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  1. ez to maintain n keep.Thats y alot ppl have em in a bowl~ goldfish also the most popular pet fish in the world~
  2. Worth a try,try try chow mein also~they love it~
  3. Very nice fishs!!!! ,specially thee black ranchu,so cute ><"
  4. I dont like it..looks like Alien....
  5. awww,they grown so big already, black moor + ryukin?
  6. nice growth, tell us how u raise him that well~Bloodworms everyday? Fed Alot?
  7. thx god u found em,takee good care of em~
  8. Very nice~They r so cute ><" btw,long time no c devs....
  9. i think its too big.... crush coral is tiny???
  10. Gene,Food,Space and Water Quality~ Do good on all these, 2nd Bruce will appear......
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