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  1. =O but no one hates evanescence! lol, your probley right, they can probably just feel the shakes, and i thouht they were dancing =[ but who knows?!
  2. it looks like my fish like the beat of my music, i wasn't blasting it or anything, just playing it on my comp and they started swimming like crazy, it looked so cool! boogie down fishes! boogie down!
  3. i haven't heard of the products myself, but i'm sure someone will come around and help you out! good luck with it all!
  4. i just name my fish after what they remind me of: red cap - afro blue oranda - mr blue calico telescope - eddie black moor - starsky other black moor - hutch phoenix eggfish - phoenix
  5. =] as d_golem said, they are known as nymph's, not sure how common they are though
  6. i prefer to buy younger goldfish, as i like to see them grow and develop
  7. i think that would be kinda difficult to imbreed on the first breed, because there's a very big tankful of fish so that means your less liekly to choose a pair of related goldies.
  8. =[ my betta refuses to flare, he's tank sits infront of a big mirror and the param's. are all fine, i've tried numerous things to get him to flare like putting mirrors near him etc.....he still won't, any ideas?
  9. lol, evantually he gave up.....................key word, evantually
  10. i agree, go the combodian, she'll have great fry!
  11. all a matter of preference, me personally, i like my oranda's just to have their wen on their head and also some oranda's wens are different to others. all a matter of preference, me personally, i like my oranda's just to have their wen on their head and also some oranda's wens are different to others.
  12. my top five go like this: moors (telescopes included), oranda's, eggfish (xD love mine the most), lionhead and last of all....fantails! all the classics!
  13. how is it done? i would LOVE for my fish to eat from my hand but they're too jumpy right now....anyone know how it's done?
  14. really? wow, that must mean my blue oranda has great gene's because he's almost 6 months old and hasn't got a wen or signs of a wen yet! Also, it could just be that the fish is slower to develop his wen then the rest, it's just takes time
  15. tropicana

    Meet Darth

    very handsome! don't worry about your betta not flaring much, because mine NEVER flares >_> i think i've seen him flare once
  16. just a question, did you treat the water with a pH stabilizer with the pH being 7.0? because if you did, you can cause a crash
  17. you doknw you can only put 1 fish in the 10 gallon don't you? xD just checking
  18. cute fish........the water is a bit murky
  19. japanese words can be easy or hard, i take japanese at school, but with a word like ryukin, there must be 2 letters joined to get the 'ryu' sound
  20. the_goldfish_man, you asked for our help, you can't shoot people down for trying to help...................by rare goldies what kind are you talking about?
  21. goldfish don't form breeding stars under the eyes, only o the pectoral fins and the gill plates
  22. lol, love that name!, i've always found that game very annoying >_>
  23. that thing in the second & third pic is an eel, i don't know what kind
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