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  1. Thanks everyone. @bagho, no, no more fish ever I'm afraid. They are too difficult to keep healthy in captivity and the strain it puts on you is unbearable. This whole saga has just made me certain that it's impossible to ever give them the perfect life in the unnatural environment of an aquarium. it just cannot be done long term and you can half kill yourself in the process of trying. Ponds are where they belong but are again a lot of work. I'm unlikely to live in a house suitable for any pets for a good few years anyway, but I may get guinea pigs in the future and will probably get another horse when I go part-time at work, but no fish. Six years of travelling four hours a week to my parents has taken its toll on my health, so keeping pets away from home is never happening again either. Instead I'll continue my crusade to educate the world on fish though by continuing leaving notes in restaurants and doctor's waiting rooms telling them to get bigger fishtanks with filters.
  2. If anyone wants any of these please message me or email me at shadeofshyness@hotmail.co.uk It would be a shame to bin them. Free to a good home. 400mg metronidazole unopened MetroMeds - small bag but enough for a few courses API test kit half used API salt large pack, opened yesterday and resealed with a locking top thing Saki Hikari food unopened Tetrafresh Delica food opened but individually packaged so not in danger of going off - Brine Shrimp, Daphnia, Algae flavours
  3. My boyfriend came down to join us and then my dad drove us to the vet, which is in Manchester where we live. They put them to sleep over a long period so we left him with them and my dad is picking the body up in the morning to bury in their garden. I was vomiting after we'd left but calmer now after crying like nothing else. I know it was the right decision. It was just awful. I don't know what to do with myself now as my life has revolved around looking after him since 2006. I'm quite glad that we are going on holiday on Monday to be somewhere else so that on Wednesday night I'm far away from my usual train to go to do his waterchange. I won't enjoy the holiday but it'll give me something else to think about. Never ever ever having fish again. Too hard and heartbreaking. Thanks Alex for your help, and Trinket too if you read this for your past help. He wouldn't have been with me till today if wasn't for this forum. xx
  4. Thanks for all your help Alex I don't know what to do with myself. Can't bear to look at him. Hoping the vet will fit us in, but it's an hour away and the drive isn't going to be good.
  5. Thanks Alistair but I don't think there's anything more we can do. If he's still here in the morning I'm taking him to be put to sleep. He is in a terrible state and barely breathing. 100% change and salt haven't helped. I can't stop crying
  6. Tolerance/addiction I think!! Leaving for the train now... very nervous about the state he will be in. Will update after the water change. Thanks again and speak later.
  7. You are fantastic. He's had three salt dips. The last one was on Tuesday. My gut tells me to add salt... if he dies overnight and I didn't salt, I would kick myself.
  8. Ok thanks. I have told work I'm ill, so have left and am going to get the train in an hour to my parents'. I'll do a 100% change so it's all out tonight. Should I replace with salt as he isn't eating??? He always seems to perk up at .3%. I can ask them to do 50% changes daily but I think they would be spending their entire time walking round with tubs of water - it takes them about 3 hours to do a waterchange so I can't imagine it going well... I will tell my dad to ignore that course I emailed them then. Would this be better?: Friday 18 May - 100% waterchange, remove all FlukeSolve, hoover, salt bath, clean filters (with me there) Saturday 19 May - no FlukeSolve active Sunday 20 May - no FlukeSolve active Monday 21 May - 50% change and dose Tuesday 22 May - FlukeSolve active Wednesday 23 May - FlukeSolve active Thursday 24 May - FlukeSolve active Friday 25 May - 100% change so no FlukeSolve active Sunday 27 May - no FlukeSolve active Sunday 27 May - no FlukeSolve active Monday 28 May - 50% change and dose Tuesday 29 May - FlukeSolve active Wednesday 30 May - FlukeSolve active Thursday 31 May - FlukeSolve active Friday 1 June - ask them to do a 100% change to take it out while I'm moving house
  9. I'm confused, have I been following the course wrong (see email to my dad above - this is what I've been doing)? He's already done the change and dose and salted to 0.1%. I told them to rub the pellets in garlic.
  10. On Tuesday yes - so it's due to be changed and replaced after 3 days, right?
  11. Just got email - my dad says he is worse today, stopped eating and not left bottom at all. Apparently his tail has gone very pale. Alex, what do you suggest? I can ask my dad to add salt to 0.3% as he's stopped eating - he's emailed a photo: Not good. I've asked my dad to change 50% and dose with FS as discussed.
  12. Thanks for the good wishes. I don't know how he is today as they've not texted me yet.
  13. By the way, here's my email to the parents - have I missed anything? While I'm in Vienna he'll need the bold parts of the course doing by you two please. Friday 18 May - 50% waterchange, hoover, salt bath, clean filters, and dose (I'll be there for this) Saturday 19 May - FlukeSolve active Sunday 20 May - FlukeSolve active Monday 21 May - 100% waterchange to remove it all, so that there is no FlukeSolve active Tuesday 22 May - no FlukeSolve active Wednesday 23 May - dose Thursday 24 May - FlukeSolve active Friday 25 May - FlukeSolve active Saturday 26 May - 50% waterchange and dose Sunday 27 May - FlukeSolve active Monday 28 May - FlukeSolve active Tuesday 29 May - 100% change to remove it all, hoover, and clean filters (I'll be there for this) Wednesday 30 May - no FlukeSolve active Thursday 31 May - dose Friday 1 June - MOVING HOUSE and I have no idea what the plan is from here. Hopefully he'll be improving by then. Remember: Daily 5 x MetroMeds feeds After a waterchange, the rubbish Juwel filter needs the top taking off, basket pulling out and pushing down again so that air bubbles are forced out of the output, or it won't work. The Fluval 305 needs the handle pushing up when it's all turned off, then down again and a few pumps before switching on. One full cap of Prime after every waterchange of any size. Daily testing for ammonia. If there is any ammonia, 100% change and re-test to check it is back to 0. If it's a day when FlukeSolve should be active, re-dose.
  14. Thanks! When should Metro Meds stop? I read 14 days previously, but that would mean 24th May when I'm in Vienna. I can't imagine him being well by then and wouldn't be comfortable telling my parents to revert to his usual meals. Is it possible to continue with them without harmful effects?
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