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  1. It's really your preference and whether or not you own fish that require gravel. If you only have goldfish, then gravel isn't absolutely necessary. Many fish do well in graveless tanks and their owners tend to find it much easier to clean the waste that lands on the bottom. If you already have an establish tank with a large amount of gravel in it and you decide to switch to graveless, consider taking only a portion of the gravel out per day. Much of your beneficial bacteria will have grown on the surface of your gravel and removing it all at once may hurt your cycle. You may also have a large amount of waste collected in the gravel, so a sudden disturbance may release toxins into the water.
  2. I would seriously consider getting a kH testing kit in your situation. Low kH can cause pH crashes whenever the water chemistry makes any shifts. It's important to keep the kH high enough to buffer the pH from any changes.
  3. Are the tubifex worms really small/thin? I wouldn't think it's normal...
  4. 3 things: SUNLIGHT SUNLIGHT SUNLIGHT! Once you find a way to introduce more light (especially sunlight) to your tank, you'll get rid of the brown and gets TONS of green. Brown algae in general thrive in low-light levels. If you can't move the tank to a position where it gets more sunlight, consider getting a lighting fixture that can support more watts.
  5. Don't feel bad, we all make mistakes when we're first starting out. The thing you must do now is learn from those mistakes and become better! Daryl has given you some great links. Read up and keep us updated with your adventure in goldfish-keeping.
  6. This. There are plenty of cheap alternatives to commercial fish foods, you just have to be willing to put some effort into it.
  7. Wal*marts are so different from store to store. The one near my parents' house was horrible and thankfully removed their fish section, but the one near my apartment is quite nice (still not the best, but still good). The one near my house even has a nice old man who knows enough about fish to give decent advice and isn't afraid to tell customers "You know what? I don't think you should get a fish right now."
  8. Ah, the monopolizer. >_>;; I had a fantail a LONG time ago who had the habit of gulping all the food pellets, swimming to a lone corner, and spitting them back out to eat them one at a time.
  9. It's always tough to say if a goldfish will grow more or not. Goldfish size is not limited to the size of the tank, but of the general water chemistry, food, and genetics (strongest factor). Keeping water toxins very low as well as feeding protein-rich foods may accelerate growth, but genetics will always be what dictates it in the end.
  10. Brown algae dominants in little or low level lighting. You want to have stronger or longer lights. Here's a thread with more info about brown algae
  11. Sounds like a birth defect. I can't say I've seen one with two mouths, I think the more common defect we see in petstore goldfish tend to be fin-related. I hope you can get a picture soon, it sounds very interesting!
  12. I bought an aquarium glass wiper that has a long handle and can tilt 180-degrees. This allows me to position the wiper flat against the bottom and wipe away. Yay!
  13. I have an open-top tank so the water evaporates very quickly. Since I do waterchanges weekly, I don't really feel like putting in the effort to dechlor and add more water when I'll be changing it out in a few days.
  14. I'm not sure what number you called, but you have to also consider that the people who answer the phones are not necessarily the people who can do anything about it. Generally operators tend to be people who are trained to answer questions such as "What are you hours of operation?" and "How much are tickets to an event?" not "How do you care for your animals and what are your protocols if one or more become ill?" This is why I feel a letter (or several letters) may be better addressed. It might be better if you get the name of the person who is the Director of the Aquarium (or some kind of equivalent job title) and address the letter directly to them. Then follow-up with either a phone call requesting them by name or additional letters. This is more likely to get the attention you seek.
  15. You should write a letter and try to get others to write similar letters. Usually places like that will listen if they think more & more of the public is becoming concerned about the treatment of their animals.
  16. High water turnover (GPH) + Fine/Micron filtration = super happy clear water
  17. NO2 at 5 mg/L is dangerously high. You want to try to get those down to .25 or below. Information from GoldfishConnection that I think is pertinent to your situation: Large and frequent water changes are necessary as well as placing the fish in containers that can hold at least 10 gallons per fish.
  18. viscosity2004


    I would be concerned that any pathogens carried by the parent mosquitoes would pass on to the larvae and create a problem to the fish after feeding.
  19. With 11 fish in a 20 gallon tank, you were probably experiencing major water toxicity. Generally the rule of thumb is one goldfish per 10 gallons. To better diagnose your fish, please answer the following If there are any questions you cannot answer, simply say "I don't know" Test Results for the Following: Ammonia Level? Nitrite Level? Nitrate level? Ph Level, (If possible,KH and GH and chloramines)? Ph Level (KH/GH) out of the Tap? Brand of test-kit used? (strips or drops?) Tank size (How many Gals) and How long has it been running? What is the name and size of the filter/s? How often do you change the water and how much? How many fish in the tank and their size? What kind of water additives or conditioners? Any medications added to the tank? Add any new fish to the tank? What do you feed your fish? Any unusual findings on the fish such as "grains of salt", bloody streaks, frayed fins or fungus? Any unusual behavior like staying at the bottom, not eating,ect..? Check out the links in my signature for more details about caring for goldfish.
  20. Just an update Things seem to be going well. The skin between the rays are growing back, but the rays themselves have taken quite a beating. Any hope that they'll grow back too?
  21. All goldfish are the same genus and species: Carassius auratus It's the breeds that are different. It's like dogs, all dogs are the same genus and species, but they have different breeds.
  22. It has a fork in its tail, making it a fantail.
  23. Ooh, if you get one PLEASE take a picture! I'd love to see how they look with your goldies.
  24. I haven't seen any that would be suitable for fish. You can either make some from scratch (there are recipes in the Goldfish Food subforum) or you can purchase some Mazuri powder, mix with some water, baby food, and gelatin powder (which is what I do).
  25. Sounds like my ryukin, he can't handle ANY processed foods, no matter how little wheat they put in it. You may have to consider switching to an all-gel or all-fresh diet.
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