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  1. no pom pom is mines thanks everyone for the nice comments
  2. hey guys. long time no see. i am really busy working and it uni. I have been getting more and more attention from my you tube channel and I am now getting paid for my videos here is my latest video. I bought this flip vid camera for only 35 bucks. (if you dont have a camera get this one the company went bust so all the cams are cheap ) enjoy my videos glad to see the forum with a make over
  3. you mean the little hyper guy? he was blue.....then he was turning white....now he is turning orange lol so as of right now he is tricolor haha
  4. ah yes the black cap takes the show all the time. lol cheeky he is
  5. very awesome shots you got. the oranda look like a hybrid with a ryukin
  6. thank you. it does seem bigger so happy my fish settle in with out any complications
  7. new aquarium to replace my cracked 45 gallon hex. the 45 gallon will be missed
  8. college has been keeping me busy here is a quick update
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