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  1. Is your betta floating on its side? Does it seem incapable of swimming at different levels of your tank?

    Many bettas will hang out near the surface so it has easy access to food & air, but they should be capable of swimming near the bottom and middle area of your tank. All healthy fish should explore their surroundings.

    Its possible there's something wrong with him. Have you checked the ammonia/nitrite/nitrate levels of the water?

    Make sure the water has safe levels of these toxins and that you clean out any poop & uneaten food regularly.


    I can't take pics now bacause my camera is full and the flash will scare Moe

    Sounds like a crowntail, but his mouth shouldn't hang open all the time. He should be capable of opening and closing like a normal fish. :(

  3. I think it would be more helpful if you added more details to your post...

    For example, what is this jellyfish you speak of?

    Is it SUPPOSED to be in a tank with fish?

    HOW does it kill?

    Are there only SPECIFIC types of fish that are not compatible with it?

  4. It could be a plakat. I've been seeing a lot of them in the pet stores lately. I even purchased one for my little brother and he absolutely adores it.

  5. In addition to your volume + filtration + waterchange concerns, I would also worry about feeding. Goldfish LOVE to gobble up all the goods. Do you have a method of feeding that will allow your loaches to have their fair share?

  6. oh i see.. so i guess im on the right path by chance anyways hehe.. i will buy the complete test kit today from pets mart.. i saw that they had one for $60.. not sure how many tests it has.. but if its 100 then each test averages at about 60 cents or so.. not too bad, especially if it keeps my bedroom smelling like a swamp

    Print out the pets*mart ad with the price showing, the manager will match the price to whatever your printout says

    www.pets mart.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2754034

    Right now a master kit is $30

  7. Do you mind telling me what are your personal pros and cons of having dojo loaches? Also when you put them into calculation, do you do inch per gallon unlike goldfish?

    I'm very loose about my calculation with dojos. Right now my two they live in a 40-gallon aquarium with three fancy-type goldfish. This is with a 90% water change once a week + 700 GPH filtration.

    Personally, I think if you're planning to keep them in a goldfish tank, don't keep dojos in anything smaller than a 10-gallon and give them at least 5-gallon personal volume. Plus, keep an eye on your goldfish to make sure they're not harassing the dojos. In my experience, my goldfish don't pay them any attention at all.

  8. I have two golden dojo loaches in my goldfish aquarium and I love 'em. They're so fun to watch as they swim around like little dragons, and they work as hard as any goldfish at getting bites from the gel food! :D

  9. A good fumigator will test pesticide gas concentration at a parts per million level to see if it is safe in all rooms. If you're paranoid, have another company check for you when they're done.

    Baits don't get all termites in all areas of the building.

    And I'm not sure where you heard tent fumigations cause cancer, the only thing my google-fu came up with was soil fumigation.

  10. I've seen this happen a lot when a new fish is introduced or if the tank is simply too small to accommodate the fish. Keep an eye on their behavior and hopefully it'll pass in a few days.

    If your moor's aggression becomes more severe (to the point where he's harming the ranchu), you may want to consider adding a tank separator during feeding time so that the ranchu will not be bullied.

  11. Black is generally a difficult pigment to keep on goldfish. If your goldfish is turning black, I would be concerned that this might be scar tissue from toxins in the water such as ammonia or nitrite.

    I strongly recommend that you have the water tested for ammonia/nitrite/nitrate or purchase a kit so you can test at home.

    Keep changing his water regularly and keep an eye on him. :)

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