its a barebottom tank so no crud gets stuck in the substrate and theres basically no need to clean anything but the filter during the waterchange. it houses my... uhhh...7 goldfish and this filtration setup is right around the 10x filtration mark that is recommended for goldfish. for filtration i made my own filter. i basically got a 4 or 5 gallon bucket as the housing, a large foam block around 2"x15"x15"(i'm not sure on the actual dimensions, but i just picked it up at vvvv by the pond equipment), a maxijet 1200 pump(theyre like 20 dollars) and an mjmod maxijet upgrade kit(around 26 dollars) and alot of bioballs. the mjmod upgrade kit increases the maxijets output to a supposed 1500 gph from its original output of around 300 gph. i basically took of the lid of the bucket, cut a hole at the side of the bucket at the bottom to fit part of the filter into, then cut the foam so that it covers the top of the bucket like a foam lid. i fill the bucket with the bioballs and afew large garden rocks to keep it sunk and i just sit it in the tank. its pretty strong but had enough filtration power for the goldfish. if you want i can take a picture of it next time i do a waterchange. in all i believe the homemade filter costed around 70 dollars, which isn't bad for a 1500gph(probably less because of the resistance of the foam) setup. only problem is that the bucket takes up quite abit of room and is an eyesore because of its white colour. i could probably go find a tupperware black container and use that instead, buuuuuut i'm lazy.
  10. congrats. my small ryukin ate from my hand today for the first time too. it was quite a surprise because i went to take a picture of my other goldfish and when i put my hand in the tank it came rushing and nibbling on my finger. until today he didn't really show any signs of wanting to eat from my hand. if you use lotion or creams on your hand its not advisable to touch your goldfish because the chemicals might hurt it or its slimecoat.
  11. SSJChar


    you can tell by looking at the vent. or i guess i should say SOME can tell by looking at the vent. i can't tell very well, or at all, but thats supposed to be a good way to tell especially when theyre young. there is a comparison picture on another forum showing how the female one sticks out and the male one doesn't, and it was very good, but when i actually tried to tell on my fish, i had zero luck. you might have better eyes than me though.
  12. my orandas have seemed to grow at a decent rate. the one pictured below is right around a year old now. here are some progressive pictures of him. theres quite a big gap between the second and third pic in terms of date, but you can see that he has grown a decent amount. when i first got him(well my brother) he was abit larger than an inch. first picture, september 21st, 2006: second picture, december 9th, 2006: third picture, taken from today, august 21st, 2007(he's abit hard to hold sideways safely now): heres a top view with a ruler next to him: my sisters oranda, which we bought for her birthday, november 9th(or something like that) is actually around 1/2 inch longer than the one above. it is possibly because it was only in a 10gallon tank for a week during quaranteen, then it was never in something smaller than 20 gallons(except for that one week our tank leaked). it has even had babies now twice. quite a surpise that was. As you can see, the wen growth wasn't really there until after afew months but its growing in decently now. it was actually advertised as a fantail, but i saw it had a tiny little wen growing so we bought it up. its not overpowering and i don't believe it ever will be. it does have pretty decently sized cheek wens though which makes it look pretty chubby. actually, i'll go take a picture of it right now. there, took a picture. shows the wen grow abit better. and you can see my sisters fish right next to it, along with a small ryukin i bought recently.
  13. sadly the lionheads back isn't as round as i'd like it to be, but still nowhere straight. i got him from vvvv and he was the healthiest looking one there and had the most round back, though there was another one there that looked good which i didn't see until i had already told them i wanted this one. his belly is not really too big either, the picture is kinda deceiving.
  14. speeeeking of ranchu/lionhead, i have one of those too. i bought him the same time as the oranda above, though he hasn't grown nearly as big. i tried taking some pictures of it today, but i couldn't get a good shot. you can see his buttend in the picture above. he had basically no wen at all at that time, and this is a picture of him today: he has still grown some, but he's only around the size of the oranda in the picture 3 months ago, the picture of the oranda in my hand, but abit bigger.
  15. So it's been 3 months and the fish is eve bigger and i believe more healthy. here are some more comparison pictures. the first one was from when we first go it, and the other one was taken today. this time i got another fish in the pictures so you can see what kind of growth it went through, though i believe the other fish has grown too, just not
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