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  1. well ph can hurt fish if not changed to me 5 guppies is enogh for a ten gallon tank
  2. some of my plants are dieding i added salt to the tank to to remove ick ehats going on??
  3. I wish i had guppies like you guys babys my platie recently died
  4. sorry second link wont work look around site
  5. xcheck em out cant get the link to work but hers pics http://cgi.ebay.com/5-Big-Head-Red-Blk-Ora...bayphotohosting http://cgi.ebay.com/5-Big-Head-Red-Blk-Ora...bayphotohosting
  6. whats opasite lite sparkles?? sonic? dose any one have he link to koko talking about her fiona changing colors frome black to white and orange
  7. she has died also when i picked her up som thick came out looked like eggs could being pregnat could have killed her
  8. i like natrual looking gravel and river stones
  9. my grandmas like that arn;t they the best
  10. i can tell hes realy has a will to live hes was on the ground sid ways now hes swimming the hole tore his fin now it looks like a bite i gave it melafix and pimafix
  11. every thing is at zero the params all are good but ther has been algue bloom recently i did a water change so ya i mean no afense to lucy infact i thank her but its to late hes dieng hes been like that a week not ehere the organs but right on the musles above the anul fin hes ding
  12. its sounds like ick you should treat with salt but not the salt for your food aqurium salt is good i bleave its one teaspoon per gallon
  13. its dieing i just notice todayits barly breathing
  14. the hole is the size of a nails lenth its medium size he is still alife bleave me or not but lucy also told me she realdosen;t nknow whatit is i mean no afense
  15. Thank you all yes it was cycled
  16. i got a dalmation mollie a orange salefin some kind of sword red and black and a black and orange patie ans black and white mollies
  17. yes good luck my sympathy i remeber when my fish died
  18. please people help no one has help?????????? please people help no one has help??????????
  19. My oranda shadow has a face that seems like he is grumpy lol
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