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  1. yay! a pet store that cares for fish! so good to actually see some are popping up
  2. yes fuzzy_peaches, they can, high ammonia levels can cause curled fins
  3. tropicana

    Monty Is Here

    great looking betta! hey! i'm noticing some vitapet water ager there, they are a very trustworthy brand, do you agree?
  4. i'm interested in having another batch of fry and i was wondering, if i had a goldfish that had some black and the black faded away to orange, would that make the orange colour dominant?
  5. your fish look so happy! nice looking gravel by the way!
  6. lol, congrats! he looks very happy and healthy
  7. tropicana

    R.i.p Vt Girl

    i'm so sorry to hear about your loss sushi, she was a nice looking betta...
  8. there's a good chance D4's stunted, fish become stunted and stop growing if they are kept in a too small tank, may i ask how big the tank is?
  9. wouldn't the wrapping paper get wet are run?
  10. i agree jen, the person that buys that fish wil be ripped off big time
  11. really? my mum has an aunt that lives there, it's a very nice place
  12. It's in a town called lismore (not sure if you've heard of it) but i'm not sure what it's called, i'm going back on thursday i'll i'll have to take a couple of pics are show you all! i have an aunty that lives in taren point, maybe i can con my mum into visiting her so i can go check the shop out
  13. Anew fish shop opening in a town near me so i decided to go investigate it and wow wasn't i impressed?! first up, i went down the end to check out the goldfish (of course) and my jaw dropped, they had pearlscales (i saw a pretty blue one!) and ryukins, which i haven't seen in my area before, i had to travel 45 minutes to get a ryukin before this shop opened. So then a lady comes up to me and asks if i need help (i'm expecting one of those kind of people who could care less) but me and her got into a really long conversation about our goldfish! put it this way, my sisters finished their christmas shopping by the time we finished talking. so she showed me some of their tanks for sale and agreed to sell me one for half price! So i purchase the tank (20 gallon) and we go back over to the goldfish to choose some fish for the tank, and i got that pretty blue pearlscale and a yellow and black oranda. I was shocked to see how small the oranda's and pearlscales were and they were already getting wens. I noticed 2 tanks (one with black moors one with neons) that said 'these arn't for sale' and i asked why and she said they were sick, i mean, how many pet stores don't sell sick fish?! and i walked past the fish bowls and noticed a sign that said 'goldfish are not for bowls' and i was impressed. I know where i'm shopping next!
  14. they grow up so fast! lol do we get a pic?
  15. i imagine you wou;dn't be as long as there are lots of hidey holes for them
  16. i was just wondering, as i've heard lionheads don't always get a wen, are they still show quality?
  17. vmlola, we're still waiting for pics of those fishies!
  18. i always like buying fish small and watching them change, more interesting then i think
  19. ok i read on the internet that wen growth can hinder fish growth..... i have 2 oranda's, one's a red cap and the other is a blue oranda, my blue oranda is bigger then my red cap and has only just started to grow his wen, while my red cap is smaller and his wen is growing nicely, so is it true that the fish can stop growing until the wen grows? any light shed on it would be great
  20. tropicana


    i was just wondering weather i can feed my goldies corn, i don't see why not, does anyone?
  21. that's a beautiful fish there, i wish i could buy him
  22. how old is he? could it be breeding stars?
  23. ryukins can be bullies, have you tried putting them in the same tank seeing what they would do?
  24. is it just me or has rudolph's pom pom's changed colour since i last saw a pic of him?
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