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  1. i attempted to measure him his body is about 16 centimetres. and his tail is about 9 centimetres. so all up he is around 25 centimetres long
  2. Hehe thanks everyone. it was just a normal small little commet with normal fins, just like those 2 other ones. When i bought him, he was about 1/2 the size of those small ones. He is the only goldfish left in the tank (and its about 55 gallons) the thing that has amazed me, is that he was my First fish... and in the 8+ years, iv had quite alot of fish. He has lasted through some tough times when i have become lazy, but he is still kickin' well
  3. This is my goldfish, that iv had for about 9 years. It was the first fish i had bought, and he is the only one that is still alive. The 2 other smaller fish in this video are in fishy heaven. The video is about 4 months old - so as you could imagine, he is even bigger now, and i now have a canister filter. I cant believe, when i bought him, he was sooo tiny in a tank with hundreds of commons.. One thing that does annoy me is... whenever i clean out the tank, and re-arrange all the ornaments, within a day they will all be on the floor! he tramples them and moves the gravel all over the place Here he is (sorry about the quality - camera phone) [The water looks green only because it is in front of a green wall wish i could put it elsewhere, or paint that wall
  4. one of my goldfish has lived for 8 years+ for all that time i was just using a VERY small HOB filter, and 2 small internal filters in a 200L tank (bought a canister filter today). i have to admit im very lazy when it comes to cleaning the tank out, i usually just do 80% one a month. hopefully ill start to look after em better maybe you should try some goldfish that arent fancy? they are alot 'hardier'
  5. Hey, iv got a goldfish that has swimbladder problems, most likely from some food i had fed him for about a week (floating pellets) as thats all i had. i cant give many details at the moment, because i have to go... but the pH seems fine, i clean the tank probably once a fortnight, its a 55 gallon tank with 3 small feeders and 1 large one. for the last 2 weeks he has been flat on his side just resting @ the bottom of the tank, trying to swim.... each day iv been trying to spend 20 minutes just trying to hold him up straight with my fingers, and trying to hand feed him, although he just wont eat. He puts the food in his mouth for about 30 seconds - 1 minute, but then just spits it out... I have tried feeding him soaked sinking foood, as well as peas - but i cant seem to get him to eat even the smallest piece.. any help would be appreciated... im afraid that he will die by starvation
  6. awesome... i went to the petstore yesterday and bought some more commets, and i couldnt believe they were selling extra large commets for $30 AUD.... i laughed because my 8+ year old commet was twice the size of their "extra large" commets. now i have one HUGE fish and 3 tiny ones
  7. i only have one goldfish left, and common feeder... he was my first fish, and he's been living for 7+ years now and he is big!
  8. thanks for your replies. I think i will end up keeping the filters i have, and adding a smaller cannister filter
  9. i was thinking a cannister filter? as i already have a HOB filter, and 2 internal ones.... a cannister would keep the water cleaner?>
  10. Hey, Iv got a approx ~55 gallon tank, with 1 'hang on' filter, and 2 smaller internal filters (with a common goldie, and a fantail). Not too sure how much litres they turnover though, and not sure of brand/models. My question is .. is it worth buying a cannister filter or something? If so, how many litres should my tank get of water being turned over, and if you could recommend a filter. My budget is around $200 ~thanks
  11. Hello, I just finished doing a nice 100% clean of my 55~ gallon tank which took me about 4 hours. I only have 2 fish in there, 1 common and 1 fantail. These were my first fish that i had bought for my tank setup. And iv had them for about 6 years now. From all the fish i had bought after them, they had all died, but these first two still live with me now . When i bought them, they were only a few centimetres long, but now.. my common goldfish is over 23cm (including tail). I cant believe how big he has grown I ahve a car ornament, and i remember when he could swim through its tiny windows... and now his mouth alone wouldnt be able to fit through it My fantail is still a decent size too. I remember a few years ago when he got stuck in my side 'waterfall' filter (forgot the real name of them). I went to bury him, and i saw a tiny movement of his tail, and almost threw him back into the tank. For a few months, his tail was damaged, but now he is as fit as can be. I just thought id tell of my experiences of my 2 fish that have lived for over 6 years (even when i have seemed to abandon them in crazy 4-5pH water for months). This just shows how strong these fish are. My tank water is now at a healthy 7.5 pH and they look more active than ever. With this, i also bring a question.. how long do most common / fantails live for? ~Thanks
  12. Hey, My tank is always very acidic... @ about pH 5 .. so i usually add bicarb soda... but i was thinking, if this is because of all the chlorine etc, would it be easier to use rain water from outside? (We've got a 3000L rainwater tank) And, would i still have to add all my water agers etc?
  13. One of my fish died today Iv had him for about 4 years, maybe more. As my fish water keeps turning very acidic (pH 5), iv been adding carb soda to put the ph up. I did this 2 days ago, then from that day he was looking a bit sick (sitting at bottom, and not eating). Toady i checked on him and he was on his side on the bototm of the tank. Was this because i changed the pH too quickly? or? maybe had a pebble stuck in his throat? My other fish didnt look like they were effected.
  14. Hey, Lately my tank has been getting VERY acidic. Each week i have to add bicarbonate soda just to keep the tank @ pH 7. My fish are sadly usually sitting in a pH 5 tank and some of their tails were getting "burnt off" (but once i add bicarb soda they turn better) i do have a full kit, but most of the tests are fairly confusing / unaccurate ANy idea why it is so acidic? is it from hardness etc, or is it their waste, or anything else?
  15. Im not sure if these fish are well trained or HYPNOTIZED ...lol I have removed the link to that video as it's been displayed on the forum many times. Plus there's the belief that magnets are involved so it's been banned from kokos. Thanks
  16. ok since i added the 2 teaspoons of bi-carb soda, now the pH has risen to about 7... in a few more days ill add another 1 teaspoon or so.
  17. ok thanks.. altho i just bought a kit and its @ 5ph!! i checked it twice.. i added some bi-carb soda tho, waiting a few more mins till i re-check
  18. KH - <1 GH - 2.3~ is what i got yesterday or so.. i think thats how i got it... it said something like i had to adddrops until the water colour changed, then divide that by like 3?
  19. Thanks for all ur help JenW Today, my fish have all started to stay around the bottom quite a bit.. Yesterday they were fine and all active =\ I tested the water straight out of the tap, and its about 8.5pH i retested the tank, and it comes up with the same result... 5pH... i bought the test kit a few days ago. I have dissolved 2 flat teaspoons of bi carb soda, and ill add it in now
  20. iv got both, which should i use? yeah the pH up container says 1000g/kg sodium bicarbonate
  21. and also, i have some pH up, but its a few years old. they arent in the package, so i dont know their expiry date, should i use them? - im guessing 2 years - 3 max
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