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  1. yes thats it thank u what about apple snails what can they go with
  2. thank u very much but i heard its one teaspone per gallon?
  3. not sure onthe name but the tak is a 29 its got a top fin and piguin filter and three fish help on the my i don;t no the age the stores dont tell the age Oh now if u have read my other post they have ick help and dshredding fins
  4. hello please answer also now i notice all my fish have ick no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. yes get pics also do they have to be alone
  6. recently a other smal gourami died he also had a black spot on him ??? Now hes lonly and stays in the spot where the other was dieing what should i do
  7. also its i see ick sat right but ant the end of the treatment do i do a complete water change??????
  8. oh now wrong section some won please move it
  9. congrats i whish i had a better tropical tank
  10. thanks but also what size tank is good i planned on getting a 100
  11. dengundam

    My First Betta!

    congrats on oyur first betta
  12. thank u tank size 30 3 fish test its all th trest resualst last seemed to be high in nitrate but i did use a remover for that it should be find now befor my goldi had it rotting now its shredding by the way is it normal for them to rest in the bottom for a whille not moveing like perfectly straght i use all jungle products i feed them top fin flakes and on one of them my fish just ateand on the hurt one hes also mising a few scales
  13. sorry wrong section somewon move it
  14. overstalked bu i had two filteres to deal with that yes my big daddy gone i will never get over this
  15. i need to now what do u need for a salt water tank (every thing)
  16. haow u breed godies can my black oranda breed with my red and white oranda????and when
  17. sorry to here htat its a school right thwy oly what to foucus on school work ect. but i sugest telling her the dead fish can kill the others and try to show her a article or something about ick and a pic
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