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  1. What a bunch of beautiful tanks =). <3 the 55 gallon
  2. Beautiful tank =) Keep up the great work.
  3. aww he looks like he loves it , great idea
  4. Amazing photos JS, I've always loved seeing your Crabitat, you have some cuties
  5. Beautiful fish =) , You have many beautiful koi, Love the panda one . I'm not going to guilt trip you , or attack you for being overstock.Koi fish grow to be about 4 feet long, they need 200- 500 Gallons each male, and female's 1000 gallons each ( what I've been told, and heard). Sadly, Koi in my honest opinion are not indoor fish, they may be kept indoors in an Aquarium at a very early state for a short period of time, but the bottom line is that these fish need to be in a large pond to live, healthy,long lives and grow to there full potential. If a pond isn' t possible, I personally think it would be best for yourself and the fish to find them new homes. Maybe a local town Pond will take them. Down the line you'll get really annoyed with the amount of problems overstocking can cause, for the fish.And for yourself.I speak from experience, I've been overstock for awhile now myself, and to tell you the truth doing 50% water changes twice a week isn't fun, and gets annoying for a hobby I'm suspose to enjoy.
  6. Thats A great Idea Lol, The plan for pond 2 was to have alot of Water plants, it would be very shallow, 1-2 feet and half deep about.So like a bog I think.I don't have a huge budget. What exacly is a bottom drain? I can't quite remember, is it just a hole on the bottom of your pond that you can unplug to empty the pond lol? I'll have sketches up by tomorrow =).
  7. Hey everyone, Finally where " Settled" Into a new home, And I don't think will be moving for a good 10 or so years(Lol that is my mom), So I think I can Finally start an Official post/Topic on my Pond. Its been put off and on for about 3-4 years because of all the moving and things that have been happening over the past few years. So I'm going to give it another shot with the plans! lol I know there are quite a few Pond Gurus Out there, So if you can offer any knowledge or help with my project that would be just amazing!. I will first post pictures of my " Base" Blue prints and pictures of the area where i want to build the pond. its going to be minimum about 1500 Gallons to -2500 Gallons. This Fall if Everything goes well, I should At least have the hole dug out and ready for spring =) Here are some quick Photoshop "Blue prints" That where quickly made. I will have real Sketches up sometime soon. These are just to give an idea. Lol My water falls look horrible Blue print 1 : Water fall placement : *** Almost forgot to mention, The red line is the outline of where the garden is going. The blue is the pond.) The plants won't be much of a problem ( That is when Landscaping after I build the pond) Where over loaded with them in front, The plants in front have not been Seperated and " Weeded" for years. Here are some pics, There all wild plants, and there very beautiful. If you can Identify any of them please do =) I have no clue what Half of them are lol. More to come =)
  8. Heres a very quick video of Maleficient my Angel Fish watching over her eggs. Its only a few seconds long, but you get to see her Planted tank, and at the end, you see her and her eggs. Shes hard to see because shes all black though lol.
  9. Gorgeous Tank! I remember awhile back how you wanted to start one like this. Your plants and coral are all so gorgeous, so is Ms. Mandarin!
  10. What a gorgeous fish , You should hurry back and buy it. =)
  11. Thats a very beautiful Tank =) Very creative. Sandie- The second video posted is a fresh water tank.If im not mistaken.
  12. Heres a simply Anatomy sheet of a Hermit crab i found. http://www.ac-guadeloupe.fr/Cati971/Prem_D...ERMIT_CRABS.jpg
  13. =( So sorry about your lost, adf are so cute.
  14. Hey everyone Its been so long , lol My Angel fish keeps laying eggs. Is it something to worry about? She seems to be very stressed and aggressive when she's watching over a batch of eggs. What could be causing this?, shes the only angel in the tank. Any help would be great =) Thanks! -Alex
  15. Hey jen, Sure ill try and get few pictures of Her. Theres not much to her history of treatment, I've never treated her for internal Bacterial Infection, I've used salt which seems to help her ulcers. The tricky thing about her disease is that it completly goes away for awhile, and then it hits again. The " Pimples" usually do end up poping and puss comes out. She also sometimes "Pine cones" Because of the lumps. Sometimes the lumps are very large, and sometimes there small. She also looses Scales. I'll get that picture for you =).
  16. Hey laurie, Yes its one of my Goldies, At the moment I can't find my test kits (Im hoping I didn't loose them in the move, i've looked everywhere )I'll answer the questions I can. -Tank size (How many Gals) and How long has it been running? Its a 35 gallon, and has been running for about 2-3 months -What is the name and size of the filter/s? Fluval 204 -How often do you change the water and how much? I do weekly water changes 0f 50% -How many fish in the tank and their size? The tank is Over stock ever since I moved , 3 Comets , 1 Moor. comet #1= 4.5 inches comet #2= 6 inches comet #3= 3-4 inches Moor= 7.5-8 inches -What kind of water additives or conditioners? At the moment I haven't been adding anything other then salt to help her. I also add some Aqua PLUS ( I think its called) for the water. -Any medications added to the tank? Salt -Add any new fish to the tank? no -What do you feed your fish? Frozen peas, and Soaked Wardley Goldfish Flakes Any unusual findings on the fish such as "grains of salt", bloody streaks, frayed fins or fungus? Some blood streaks on her, she sometimes has clamped fins.She's also sorta bumpy, and gets Ulcers or "Pimples" Any unusual behavior like staying at the bottom, not eating, ect..? She's actually rather active like the other fish, She has problems swiming, and is wabbly. The other fish seem to be Alright. I saw My black moor sitting at the bottom a few times but they all seem to be OK.
  17. Hey everyone, One of my Goldies isn't doing so well =(. I think she has a server case of Neon Tetra Disease. http://freshaquarium.about.com/cs/disease/p/neondisease.htm The poor fish twirls around like a turpedo trying to swim, and get food, she's up all night swimming around. She doesn't look like herself either, she looks un-fishy now, Like something took over -.- .Her eyes are also bulging out, and shes getting deformed bumps along the spine and her sides.(Ulcers popin up ) She also has weird spots on the top of her head. She's had this disease for about a year or 2 now. It comes and go's , but its getting really bad. I have no tanks other then a 5 gallon to put her in.The other fish can catch the parasite, if she dies I think. I've helped the fish with ulcers and added salt for stress ... Poor thing i'm put in a hard decision either to put her down(Which I really don't want to do) , or seperate her in a 5 gallon. The disease is not curable. Also her odd swimming and her looking sick , is making my goldie Rylight "excited" and aggressive . He goes around pushing her and knocking into her, as if he thinks shes a threat... =( I feel horrible either way, because i've tried hard before to help her, but it never seems to go away. She looks like shes in alot of pain too.
  18. I get alot of rude remarks when people find out I rather Goldfish over tropicals. I've kept fish for about 13 years now, and out of all that time, I think keeping goldfish was my favorite . They do have personalities, and are so much fun. I get really angry when people don't believe that goldfish grow that large ,But usually when they see my big Accalia theres alot of " Wows". They seem to like her alot.
  19. He's about 3.5 inches long at the most. My sister and I named him Misu Shui. To view more pictures in his new tank ; http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/...showtopic=55801
  20. Meet Misu Shui! (Pronounced Mee-sue Chou-Oui) . His really shy right now, when the light are on, or when a camera is near. He tends to swim behind the floating Java ferns lol. But his really cute, I adore him very much. Some pics; Some from petshop;
  21. lol today I went to go get him! My sister payed the whole 22.75 $ for me. I'm going to pay her back as soon as i get a job. His the cutest thing ever. I kinda feel guilty spending so much money on a fish, but his too cute lol. I put him in the 10 gallon , and he seems to be doing well =). I need to find him a name now, Ill post pictures as soon as possible in the photo section. -Alex
  22. Lol yea thats what I thought . Tomorrow morning i'm going to get him .My older sister said she'd pay for him, since I lent her money in the pass. But before she pays that 20$ Im going to ask why his priced so high, and try and get a better deal on him. Its worth a try. Lol i think what makes him so cute is his Beaty little black eyes. In person he looks like the first picture. He is adorable. I just finished setting up that 10 gallon for him. I didn't talk to my mom or her bf about it, this little oranda is too cute to pass for a no. But once I have him im sure they won't care lol. -Alex
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