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  1. the tank is a 29 there are to fish i just gave the prams uboe i have two filters total 300 gph i try to change at least a quarter evry week or so they eat peas andt top fin fish food bu i have been feeding them troical color enhacing food(this food is for tropical fish) could this e the problem i aso se little arie bubbles some times but on there heads each had on whit dot just one they are orandasi dont no what it is please help i am not sure if this is ick cause i think it startes at the fins right?

  2. :(:( Pleaase help the tank recently got brown algae. some pwople here told me to let the light on at will stop but now its getting bigger and my fisgh look slower i am about to doa water change so i tell y the params a littlw later but please help also the main resaon wh i posted this was couse i thing they are getting dropsy cause one of my fishies is geting his scales around his but sticking uip i am getting worryed. they getting slower i recently lost my favorit goldfish i coud never forgive my self if they died pleasse help i dodnt now what to do for now i will do a water change.
  3. my molly a dalmation one had a baby i don;t know what to do i am pretty sure its her cus the baby looks and has the same finage fins the others fish in the tank is curved??????what to do what to feed them should i sperate them or do i leave them their sow far thre is one do they all come out at once or do they do one at a time??????

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