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  1. Very nice is Lisa a moor?? any ways Bart is chubby not saying hes fat but my morr was so skinny he looked kida like a common with long fins and big eyes anys very nice good job on the move
  2. i chose Shadow thank you all what about my orange oranda
  3. CHeck this little guy and his girl friend this is Shadow i for got who helped me name him someone sjusted this name?? http://i101.photobucket.com/albums/m75/den.../Picture763.jpg this is his girlfriend who has no name yet help? shadow http://i101.photobucket.com/albums/m75/den.../Picture779.jpg noname
  4. Ya I just used sal tto help for dessies ANd right now treating ick
  5. yes it all the way threw its getting bigger helppp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
  6. koko how old is Fiona she was a black oranda now she changed color right thats what i heard hopfuly my oranda stays the color he was
  7. I used aqurim salt mixed with water cause they have ick and the one teaspoon per gallon but it fell on the fish and stayed ther attached to them also tlanded on the ground will it disolve will it hurt the fish i am so stupid
  8. do you have a dog/cat that could have been around???
  9. his about the size of a closed fist a little less not sure on gender thow
  10. thanks but didn;t kokos blck oranda Fiona change color
  11. i can't get a pic but its red around the hole and white as well today i can tell he is weaker i had had this for days and now one replied thank u so much
  12. at pets mart they say everytime they get something different before my mother almost got a panda oranda but she didn;t
  13. thank you hes a nice one now names for my black oranda and my orange oranda my unown glodfish is Fortis look at the second pic on my second replie what type is he
  14. any name ideas als o hers a pick of my other orange and white oranda. the first is the oranda and the second is a unown spesies named Fortis my orange oranda also has no name???????????? ps how do you resize a pic http://i101.photobucket.com/albums/m75/den.../Picture779.jpg http://i101.photobucket.com/albums/m75/den.../Picture780.jpg
  15. i am not sur e i have had him for almost half a year he did surive a deadly unkown thing that killed all my fish so i renamed him Fortis which mens strong brave powerful
  16. http://i101.photobucket.com/albums/m75/den.../Picture737.jpg thats what i noticed about him there was two black orandas at the store but this guy had his dorsal fin up strong and proud
  17. Hes got now name any thought ps hes got a face that looks like hes grumpy lol
  18. ive got stop puting things in the wrong section can someone one this please
  19. somewon told me the black spots on my goldi is burnes healing but its also on his fins is this true or is he color changing
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