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  1. Beautiful pond and the plants are beautiful. I spot a pest I think ! <.< >.>
  2. Haha thats so nice of you! Thank you very very much
  3. If i saw something like that Id make my own "lables" and replace it with my own.
  4. Very cute thanks for sharing. I too think it might be a Lionhead
  5. My Oranda Mr.C lost his eye once because of one of the goldfish. And then it did the same thing with the other Eye. Awrieger is correct take out the Hannible fish. If im not mistaken Celestials are more of a Delicate goldfish, and have poorer eye sight so The celestial Should probably not even be in the tank with the bronze fish. IMHO.
  6. Hey Im planing on buying some progold sometime soon and maybe some Medi-gold. I was wondering if Goldfish Connection ships to Canada? If not where else could I buy? ( I remember there was a whole topic dedicated to this 'problem' I just can't find it ) -Alex
  7. Yea I agree, im finaly Not Overstocked And its a great Feeling. Maybe for christmas Or my Birthday in the fall I can Get a bigger tank and get a friend or 2 for accalia hehe.
  8. I guess your right, Im hoping to get a 50 gallon someday Soon. Im soo tempted in getting another fish its been awhile. Hahaha Im just as bad as a little child Can't I just get a little ranchu or telescope ??
  9. Accalia Thanks you all for your kind Compliments! I've had her for a good 3 years,When i bought her she was around the same size. Sadly i don't think accalia will grow any larger mainly because she was in an overstock tank for awhile. She has changed in color. She use to be a darker Black, but now shes turning more choco color. Vmlola- They start in the fall. Lucy- Hahaha Im planning to maybe get a new tank in the future, but if i do get her a buddy there will be more water changes ect.Accalia is a pretty big fish, Shes currently living in a 20 gallon. Anette-I've noticed her eyes do look alittle blured out and small. So I know that an oranda is out of the question for now. So Im thinking of either getting another Telescope or Maybe a Ranchu?
  10. Im glad she wasn't to much in a Shock, and that shes recovering
  11. I agree you have 300 gallons, your using up about 100 gallons id say now. So you still have alot of room IMHO. You have Alot of room left. IF i were you id take the new fish.Its all up to you , the more room the better but im just saying that the thumb rule per common goldfish is ;15-20 gallons each minimum.
  12. Im sooo glad that she/he is alright . Thats a horrible thing to happen you came just in time to save the little fella. Can't wait to see pics. -Alex
  13. I decided to post some pics of the 20 Gallon with Accalia My black moor. Shes starting to Look more Choco then black now .Shes around 7 inches if im not mistaken. Im planing on decorating her tank, and maybe getting her a friend. here they are; This tank looks horrible compared to the tropical planted tank Anyways Those are the most decent pictures i took today, Im going to try and start decorating and buying stuff for the tank this weekend. Ill post pictures of the progress, and of her new friend if i get her one hehe. -Alex
  14. Thats an interesting way for getting clear photos. I must say that one of the hardest things to take a picture of is Fish. I would recommend Not using the Digital Zoom. Infact The digital zoom gets your picture grainy, and not "sharp".If you need to zoom , an Optical zoom is the best. Techniques all depend on your camera. The Higher in Mega Pixles, The faster shutter= clearer better photos. I recommend Downloading IRFAN VIEW. Its a small program for resizing photos, and has some features like Sharping photos ect. .. . just my 2 cents. -Alex
  15. Thats a beautiful Rubbermaid! It looks great and the fish look really happy
  16. I just looked through the thread qucikly but wow what a beautiful Modern Style pond.Very clean cut and simple. The fish look amazing. -Alex
  17. Thanks for your comments. I guess im going to decorate her tank and 'stock up' on live plants ect hehe... Im going to stick with the 50% waterchanges. and if she doesn't seem to be improving ill go look around for a new buddy. Haha and when i do get the new fish there will be pics for you guys =) -Alex
  18. Heyy, Ill try the 50% Water changes,I checked today too see the Ph levels and they seem to be ok. The Other fish have a new home in the 40 gallon Rubbermaid untill i figure out what im going to do with them. This might be a silly question but could it be possible that Accalia is bored of her home? the tank shes in hasn't been decorated ect.. -Alex
  19. Well My 20 Gallon currently holds my 7 inch. black Moor, Accalia . And im really tempted in getting another fish. Im still not sure which type yet.I was thinking either a Ranchu,Oranda, Or Telescope. Accalia Currently looks rather sad now, She lies motionless at the bottom, and when she sees me she starts swiming around again.. The Water levels all seem to be perfect... Im guessing its because shes lonely now? Im not sure. Heres the cutest photo i've ever found of a ranchu, this is why im tempted in buying one haha. http://www.petsociety.org/gallery/d/10154-2/180605_026.jpg Anyways Hope your all doing well, -Alex
  20. What A beautiful Set up, Im sure your Hermits are in paradise
  21. Beautiful Photos! Thank you very much for Posting. And welcome to KGW
  22. The Aquatic tank looks beautiful like always Look at that little guy haha. It looks amazing =)
  23. Tell me about it, Also one of my "dreams" to actually own one of these guys. Congrats!If im not mistaken I think there are ways to keep him black. With diet and lighting but im not so sure.
  24. Congrats on your lovely new Oranda
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