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  1. I always thought it was better to introduce the betta last because if the betta is in there first he will think of the tank and his territory and therefore try to defend it by attacking the other fish. correct me if I'm wrong though - I've never tried it either way personally
  2. bad idea. Chlorine kills bacteria. when cleaning filter media you should always do so in a bucket of tank water to keep bacteria loss to a minimum.
  3. I had a betta which had finrot when I got him. His fins did grow back quite a bit, but not fully. Clean water and a bit of melafix (half-dose) should encourage regrowth.
  4. sorry to here about your friends' fish. You might want to give them some advice about what to do with the tank now. For example, if it has no fish in there they need to adda fod source to keep the bacteria alive. Also, depending on what the fish died of they may need to disinfect the tank and then do a fishless cycle. Personally I don't particularly enjoy waterchanges/cleaning the tank but I just made it part of my routine (on a Sunday morning) so I don't even really think about it anymore.
  5. You definately want to get a new stand for the ten gallon. If it is warping like that you stand the risk of your tank cracking, and a whole lot of water and fish ending up on the floor. The link you gave to the heater didn't work, but when I researched heaters before the small ones (7.5W) didn't have a thermostat, so the temperature couldn't be controlled. So it may not be that the heater is broken, it's just giving off more heat than you need. If you haven't yet replaced it I recommend you get a 25W heater with a thermostat. I've got one in a similar sized tank and it's fine. Because it has a thermostat it doesn't over-heat the water, and you can set the temp to what you need.
  6. hmmm, dwarf gouramis can be feisty little things. Generally it's advised to keep one male to two females if keeping more than one, but you don't have room for that in ten gallon really. Since your dwarf has proved himself to be a bit of a bully I would say it is a bad idea to add a female as he would most likely harrass no end. If he was harrassing even corys I am not sure what to suggest as a companion for him though. Maybe he is better off on his own. Since he's hanging at the bottom, have you tested your water levels? Do you know what your black moor died off? anything potentially still lurking? It could just be a case of acclimitisation though, or possibly a filter flow that is a bit too strong for him?
  7. lak

    Ph Levels

    A pH of 7 sounds fine to me. Most things I've read say bettas like a pH of 6-8, which is a pretty wide range. As you are right in the middle I doubt you'll see any problems. My betta has been in a pH of 7 for the last 7 months. Before that he was in a pH of 7.6 for four months, and he's done fine.
  8. I really wouldn't. The problem isn't about overcrowding, it is about the guppies' tails looking like another betta (in the betta's eyes) that makes the betta attack. you say the betta you have now is pretty lazy, but have you ever kept him with other fish? I think even vrey placid bettas can turn into menaces when put with other fish with long flowy tails. You could try it, and move the betta back to his old tank if it doesn't work out, but trying it could mean ripped tails for the guppies, or even death, so it is an experiment I personally wouldn't want to carry out.
  9. Thanks for the informative reply Daryl. I admit the air pump is not a very strong one, but then it is a small bubble disk in a small tank and powered the air feature fine before, so I will try cleaning up the bubble disk before spending money on a new pump. Interesting what you say about bubble disks versus bubble bars. I have a bubble bar (like a rigid one) but that air pump was rubbish on that bar. Bubbles would only come out of one end, not all the way along, and the bar would tend to "fart" out a really big bubble every now and again. Anyway, I'll clean up the bubble disk when I get a minute and see how it goes thanks
  10. Thanks for the replies How long do you have it running in a bucket? I assume this is to get rid of any bleach residue so I don't want to under-do it and end up poisoning my fish. Also you say an old air pump, is there a reason for it to be an old pump? I have only the one you see. The pump is the same pump I used with the disk before so I don't think that is the issue as it worked fine before I packed it up some months ago.
  11. Sorry to hear you lost a fish lucky13. I know you've been working hard to keep your fish healthy. I agree with Pixiefish that you shouldn't get another fish until the cycle is complete. More fish = more ammonia= more nitrite = more stress on the fish and more water changes for you. You really need to get yourself a nitrite test, and a nitrate and pH. Nitrite being the most important. Ammonia is only the first part of cycling, nitrite is the second and still potentially deadly, so you need to be testing this regularly. Once you're in the second stage of cycling, your ammonia will read zero while your nitrite will be very high, so you need the nitrite test kit otherwise you won't be able to tell if the water is safe for the fish. Good luck with the other two. sorry for your loss x
  12. I had a bubble disk in a goldie tank that hadn't been used for about 9 months. It's just been in a drawer, completely dry. I recently added it to my small tropical tank because I've turned the heat up while treating ich so needed more aeration. However, it's not very bubbly at all. Basically the bubbles are only coming out of one pinpoint sized bit of the whole disc, whereas before the whole disc created bubbles. Is there anything I can do to "rejuvenate" it? I assume it is because it completely dried out. It's one like this also, it makes noises, I think because it's blocked up. kinda annoying.
  13. German Blue Rams get to about 2.5-3 inches, so a decentish size. Generally they are kept in pairs. I've not kept them before but plan to one day. They occupy the lower region of the tank and are pretty peaceful. I'm not great on the stocking levels, but I reckon you could have your current fish, a pair of rams and either a gourami or trio (depending on the type) or another school of small fish such as tetras. you might be able to have more than that though. It doesn't sound that much does it?
  14. well you've got quite a lot of choice with that space. Do you have preference over tye of fish? lots of small schooling fish or a few larger one? I think a type of gourami would be nice as a centrepiece, Pearl gouramis in particular are beautiful A pair of German Blue Rams would be stunning (they are sensitive to water conditions though and like soft water)
  15. make sure you get african dwarf frogs and not african clawed frogs. Not sure how to tell the difference, but you don't want african clawed frogs.
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