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  1. hey guys, it's been a while. I was wondering, i recently bought a panda telescope and if my water stats are all optimal will he change to a pure white telescope?
  2. So i'm making a 'top tips for goldfish shopping' list and, i thought you guys could help me think of what i could put on the list, here's what i've go so far: 1) If the fish looks sick - it proabably is, only buy it if your willing to care for it and nurse it back to good health 2) if it sounds too good to be true - it probably is, don't alaways believe pet store staff's one-liners eg 'this fish doesn't need a filter!' etc etc, most pet stores will tell you stuff just to sell you a product 3) shop around. if you're lucky enough to have more then one pet stores in your area, use it to your advantage, shop around, just like you would if you're buying a new television or mobile phone. 4) What do the fsh in the tanks look like? If they're active, alert and bright coloured, they're healthy, but if their fins are clamped, not swimming much or DEAD DO NOT buy any fish from that tank! i need some more!
  3. lol, i know! i'm only on 700 posts, lol if i could have a pond i would!
  4. Yeah, i suppose it all depends on the breeding behind the fish, if it be for quality or quantity
  5. Pearlscales ARE pretty hardy, but did you remove the alive pearlscale from the tank before you found out what killed your other fish? the hardiest of all goldies would have to be the single-tailed goldfish, but from the fancies, my guess if probably the fantail or maybe the oranda?
  6. Yeah, because you have 5 in a 55, 1/3 is good enough, as alanworm said. But nitrates can go up to 20, i do a 25% water change every sat. on all my tanks, and my nitrate is at a constant 11. try different things, but not anything too drastic, it could kill your fishies!
  7. how cute!!!! i don't really like buying the little ones, i look for bigger ones, but that's just me!!! good luck with him/her.....hmmm...... what about cleo for a girl or frankie for a guy
  8. Also, you should keep him in the tank with the bubble eyes if not in a tank by himself, missing an eye makes it incredibly hard for them to find food, and harder still is havign the other eye as a telescope, but he can still live a happy life with the right care.
  9. I dont think that is necessarily true. Maybe a tad stressful, but not life-threatening. I agree with shamu, it is possible for a fish to stress so much they die from the level of salt, but i don't think it's the stress directly, i think it's because stress makes them vunable (sp?) to ich, fish lice etc
  10. lol, i like to think of flashing as goldfish mooning us, but that's just me, yeah basically thats what flashing is
  11. The benefit of GW is that it makes your fish's colour brighter, and i'll also see not needing a filter as a benefit too
  12. Lol! that little bugger! awesome to see him up and about!
  13. As everyone is sayng, you'll need to upgrade, and really you shouldn't have your moor in with the common, because the moor is sight-challenged it'll take him longer to find food, and because the common is so fast, he'll snap up all the food most likely without leaving any for the moor
  14. If it's bad enough it could kill the fish, but either way the fish is most likely stressed and it needs to be taken care of because at the moment it could get ich.
  15. You could try adding a little aquarium salt to the water while the medi-gold comes, but do not use table salt! There isn't mch else you can do without the medi-gold
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