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  1. i ams orry its a 30 gallo i just changed 1 gallon today and added some with ick medication the jungle one the ick is gone now i am worried about the fin rot i have two filters on with a bio wheel its well planted and i do tests often right now amonia 0 nitrate o nitriteo ph id at 7.56 is changes to to medication every thing is good

    sorry ph 7.5-6

  2. i 20 glon 6 fish one piguin filter one topfin filter i change a bucket full like 3 gallons every4 5 days i added ick remover from jungle jungle condittioner i feed them topfin goldifhs flakes in morni and at nights and latly all them stay at the bottom but during feeding time they come up

  3. i got my crowntail at mmm or mets mart ??? well anyways i don't seem to see a crown tail female is there such thing because at the store they have "what they call normal half moon" male bettas and some female that the sign just says female betta and in back they have corwntale males?? is there female crowntale????????????

  4. tahnks i have a new tank its warm wher i am so its stay to 70 yo 80 degress the tank hes is in a 3 gallon tank alone with a ten gallon filter lol too big is;n it well anyways he seems to swim moor now but still is on the bottom he used to alwys be at the top being labrinth fish and all anyways thanks alot i have a new topic of my new tank

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