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  1. My pH and buffering are really low according to my strips. Will baking soda help for both problems?
  2. I'm so sorry he didn't make it...
  3. Mine start chasing when I do a water change. I wonder if my temps are off? I've heard that warmer water triggers spawning. I would prefer that mine wouldn't spawn either, I don't have another tank to put eggs, and everytime they do, they dig up every plant in the tank! <_<
  4. Mariposa

    He Jumped.

    It does take a while for fins to heal sometimes. I know how you feel though, I get upset anytime one of my little guys (bettas or goldfish) gets sick. I'm glad to hear that he looked better today!
  5. In the past I have used filter media from a healthy tank to jumpstart cycling. I don't know if that helps, but I wish you the best of luck with your little guy!
  6. Mariposa

    He Jumped.

    I'm sorry to hear about your betta Kissy! I had a little jumper once too, he somehow had gotten out of his tank and onto the carpet! He was fine though after a couple of days. Is Orchard's tail looking any better? Sounds like he is getting excellent care!
  7. Awww! What a little cutie! Congratulations!
  8. I'm glad I found this! I have three males and one female ( ) in a 55 gallon, she is black moorish, and my male black moor chases the poor thing constantly! She had laid eggs a couple of times but as I have nowhere to put them, I just let them eat them. Most of the time they look fuzzy, and I'm glad to know that means they are unfertile. I would love to try to raise goldfish, but like I said, I don't have another tank. I thought about moving her, but now that I read she could lay eggs anyway, does anyone think I should worry about that? Good luck Angie with your fish!
  9. Wow! That's a great article BuddyHolly! Very informative. 2commons, I think it's great the way you taught those kids, I wish more people would teach children (and adults for that matter) how to properly care for goldfish. I think it's sad how few people actually take the time to research the topic before buying fish and then they die due to lack of care. Kudos to you! Good luck with your essay Dory! I think it's a great topic, I hope you get an A+!
  10. What would be the farthest distance you could safely ship? Just curious.
  11. That's so true touchofsky! Bettas (and goldfish too) just have ways of stealing your heart away! I like the thought of our bettas eating all those yummy treats! I know my little guys loved the food. Except bloodworms of course! Carlito hated them, which I've always heard they are supposed to love them. Bettas just have so much personality!
  12. I'm so sorry to hear that Anette! Like everyone else has said, it's never easy to lose one of our little friends. Our thoughts are with you and Timmy.
  13. I hope you get that tank room someday, Andrea! That would be so cool to have!
  14. I'm so sorry to hear about your little guy, Jessica! I know how hard it is, even if you know it's coming. I recently lost both of my oldest, two months apart. I'm sure my little Carlito and Vincent are showing your friend around, and they will never be old or in pain again.
  15. Thank you Kissy! You're the first one that's ever said anything about it. I love butterflies! You are correct about the tank, I want that one sooo bad! I think to myself... "that's three more fish!"
  16. Wow Sharon! You have some really cool tanks there! Your betta is beautiful, and your frog is absolutely darling! *sigh* Someday I want to do live plants, but I'm afraid, I couldn't even keep my cactus garden alive!
  17. I know exactly where you all are coming from! I have been thinking to myself that I want to save up and get a 37 gallon tank that I've seen at vvvv, as well as the 125 long that I've seen. The 37 is probably a better bet, unless I want to take out the sofa! I just love going to the fish section. I just want every little guy I see. My greatest wish is that someday I'll have a pond and can liberate the feeder fish, it always makes me so sad to see them. Keep buying those tanks fishrpets, and Fishmerised!
  18. It is small, but I agree with the others that it looks like they just bought the fish. If you notice to the right of the display bowl, you can see what looks like rocks that line the edge of a pond. I would hate to think that anyone would attempt to keep a beautiful koi in something that small.
  19. What a cool gift! I'll bet you were thrilled, he sounds like a beauty. Sounds like someone got bitten by the betta bug!
  20. I'm so sorry to hear about Whitie, Jess! I've seen pics of her, and she was a very beautiful fish. Just remember her in your heart, and she will never be far away. My thoughts are with you!
  21. I've always kept mine in bowls. I know that's unpopular, but I am diligent about water changes, I have had two that lived 2 years, one of them is still alive. I tried putting male bettas (one male at a time of course, these were separate instances) in my 20 gallon, and unfortunately, they died soon after. I've read they don't like a lot of current, and from my experience, that has been true with my males.
  22. Mariposa


    Thanks for that info! Garlic just has so many great functions! Not only does it taste awesome, but it's good for people, and fish too! Plus it keeps the vampires away. Sorry, had to make a silly joke! Seriously though, I would like to start making gel food for my little guys, it's nice to know I can use that too!
  23. I've never met Koko. I would so love to though! I'll bet you never come through Oklahoma, eh? Hey! Maybe you should tour! The Koko tour! The summer of Koko! That would be awesome, I would definitely come see you! B) It's not like you have a million other things to do or anything, right? Ha ha! I have talked to myself on occasion! I was always taught that you can talk to yourself all you want, the only time you need to worry is if you start answering yourself!
  24. Mariposa

    He Died

    I'm sorry to hear about Pokey! I've been losing a lot of my bettas recently, and I understand that it's painful. Just remember, as Pokey needed you, so do other fish out there. So many people just buy fish and expect them to take care of themselves. Fish need people like us, who care enough to research and take care of them to the best of our abilites. Everyone of us know that they are beautiful, peaceful beings and once you have them, you'll always want them around! Stick around Wonder, don't give up! Our thoughts are with you.
  25. Mariposa

    I Did It!

    Congratulations! :yay: I love bettas! I have never known anyone that only owns one! You have just been bitten by the "betta bug", soon you will pass them in stores and think "okay, one more, just one more". I've done it many times, always saying the one I just bought was my last! Best of health to your
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