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  1. i went into my lfs, because i'm slowly filling up my 100 gallon, and they had a fresh shipment of lionheads! they had a blue one too! so i snapped him and his brother (he's calico) and they were 10 bucks each, which i was expecting to pay more! they look so happy lol

  2. I thought the plastic surgery would be for reasons such as the fish sustaining an injury and the owner wanted the area to look better, or perhaps even corrective surgery if the fish is having difficulties or something. I guess alot depends on what the owner wants and what the doc is willing to do though.

    that's what they mean more then the fish having plastic sugery for something else, lol, i can just picture a fish just recovered from plastic sugery with a small tummy and big lips

  3. finally my new 100 gallon tank is set up and cycled! and i've set up the tank by having dark brown gravel at the back, and then have it fade down to really light brown at the front, very nice!

    Anyway, i got 3 fish for the tank, i got a calico telescope, ranchu and a ryukin (FINALLY! after weeks of looking for one!)

  4. i've just found out tonight....that my blue oranda is a butterfly tail! i never noticed until i went to feed him this afternoon, because whenever he stops swimming he's tail just floats instead of droops, it's actually quite cute.

  5. As some of your may remember, i'm trying to get rid of goldfish (for the people that don't have the right set-up) and goldfish bowls as a christmas present.

    So i'm writing letters to pet stores advising them about proper fish care and stuff etc.... anyway, i started going in the right direction with one petshop agreeing to discuss with people interested in goldfish as presents and he is going to suggest stuff they will need, also, he has put a sign up near the fish section telling people how long a goldfish can live for.

    So the other day i recived a letter back from another pet shop telling me it was a waste of time me asking people as it will not work.

    So i've gone 1 step forward to steps backward....

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