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  1. Your set up looks great, Im sure there going to be fine. Id love to have a nice round tub like that haha.
  2. Sorry I didn't See Your Post Andrea! Im in the moon somtimes lol... Hahaha Thats what im doing right now with the nasty bow, Im covering it with 2 plants so that it doesn't show as much.Sadly I can't make any holes, id have a pond if I was aloud to make any holes in the ground by now Thanks:) Its around 40 gallons if im not mistaken (aprox. 18 inchesx38 inches ) Im not sure on the type it just Says RUBBERMAID on it.I got it at wallmart. -Alex
  3. Thanks for the comments. The Tub was not full of water. Let me remind you I live all the way up in Canada Quebec it can get down to -40's Which is really cold Im thinking of buying a new one... Im not sure if its leaking or what now because its been raining for quite awhile now.
  4. Great job it looks amazing
  5. Well I guess it was a horrible idea Leaving the rubbermaid outside in the winter. I think it might have cracked or something . .. Anyways Its leaking and i don't have a clue what im going to do. I just filled it up last night and this morning its already down to half way... I should probably get a new one( ) . But for now what Can i do? The rubbermaid is also bowing which sucks, so i think I should go get myself a new one. Is there such a Rubbermaid that won't bow that i can get at any local Homedepot , and thats safe enough to put in the house for the winter?And that could also fit a normal Tank filter on it?
  6. I agree with what Daryl Said The orandas do get fairly large , Do you plan on upgrading the tank larger someday? I too think you should go to the pet store and see what fish draws your eye. Thats what im going to do the next time i go fish shopping. Its hard to choose what type of fish to get without seeing the selection that they have.
  7. Beautiful tank , I really love the set up Congrats . Im not an expert with cycling but I know that adding Live plants/Gravel/Water or even filter media from another tank will speed the cycle up.
  8. Beautiful Pond and fish! Thank you very much for sharing
  9. Thanks. I did those big water changes ect and shes really perked up btw.
  10. Alrighty thanks haha,I forgot about the expiration >.< I think if its well sealed up ect it can last for 6 months. Haha well Im going to ask my mom for the medi-gold I hope its a yess. If not ill need to ask my sister if i can use her paypal account to get some.
  11. Well sadly they don't ship to Canada from Goldfish Connection. But I can order the medi-gold from http://www.fishsempai.com/ a Canadian/UK supplier.Im going to have to bribe my mom to get me it, Hopefully she'll get me it. Shes kinda shaky with the idea of giving out her credit card # on the internet even if its safe...I guess its because she doesn't understand computers and the internet.What size Would be best? http://www.fishsempai.com/showproducts.asp?category=22 Would the 8 oz be enough? (Thanks )
  12. Welcome to KGW, You have very cute fish .And the Tank set up is Clean and beautiful. Your betta has amazing colors. He kinda reminds me of my betta who recently passed away. -Alex
  13. Thank you very much for the Information. Are there any Good Anti-bacterial medications/Food you can suggest? I've been told that Medi-gold ( i think its called) is the best? I don't have any medications at the momment.
  14. Big Al's always sounded amazing Your so lucky hehe. Im very excited in seeing the new fishies.
  15. Haha My 20 gallon tank in my room which homes my black moor Accalia always has 'nacked' patches where there's no gravel. I sometimes have problems sleeping because shes 'grazing' thought out the night and trows the pebbles on the window hard enough to keep me up all night You should maybe consider getting a bubble stone, they enjoy playing in the bubbles sometimes.Also my Accalia also plays with the water current comming from the filter, its quite funny sometimes. -Alex
  16. That was a very sweet story, Im glad that it all worked out. And you found a new home for your other goldies.Good luck with the new ranchu, im sure he/she will be very happy in your care. -Alex
  17. Well I discoverd a weird bump on Accalia.I have pictures to show you guys. It looks kinda similare to what Zorah had. What happens Is a bump appears and then the scales seperate or fall off then you see some white paste and the fish flashes until all th e paste is out. Kinda like a zit or something . I really hope its not that ....Here are some pictures. The water params are good, and shes been really active now since i did those 50% water changes people told me to do.I contacted Rick, from goldfish Connection awhile back about her not being active and stuff and he told me i should maybe treat for Flukes?I didn't show him these phots yet though.... I hope shes alright -Alex
  18. Haha very cute, she/he reminds me of my old black moor Nagila. I have some more pics, I cleaned the tank up really well. The hood, filter ect. The tank; Accalias common pose haha; Accalias flowing butterfly tail; Accalia swiming around for food ;
  19. Thanks for posting those beautiful pictures of your Pleco. His huge haha. Sandy ; He does look like that! , Im not sure ... They probable look similare. Either way they both grow to 15+ inches, and a bigger tank is a must. Thanks for the help!
  20. They Look adorable, Thanks for sharing !
  21. I managed to take a few quick shots of my Common pleco. His becoming a monster!. He lives in my 10 -15 gallon tropical Planted tank. I really need to move him into a larger tank the poor guy. He's grown alot since I recieved him as a birthday gift. His at least a good 5 inches long now. -Alex
  22. Haha thats so nice of you! Thank you very very much
  23. If i saw something like that Id make my own "lables" and replace it with my own.
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