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  1. that's what they mean more then the fish having plastic sugery for something else, lol, i can just picture a fish just recovered from plastic sugery with a small tummy and big lips
  2. nice healthy looking fish you got there!
  3. finally my new 100 gallon tank is set up and cycled! and i've set up the tank by having dark brown gravel at the back, and then have it fade down to really light brown at the front, very nice! Anyway, i got 3 fish for the tank, i got a calico telescope, ranchu and a ryukin (FINALLY! after weeks of looking for one!)
  4. i've just found out tonight....that my blue oranda is a butterfly tail! i never noticed until i went to feed him this afternoon, because whenever he stops swimming he's tail just floats instead of droops, it's actually quite cute.
  5. tropicana

    Help Me Out?

    it's stunning! i would love to own one!
  6. he's grown since i last saw a pic of him!
  7. tropicana

    Help Me Out?

    =] sounds pretty, pic?
  8. congrats on the new fish, salt is also calming for fish
  9. the white one looks like a comet, his tail is a little longer
  10. great looking ryukin! it could be a wen, doesn't look like it though =]
  11. my phoenix eggfish has decided to fill herself with eggs, so, maybe i could get some phoenix fry, ooooh! fingers crossed
  12. omg it's stunning! very pretty, lots of work gone into it no? maybe i can just.........borrow it *lifts one side* QUICK! someone get on the other end!
  13. you should always start feeding peas as soon as you notice your fish are constipated and use the peas as a meal replacement until they're better
  14. my orange telescope, hutch loves to play hide and seek! he'll hide anywhere, even behind other fish!
  15. yes, golfballs are used to see how big a goldfish is, is works even better with a pearlscale as their belly is so round
  16. thank you guys, as we speak i am typing a second letter to that pet store, hoping to persuade them
  17. As some of your may remember, i'm trying to get rid of goldfish (for the people that don't have the right set-up) and goldfish bowls as a christmas present. So i'm writing letters to pet stores advising them about proper fish care and stuff etc.... anyway, i started going in the right direction with one petshop agreeing to discuss with people interested in goldfish as presents and he is going to suggest stuff they will need, also, he has put a sign up near the fish section telling people how long a goldfish can live for. So the other day i recived a letter back from another pet shop telling me it was a waste of time me asking people as it will not work. So i've gone 1 step forward to steps backward....
  18. he's only orange, and i'm trying to get in contact with the breeder see if i can get another one, so far, no luck
  19. i'm oh so trying! the program is confusing! i PROMISE a photo of phoenix by the and of this board xD
  20. i'm just wondering, who owns one? i do, i'm seeing if anyone else does
  21. very handsome! am i correct in saying he's a fantail?
  22. i don't think they will....just as long as they are with other goldies
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