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  1. At most of the horse farms I've volunteered and ridden at, we've used goldfish without any issues. We don't buy the baby goldies, only the 5"+ ones, and we keep about five in a 100 gallon stock tank. The horses drink the water pretty quickly, and new water is added in a few times a day, so the water is almost always pretty clean. It definitely cuts down on the mosquito larvae around the barns.
  2. He is amazing, Imogen! I've never seen a goldfish with such vibrant colour. What are you feeding him?
  3. Well, both have survived so far. Neither one seems to be doing just beautifully quite yet, but they are getting there. Here are the side views of the two of them... And their new names, as well! Here is Yin, the black moor. The flash caused his/her colour to look more coppery than it actually is. Here is Yang, the telescope goldfish. I chose to take the photo on this side so his/her bent tailfin would be a little bit less noticeable. (It's on the other side, and you can see it a little bit in this photo. I still think he/she is beautiful and unique.) Please excuse the watermarks on both photos, it's not that I don't trust you guys, it's that I've been showing this on other sites as well and don't want anyone to claim the photos as their own.
  4. Thanks for the information. Daryl, I've seen both the albino type, and a black variety of these fish, and yours looks like what I was talking about. I've spoken to my LFS, and there's not even a lot of Siamese/Chinese Dolls that they can order.
  5. The other day, when visiting vvvv,I saw what looked like a fake clam shell in several of their goldfish tanks. The fish were actively nibbling at the material in the shell. When I asked what they were, the storeperson said that it was special fishfoof which had been molded into the shell that allowed for timed release (softening?) of the food. One was supposed to put one or more (depending on # of fish and away time) in the tank to feed the fish while the owner was away. Just a thought. Oliver I wouldn't chance one of those "feeder blocks" in my tank. I did that once and nearly lost every one of my fish. Had I come home an hour or two later, they would have all been dead, I believe. I'd rather chance fasting my fish for a week than to possibly poison them with one of those feeder blocks. Do you have a good source of algae in your tank? Your fish may be able to get by just by picking at the algae for the week.
  6. Yes, they're the only two in there. I'll take a side view of them once they settle down.
  7. They're now in my 55 gallon. Right now, they're a little bit stressed out, but I think they'll settle by morning.
  8. Today, I went to a large chain store that sells fish, and found these two little guys. They're about an inch and a half to two inches, not counting their tails. The calico telescope has a little bit of a bent tail fin, but is otherwise in good shape. What's more, the person who netted the goldfish actually knew that they aren't supposed to live in bowls! I haven't named them yet, as I'm waiting until Saturday to name them. (If they're both alive Saturday...) The black moor is a rich black velvet, with a tiny bit of silver underneath his/her eyes. The telescope is primarily white, but has a bit of blue/gray mixed in with his/her finnage. I don't think their current colours are that stable, but I'm looking forward to watching these two grow. I'm also considering adding a third into the mix that is a red/orange, but I'm going to take it slow and just see how these two do first.
  9. I've been looking at a few photos of Siamese Doll Goldfish, and reading some of the posts here on Koko's about them, but not finding a lot of information on them. I realize that they don't live very long, but that is okay. They're just really unique to me. I've seen a few leucistics and albinos, but mostly coloured varieties. I also can't seem to find any suppliers that will sell individual fish, just fish in bulk. I am interested in finding out more about the goldfish themselves, and any suppliers that you are aware of. Thanks in advance!
  10. When I was breeding guppies, culling was an weekly chore. I chose to feed a few fry to my koi at the time, but gave most of them to my friend who kept an Oscar. It is hard to cull, but you have to ask yourself, do you really want to see this attribute in EVERY single goldfish in the world? As unlikely as that seems, if the gene's released into the gene pools, there's a chance many goldfish could look like that in the future. Culling will become a little bit easier when you consider the improvements you'll be making on goldfish worldwide.
  11. So, are the moors popping up in petstores now more like these "English Black Moors"? There are some really good examples of what the new moor body type on this post: http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/...showtopic=63334
  12. I have noticed this moor/telescope body type in pretty much every store that I've been to. My theory is that the fish were more fragile than the chain stores wanted, and they had them cross either a common or comet in with them to try to make them more hardy. I like the appearance of these new fish, but considering I'm looking for a black moor and a telescope, and not a long-bodied-goldfish-with-giant-eyes, I'm still going to keep looking. Although I really do like the slender ones, I'm worried they would outgrow a normal goldfish tank...
  13. I keep considering just buying the DVD just to drool over the goldfish with a friend of mine. All of his goldfish are seriously out of my price range, but they are some of the most amazing I have ever seen. In the auction, I saw that blue Ranchu, and I thought it was absolutely stunning. You're so lucky to be getting it, Daryl! Maybe when I'm a millionaire and have a 1,000-gallon-tank, I'll make it into a fancy goldfish tank, and THEN buy all these beautiful fish!
  14. Thanks, I've been considering trying a few crickets. I've also heard bad things about tubifex worms, I've never trusted them with any of my fish. I have heard that Progold is a pretty good staple food, and I keep considering trying it along with these other foods. Thanks for everyone's help, but at this point I'm going with ProGold.
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