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  1. I understand Ive been moving in and out of apartments and homes, in the past 5 years.

    Some Landlords are very reasonable, others are not. Its hard to maintain everything

    when you dont own your own palce.(lol mind you ive been moving

    around a 35,25,10, two 5 gallons around for the past few years! )

    Your fish look all VERY happy, and look amazing. That Oranda is Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hey everyone, I thought i would post some more recent pictures of Misu Shui (Pronounced Mee-sue Chou-Oui).Its been about

    half a year since I got him his Changed so Much! Color, and his grown so much :)

    Sadly, he lost his black but his still adorable, and changing colors! lol

    Pics from January :




    Pics from today:






  3. I woke up to horrible news today, My 7 inch long Black Angel fish died =( I'm so very

    bummed mainly for the reason that she has such a funny character. She took awhile to

    adjust to her 20 gallon home, but when she was settled in She was such a nice pet.

    I checked water levels, and checked for signs of any Diseases, but nothing, She looks as

    healthy as I last saw her. She has been having alot of empty eggs though in the pass 2 months

    And looking on closer inspection I noticed a big "bump" like thing at the vaginal area. So I think

    that she might have died from stress from laying eggs?

    =( I miss her so much, I hope she' enjoying Fishy Heaven, She made us all smile here at home,

    and will be terribly missed. Bye Maleficient. :(


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