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  1. What beautiful and Happy looking fish
  2. Very beautiful tank, Its nice clean and simple . I love it
  3. Update October/9/06 Today I worked on the corner desk especially. I fixed up the Door frame I pulled out by accident lol, and Now the long desk is done for now, Untill I decide to either add on to it, and or paint it. On the corner desk we got it up, I decided to Use srews instead of the white pegs . i will be dubling the wood on top to make it stronger, I also Did the inside walls where the shelf will be and stuff. here are some pics; Finished desk: Opened Desk : Corner desk : The corner desk is where the 20 gallon will be going, Im hoping to convert the 20 gallon to my tropical planted tank, and make my long desk for a new 50 + gallon tank for Accalia. -Alex
  4. Aww thanks guys I am sorta proud. The only thing that sorta sucks is that its not real wood so i can't stain it. I forgot what its called but its as strong but cheaper then wood. Its like cardboardish lmao But its strong. -Alex
  5. October/7th/06 Update ; Today I started my corner desk, and got it up. I also finished the front doors on the long desk peice. Here are some bedroom shots of what it looks like so far in total : Heres Accalia ; Heres a door from the long desk ; And inside it: The top of the corner desk : Other pics of the making of the corner desk; http://i8.photobucket.com/albums/a3/callio...cs/DSC01057.jpg http://i8.photobucket.com/albums/a3/callio...cs/DSC01059.jpg http://i8.photobucket.com/albums/a3/callio...cs/DSC01058.jpg Thats it for now =) Tomorrow im gonna work on it some more and try to finish the corner desk and Im thinking of adding on some more framing to the long desk one. I want to get this project done by the 21st of october so i can maybe go tank shopping for my b-day heehe -Alex
  6. Absolutly beautiful =) Thanks for sharing sonny.
  7. Hey everyone yet again another Update. The long desk/Tank stand is mostly done, I ran into problems with the doors, the doors come out alittle and theres not that Straight Clean Line I was looking for. So i need to fix that, and need to Glue stuff ect. This weekend I started My corner Desk which will hold my 20 gallon. This peice is going to be much of a challenge haha , Everything is in angles and its just complicated ehh lol. Heres just a quick sketch from above; I cut all the peices this saturday, so it is now ready for assembly. Here is a picture of the front; The exciting pictures/Sketches are soon to come painting and final asembly,Then im going to be working on the lighting system and Aquarium plans Thank you for the comments. Della; Haha Exacly what I was planing to do , I started looking around for handles and think I found the ones I liked haha. -Alex
  8. Hey, Well Today the 27th I had time to add on alittle to it. I added the front part for the doors. I sorta cheated and made it part of the " Skeleton" at the same time to add on to its strength alittle. I used nailes and carpenders glue for this part. I hope to have this peice done by this weekend. Then I will start my corner desk for my 20 gallon. Here are some quick shots to show.... I need to go down to the hardware store to get some more wood to do the front doors since i was an inch short from the peices I have >.<.I also need to get things like black paint and handles ... But they can wait till the last last thing. Thank you all for the kind comments Hope your all having a good week. -Alex
  9. What an adorable little oranda you have, Love the colors. Congrats on the new fish
  10. Congrats on the new tank and fish, There both beautiful
  11. There both very beautiful Congrats , Haha Im so betta deprived after my little Whitby Wentworth passed away a month ago =(.
  12. Beautiful Tanks Anette! Congrats on the Fry btw
  13. Beautiful tank set up so far , I love that you took white gravel mainly because theres such a great contrast with your fishes colors that they just pop out. Very beautiful fish too! =)
  14. Hey everyone, I've been lerking around recently not really posting but reading. Trying to keep up with you all lol . I decided it would be fun to post about my First Homemade desk/Tank stand Im making myself. Haha im actually really happy(and not to mention Proud of it lol) at how its comming out. Here are 2 unofficial sketches of the whole "unit" one of the desks(more of berrow(lol sp?) )will be made in corner the other is in length (the one im currently working on) here are some quick Sketches ; http://i8.photobucket.com/albums/a3/callio...sketchdesk2.jpg http://i8.photobucket.com/albums/a3/callio...sketchdesk1.jpg The long desk/tank stand is 66 inches in length, 18 inches in Width, 30 inches in height. Im using Screws/Pegs(not sure what there called lol)/nails/glue, To put everything toghether. So far I did alittle test and asked everyone to sit down on it and its really sterdy and strong. All toghether there was aprox. 450 pounds on it , and it didn't budge or anything, and thats without the glue and extra bolts haha. So I hope its going to to be strong enough to hold a 50 + tank ( Possibly 70 gallons hehe ) Now heres a few pictures of it 2 days in the work ; Angle shot ; These arn't great pictures of it, but anyways. This Wendsday or next weekend I will be finishing the front and doors to the side openings. The middle will be open. It will be painted black , I want a very nice clean simple looking peice.The back of it has a white backdrop right now, they will stay that way inside the Doors, but in the opened spot it will be painted all black too... Thats it for now, On a futher noticed i've been asked to Model for a catwalk in my local Mall. If i get choosen I will be doing Modeling for such Companys such as Emma (not sure if thats Julia roberts Cousin's fashion line) , and will also have a bunch of other contracts with other Magazines ect. So im really excited for that too.Here is a pic from my most recent shoot; http://i8.photobucket.com/albums/a3/callio...ng/alexpose.jpg I hope your all doing well! Hope you all had good weekends. -Alex
  15. I've been getting a few deformaties to with my guppies, Nothing as odd like this case. But some are born with large Humps in my guppy tank.
  16. Absolutly gorgeous, Your pond really Grew alot and evolved over the time. Its very beautiful and i too envy you I hope someday to have a beautiful pond like yourself.
  17. Very beautiful tank, I love your Khuli Loach! : I have 2 of them im planning on maybe getting another 2 soon. There so cute haha.
  18. What Beautiful Goldies!! Thanks for sharing, Id love to go to a show like that sometime. Im sure you had fun
  19. Yes,I have known that they will grow very big,as big as a Oranda goldfish.But my mini tank will stunned em.If they really outgrow my tank.Then,I put em in someething bigger.Its because currently I am saving for a large tank for my oranda... and goldfish and tropical wont mix.. No offence but thats just cruel, I know your thinking its just a fish but still. They have all the rights to grow to there full potential, and you should give them the care and home which is needed. Its like Giving your kids a bunch of caffeine and letting them live in a small closet ( without the room to grow) silly way of saying .... Im sorry if i sound rude But I still think you should just get them a bigger tank , it would be better for both of you, its going to mean less work for you with a bigger tank ( Less water changes and taking care of fish health problems)Which means enjoying the hobby more, and the fish will be happier. -Alex
  20. Aww there soo cute, What a beautiful set up
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