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  1. If i remember right from my experiences with curved spines, there might be something wrong with your water... Did you Check your water levels(Ammonia ect) and make sure everything is Okay?
  2. Those fish are gorgeous, your moor reminds me of my Accalia. =)
  3. I understand Ive been moving in and out of apartments and homes, in the past 5 years. Some Landlords are very reasonable, others are not. Its hard to maintain everything when you dont own your own palce.(lol mind you ive been moving around a 35,25,10, two 5 gallons around for the past few years! ) Your fish look all VERY happy, and look amazing. That Oranda is Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing.
  4. Thanks for sharing! I always love seeing your fish and pond!
  5. Those are hugeee omg wow, Very lovely. Thanks for sharing!
  6. There both VERY adorable! Congrats on the 2 new Orandas. The Orange one reminds me of my little Orange Oranda Eber lol aww
  7. Thats a lovely pond! Im sure your goldies are loving it!
  8. Very Lovely tank! Your goldies are adorable =) There going to love there new home.
  9. The Goldies are gorgeous ! they look very happy =). Hover is quiete the beauty, Very cute.Thanks for sharing.
  10. The tank look Great!, Im excited to see it grow in alittle. The fish are adorable ! Thanks for Sharing.
  11. I couldn't help but laugh at this one... who would go to buy OR even think of wearing such a nasty outfit. Poor goldies, but im sure like Ranchugirl said its just a joke
  12. Thanks for all the Comments! Misu Is Blushing lol. =)There all real plants, Java Fern ( Lace/Normal) and Anubis nana. The only thing I could tell you about the hood is that it's a Hagen 20 Gallon hood which came with a 20 gallon aquarium set.
  13. Hey everyone, I thought i would post some more recent pictures of Misu Shui (Pronounced Mee-sue Chou-Oui).Its been about half a year since I got him his Changed so Much! Color, and his grown so much Sadly, he lost his black but his still adorable, and changing colors! lol Pics from January : Pics from today:
  14. =D Looks like you had an amazing time, Thanks for sharing the photos! The kois and Goldies where very cute !
  15. Haha I have a big problem, When ever I go into my LFS I have to walk out with something. Be it a new fish, or a plant, or some fish food, I always like walking out with something lol =)
  16. =) Very beautiful fish, Thanks for sharing!
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