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  1. pretty good looking fish.

    congratulations on the demenkin

    thank you very much jorge!

    i'm trying to a few of well - what they think they are big time stars of my tanks, that is, my other orandas, my two ryukins and phonixes

  2. fishpic1xe9.png

    the 'macho men' of the 40 gal, junior (mains fish you can see), conrad, in the corner and lastly jet in the corner at the back (sorry about the quality!)


    and this is frank he's kinda on permanent (sp?) to me by a friend, he told me his name was frank so i just kept it, he's in my 150 gal (sorry he's small, had to resize him otherwise he would be waaay to big).

    lol, sorry about not getting the phoenixes yet, they're coming! i swear

  3. Congrats on the demekin. We'd certainly like to see some pics.

    Sweet! How about those phoenix eggfish? :yeah:

    OMG! erin, you just reminded me! i have a pic on my digi cam with both my phoenixes with they're mouth open and it looks like they're saying 'FOOD NOW!...please?'

    :thud now what'd i do with that photobucket password

    And those phoenixes also :yeah: you've never showed us those. Infact, u've never showed us any pics of ur pics other than one tiny pic of your black moor if i remember correctly. The time is nigh for proper, large sized, focused, beautiful fish pics of tropicana! :D

    :o the pressure! the pressure! lol, i'll try and get some pics of the WHOLE family

  4. congrats! any pics yet?!!?

    i'm working on it, he's so hard to catch on camera!

    Sweet! How about those phoenix eggfish? :yeah:

    OMG! erin, you just reminded me! i have a pic on my digi cam with both my phoenixes with they're mouth open and it looks like they're saying 'FOOD NOW!...please?'

    :thud now what'd i do with that photobucket password

  5. So today i bought some fish for my 150 gallon. I got a fantail and an oranda and a ryukin. The fantail is gold with a white tail the oranda is orange with black fins and wen and lastly the ryukin is white calico ( :heart )

  6. Great setup! I love that second pic, the one with no real lighting. There is just something about that shot...

    It's all like 'and from out of the deep came the mighty goldfish!'

    Something I can see in a movie trailer, a scary movie. :D

    The title of the movie should be "Attack of the Killer Ranchu"


    xD really, i love that tank, butis that plant real or fake?

  7. woo! go the clerk, the LFS i go to, when i first went in there, i had an hour long disscussion about goldfish with a clerk, she was very friendly and up to date, i think we're seeing alot of pet stores actually start to think about fish as pets.

  8. I like to take a couple of 2 X 4s and set them under the tub. Laying a board on the 2 X 4s will make a solid surface for the tub. This will raise the tub up by about 4 inches or so, allowing there to be air under the tub - something that is really nice - it allows for any condensation of water that is spilled and wicked under thet tub to dry completely. (I am a messy water changer) I HATE the idea of moldy or ruined floors because of water.

    Raising the tub by just a few inches will also help in water changes. I like to syphon my tubs/tanks to get the yuck off the bottom. If the tub is raised, you can use a gravity fed syphon. On the floor, it will not run.

    thanks for the great idea daryl!, next time i'm out in the shed i'll look for some bits of wood to put under there, my bedroom floor is tile so i don't have to worry about mould too much - but i'll still put the wood under

  9. so i purchased the rubbermaid, and after the initial 'those things can't hold fish!, you better not spil water everywhere, are you sure? you have hardly any room in your bedroom as it is! blake i'm sick of you and fish' from my mum, i think she's kinda ok with it, i filled it up and i've added some cycle booster (makes it cycle faster) and i set up the filtration so everything green to go!

  10. So i'm thinking of buying a rubbermaid to use as a tank but i have a few questions first, i may not have anything to sit it on, except the floor, but i'm kinda nervous about putting fish on the ground, and also, i've been shoppign around looking for clear ones, but some i've found are like frosted, and i'm wondering does anyone use a clear one? ok LAST question, how do i convince my mum it's suitable as a tank, cause i know what she'll say 'you can't keep fish in those blah blah blah'

  11. I love Ryukin - I think as much as I love Phoenix. The Broadtails are my favorites. Here are some shots of some of my "better" Ryukin.

    The first is Sterling, a broadtail calico ryukin. He won Reserve Grand Champ at last year's nationals. He is also the "daddy" to my 1000 fry.

    :o check out that tail! :heart i agree with you daryl when you say you love ryukins as much as phoenixes, i have to agree with you

  12. So i was staying at my friends house who keeps a tropical and goldfish tank. Oe of his mothers goldfish nipped fins so their friend put it in their tropical tank with angels and other breeds of tropicals and they just let the fish nip the goldfishes fins.

    When i told their friend there's better ways to treat nipping fins he said 'i work at a pet store and this is the best why'

    :veryangry: when they put the goldie back he was very scared and stressed. It made me so angry seeing that poor fish suffer.

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