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  1. When I was young I had a very nice betta that lived very well with my goldfish (as long as they didn't mess with his rock tunnel). Until one of my moores touched his rock. Then my betta ate him... Is it possible that "Peaceful bettas" might be a term for long-finned females?
  2. Will putting algae wafers in the tank prompt additional algae growth in the tank?
  3. What's the best way to feed goldfish live brine shrimp? Do you net the shrimp & dump them with the fish or do you pour some of the salted water with the shrimp? ~Nenn
  4. Thanks for the reply, everything is looking normal so I guess I'll enjoy it while I still can (the algae's probably just waiting for a time to strike). I just got worried because I've seen a lot of online aquarium articles saying that algae should be common in a well-established tank. ~Nenn
  5. I added a bubble curtain to my tank and my goldfish now likes to pretend he's a surfer. He just jumps right into the curtain and swims as hard as he can down into it. Other times he just swims back and forth to feel the bubbles on his tummy. It's a nice way to keep him occupied & to aerate the aquarium. ~Nenn
  6. A few months ago I set up a brand new 10-gallon tank in my new home. My old aquarium had a huge algae problem which I know is normal for aquariums. However, this new tank gets little to no algae. I suspect it's because my new tank gets about zero sun-exposure. The only part that gets algae is the tube that leads up to my hanging filter. Which my goldfish picks at religiously when I'm not feeding. Should I be worried that there's no algae growth or is it fine? ~Nenn
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