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  1. fanasic snails you got there! i have two snails, one with a yellow/green shell and one with a brownish shell
  2. the 'sapzzing' could be a cause of poor water, honestly, the the tank is too small and the snails could be just adding more waste, don't put a betta in there as he will add more waste and kill the fish, but when you can afford, try a get a 20 gallon tank as common's can grow to at leasty 12 inches
  3. i can't see why not, but i'm no expery so hopefully someone will come and give ya your answer
  4. i was just wondering, is a calico comet a shubunkin?
  5. congrats, i just bought a calico lionhead a few days ago
  6. my camera is nearly fixed, i couldn't get to the shop to get my camera because it was closed when i went, and it doesn't open on sunday, so, you'll have to wait until monday lol
  7. Common, Comet and Shubunkins can grow to full size in 20 gallons, my aunty has a fully grown comet in a 20 gallon tank
  8. oh she still is! great looking fish you have, pitty about the black though, aw well what are ya gonna do?
  9. i imaigine that it would be ok, because if it's ok for oscars, then it should be ok for som other fish.
  10. it's just natural, like a lion eats a deer or a cat eats a mouse, it's just the circle of life
  11. i imagine the only way your fish would get fungus is if you handle another fish with fungus, but i suspect bacteria is alot easier to transfer
  12. lol, i know how you feel johnny_five, sometimes, there's just one fish that won't let you leave without it
  13. =] i knew that's what ya all wanted, and the guy fixing my camera rang and said i could pick it up tomorrow
  14. lol, $25 is kinda expensive to me because most of mine are $3 - $4 rescues
  15. lol, your right, and i just remembered, my other phoenix eggfish is about to burst with eggs!
  16. Today i went into the lfs, just to see what fish the fish store owner got in, and blow me down, he got he most beautiful phoenix eggfish, and sure enough, it had reserved on the tank i must of been in there so many times he knows what i want, he was 25 bucks, but he was worth it! he's got a little black on his fins but the rest of him is orange. p.s. i know what your thinking, but my camera is getting fixed
  17. You really should feed them 2 times a day, i do and my tank is crystal clear, and also, 15 gallons isn't really big enough for 2 fancys, they need 10 gallons each
  18. fantasic! once again, a beautiful saltwater tank
  19. it doesn't really matter, but my tanks are heated, i just like to have them at a regular temp.
  20. i would love to see pictures! i love calico pearlscales
  21. i highly doubt it, i think they are just asking if someone keeps a tank that size at home
  22. my camera is in getting fixed but as soon as i get it back i'll snap a few shots! they're only small, but they're so cute! It was so hard to choose, it was either the calico or there was one who was plain orange with black fins i still need names lol
  23. i went into my lfs, because i'm slowly filling up my 100 gallon, and they had a fresh shipment of lionheads! they had a blue one too! so i snapped him and his brother (he's calico) and they were 10 bucks each, which i was expecting to pay more! they look so happy lol
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