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  1. no pom pom is mines thanks everyone for the nice comments
  2. hey guys. long time no see. i am really busy working and it uni. I have been getting more and more attention from my you tube channel and I am now getting paid for my videos here is my latest video. I bought this flip vid camera for only 35 bucks. (if you dont have a camera get this one the company went bust so all the cams are cheap ) enjoy my videos glad to see the forum with a make over
  3. you mean the little hyper guy? he was blue.....then he was turning white....now he is turning orange lol so as of right now he is tricolor haha
  4. ah yes the black cap takes the show all the time. lol cheeky he is
  5. very awesome shots you got. the oranda look like a hybrid with a ryukin
  6. college has been keeping me busy here is a quick update
  7. very nice set up. you wouldnt mind giving a rough estimate on how much it cost?
  8. use both i have both a aquaclear and a aquatech on my 65 gallon. My goldfish got used to the current but if they struggle may i suggest using flower pots as hiding places. here is my tank
  9. do you have pics or video of these guys?
  10. wow absolutely breath taking (dont tell my goldfish that) what camera do u have (sorry if i asked before)
  11. Unfortunately no. We do not have a quarantine tank available...the 10 gallon is currently a tropical tank with an applesnail and neon tetras. Are there any alternatives? ok i would keep a close eye on them since the black moor could be caring something. next time buy a spare aquarium 10 gallons and make it only for quarantine purposes. so i would get some parasite clear just to make sure no fish gets ill.
  12. did you quarantine your black moor first before putting it into the 20 gallon?
  13. congrats on getting your daughter into this great hobby. very nice set up indeed. im really jealous
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