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  1. yes they are a bit high so i added a nitrite nitrate and amonia remover
  2. ok now my black oranda shadow who i had for a couple monthes now is swinmming close to the bottom next to the new fish that was bottomsitting. i got 2 new fish so the other calcio oranda is also swimming close waht should i do with the bottomsitting black and orange oranda help!!
  3. are those cheap feeder fish goldfish i her aslo that they are strong and are good to cycle a tank is that true ??
  4. hes moving so hes alive i get the params as soon as i can (i lost the test tubes i had them yesterday?) k and what would he smell like by the way temp is 78 thats all i can tell u now and do they just eat algae?? thats what it said on the id tag thingy
  5. sorry but now hes floating the petstore people said theat it would go away is that true cause i never realy trust the store people??
  6. sorry for making another replie i forgot to add onced ina while he will swim up around the tank and when my huge goldie shadow comes he moves out of the way (shadows ubocve in the pic) oh i just reliosed i could of edited sorry but he seems more active now should i do a water change or something
  7. well ok ty for the next time but now hes still bottom sitting what should i do anything i could do to help him out
  8. no i did not check the params but to inroduce them i let the bag is it the water for a long time so it can get used tho the temp
  9. I just got a new snails one golden apple and one ivory apple the ivory dose not want to come out off his shell hes bin like that for a long time is this normal???
  10. Oh no the orange and balck is bottom sitting could this be stress??
  11. I recently lost one of my fish if u herd. I got new fish a calcio oranda and a black and orange oranda oh and the black and ornage has no name the other is disco Now i have 3 goldies Shadow is mt holder on that did not die disco no name any suggestions shadow how loves to show off with is dorsal fin up 24 seven
  12. Ty this little guy or huge guy will keap me going
  13. Thanks guys alot u have lifted my spirits. i still have one black oranda that is cool i will try my best for this oranda
  14. My por fishie had dropsy i assed meds but it was too late i hate myself i cant keap goldfish i dont know what i am doing wrong i cant it change water feed them care for them love them andd change theri filter but stil they die i am not cut out for this
  15. i seen some tad poles that were not devloped fully they had one arm and a leg and a tail Lol poor guy he needed to grow
  16. Its green i beleave but it comes back and comes backi changed the eater like 4 times i used algae killer but it did not work
  17. Some Gourmis are agressive like the opline, and kissing i beleave is semi agressive.
  18. For sure he has dropsy please help i dont know what to do
  19. For sure he has dropsy please help i dont know what to do
  20. i changed 70 % of water ibut the only thing that changed was the nitrite it went to 0 ppm every thing else id the same (its listed above in the post)
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