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  1. I have a 30 gallon tank and wonder if I want to install a UV sterilizer, will a 9W Turbo-Twist UV sterlizer be the right one for me? Also, what kind of air pump would I need if I want to hang the UV sterilizer on the back of my aquarium? I want something super quiet. I am not sure about how to put it in my Eheim cannister. Would the Rena pump be a good choice if I hang it on the tank? Someone suggested a Rio mini 50 for a pump, too. Could I have advice about what to do? Thanks.
  2. I have been wondering about whether a large, bulky fish can be very active, swimming around vigorously, or if a large fish will tend to be more sedentary.
  3. I have a 30 gallon tank with one calico ryukin in it. In a month, I expect to include a blue oranda.
  4. Potassium permanganate is excellent for disinfecting your tank of disease. Even better than bleach solution. It will turn a dark purple, but you can treat the color with a good dechlorinator that will clear it before you have to dump the tank water. Wear rubber gloves.
  5. Hi Daryl, Thanks for your analysis and suggestion. Where might I get the pond strength Prazipro? Would the one on the Goldfish Connection be adequate? http://www.goldfishconnection.com/shop/det...tId=30&catId=21 or how about the one featured at the DR.s Foster and Smith LIveAquaria.com? http://www.drsfostersmith.com/product/prod...&pc=1&N=0&Nty=1 If not these, what do you recommend? Thanks for your reply.
  6. Your tank is going to burst. I don't know the size of your tank or how many fish you have left, but you can get a large plastic container (even a plastic garbage can) and transfer the tank's water into it and set up your filtration. You should transfer your fish right away. You can use the garbage can, etc. for something else later, so it wouldn't be a loss. When you go to the store to buy a new tank, take a small level with you so you can be sure your prospective purchase is level.
  7. So far, I've paid $75.00 for a top quality fish, but shipping was $55.00. So that means I really invested $130. Double that, because I got two fish, each at different times, and each cost $130. Yeah, and they died. I shut down my aquarium for a few years. But I couldn't stay away. I decided I'd buy a couple of inexpensive large, but pretty pond fish from a sand and stone place that also had fish for ponds. That way if they died, I wouldn't feel so awful. They were $30 each. I got them home, and discovered one had a badly crooked lower back near the peduncle. You see, I couldn't view them from the side since they were in the pond. They fished it out and I held it in my hands and it looked ok. The store owner wouldn't take it back even though I had just brought it home and my aquarium had just been set up. I kept them for a year, but the crooked back just got to me, and I just gave it away to a friend who has a pond. From the top, the fish is very nice, a nacreous fringetail. Lucky her, right? I'm about to do a baaad thing. I won a online bid for a blue oranda for $80.
  8. I have a 30 gallon aquarium and have a 5 inch fringetail goldfish with a 2" body in it. I used to have another 6" fish, but because its tail was crooked, I gave it away to a friend with a pond. Ever since then, the remaining one sits in a hideaway area in the tank only coming out when there's food served. A week after the other fish disappeared, I cleaned and newly aquascaped my tank. I thought my fish would explore the tank, but it doesn't come out of hiding when the tank light is on. When I turn it off, it comes out and swims about, but not like it is exploring. It just swims from one side of the front to the other and sits either on one end or the other. I have put out lettuce, and it eats all of it. The fish also eats the sinking ProGold pellets I serve. I offered some tilapia and that was refused. I served some cantaloupe and the fish took a couple of bites. So, I know it is eating ok. Isn't it natural for a fish to swim about somewhat energetically or vigorously all day and look for food in the gravel? It doesn't seem natural for my fish to sit in hiding all day all the time. I never quarantined the two fish when they arrived a year ago as they were the only ones. I put them in a tank with a .3 concentration of salt, and kept a .1 salt concentration in the tank until recently when some people said it wasn't good to keep the tank salted all the time. Since flukes is a common problem, I decided to treat my fish with Prazipro, since sitting and moping was one of the symptoms of a fish sick with flukes. I began treating yesterday, and he hasn't had a necessarily negative reaction, just sits in his hideaway as always. I wonder if my fish is sick or is it lonely? Is he afraid because because I worked a long time rearranging the tank while he was in it, or is it because there are no other fish (He used to swim with the other fish all the time)? It isn't breathing rapidly at rest. In fact, he barely breathes. I wonder if he is asleep or something. Water parameters are 0 nitrates, 0 ammonia, 0 nitrates, pH 7.0. Does anyone have and idea to my fish's puzzling behavior? I am totally baffled and worried that there is something wrong with the fish.
  9. How to some of you drain and refill your tanks if you have multiple tanks throughout the house?
  10. I have a new fish coming that I will treat with Prazipro and salt before putting it in with my other fish. My other fish (just 1) is in a 30 gallon tank and doing fine. I set up a 10 gallon to quarantine my new fish (I intended on watching it for @30 days before putting it into the 30 gallon), but now I may have two 5" fish, instead of one. If I use my 30 gallon to quarantine, instead, and it turns out that my new fish do have issues, will I need to clean the tank and the filter media in my cannister before I can put the old fish back in the 30 gallon? Anytime you treat for disease, do you have to throw out any media? Prazipro and dimilin won't harm the biological filtration, but will flukes, anchor worm, bad bacteria be dead and harmless by the time you are finished treating your fish, and if they are, is it ok to just leave everything in your filter?
  11. I had planned on coming to the show this year, but due to another obligation, I can't. I am very bummed out about it, but I can't do anything about it. I was going to go fish shopping at the show. I've never been to the show before. What are the fish for sale usually like, are all of them show quality or near that? I've read fish prices range from $25 to hundreds of dollars. I also read somewhere that on the last day, sometimes the vendors will let fish go at good prices so they don't have to haul them back home. I was so excited and was making plans, then my hubby says we have to go to this other thing! I felt like mutinying.
  12. I have a ryukin fringetail whose right caudal fin is folded. the tip of the supporting bone (?) also sticks out where the fin doesn't grow from it. It may be that when the fish was young, it had something happen and the fin tore from its support. What do you think? I, too, didn't notice the defect when I held it in my hands. I had to lift the fish from the small pond where it was kept and of course, the fins folds were just laying there in my hands. No way to judge from a side view, even though it was going into an aquarium. I hope never buy a side-view fish from a top-view pond again!
  13. According to the NeoRanchu site, the following standards define a ryukin's caudel fin: Tail and Fins: Both long tailed and short tailed Ryukin are acceptable. For both types, however, the tails need to be straight, have NO folds, and when the fish is at rest, the fins have to be fully opened. They must not be clamped or folded down around the caudal peduncle. The tail and caudal peduncle must attach at an angle between 30 to 45 degrees. The highest point of the tail mt not be higher than the highest point of the dorsal fin. When viewed from above, the ideal tail should appear open like opened butterfly wings, not closed together. Dorsal Fin: The dorsal fin must be strong. When it rest, the dorsal fin should remain straight and erect. Tail covering: When viewed from above, the tail should look flexible and appear to push forward slightly when at rest. When viewing the Ryukin from the side, the tail must cover the anal fins.
  14. I was thinking of going bare bottom, but now with the mention of algae covering the bottom, what's the point? At least with the gravel, I don't have the problem. I am vacuuming once a week. My tank sides are a different story. It has ugly brown algae growing happily (yuck!). Should I begin using a chemical control? I was thinking of buying a medium magnetic algae cleaner. I've heard they work well. I can't stand the thought of cleaning the bottom, too, though. Anybody have a comment about how to control the algae better? Is this algae acting like a place for the good bacteria to colonize? If I remove most of the gravel (let's say I leave some in the tank), will the rocks and ornaments, silk plants be able to support bacteria colonization? I have an Eheim 2213 cannister filter for a 30 gallon aquarium. I've been chucking out gravel a few cups at a time, and now I wonder if I am doing the right thing.
  15. I have a 10 gallon tank that I bought when my son had a snake for a pet. This tank has been unused for 11 years. Are those tanks essentially the same as an aquarium? Is the glass any thinner? If it is water tight, should I remove the aquarium silicone and apply new to seal it? I plan to use it for a hospital tank.
  16. I bought an expensive telescope with butterfly tail from a highly reputable online dealer. I loved the look of the fish, but it seemed rather delicate from the beginning. It was my fault, but bad water conditions did my pet in. That fish was definitely not a pet store cull.
  17. Thanks Daryl, Boy, $75 for those battery backup units! Sounds wonderful, but is rather daunting. But you also have a lot of tanks and fish and a lot of money invested in livestock. Darned inconvenient for the electricity to go out!
  18. When I first started keeping tropicals, I never got so far as to buy a self-starting pump. I was just changing the water by getting the tube started so that water would siphon out into a bucket. I was using an undergravel filter then. I just knew that sucking to get the water started was something I didn't want to have to do forever. Eventually, my fish died from bad water conditions and I closed up my tank. Well, I've kept aquariums for many years, and along the way I've learned more and more. When I bought my last aquarium, I absolutely KNEW I was going to go the python gravel cleaner way! My husband rigged the python leading from my tank upstairs in the living room (drilled a hole in the wall behind the tank) and fished the hose down into the basement and directed it down to the basement sink. I just hook up the python to the faucet to empty and fill my aquarium now! What a difference it makes! I'd never keep an aquarium any other way. I'm still learning how to be a good goldfish keeper, and forums like this one have really helped. Thanks Koko and all you members!
  19. MY electricity went out a couple of weeks ago for 8 hours. Does anyone have experience with a battery operated portable airpump? What consitutes a good one? I noticed that there is a difference in price between a Deep Blue Hurrican pump and a Hagen pump. I have a 30 gallon tank, is one enough?
  20. I have always used aquarium salt in my 30 gallon fancy goldfish tank, but now I have read that it isn't a good idea to use salt all the time. I use 1 tablespoon to 5 gallons of water, as the salt box advises for general use. I have been told that salt should be reserved for medicinal application or it can lose its impact when your fish are really sick. However, it does help keep the nitrite levels down and stimulate the development of slime coating at the .1 level. So, is it good or not to use salt at some level all the time? Also, if I want to use java moss and anubias, is salt in the water harmful?
  21. You can safely have 4 to 5 goldfish in a 55 gallon tank. If you have 5, it will probably be your limit and you'll want to have excellent, sure filtration and oxygenation. It's because goldfish put out big and lots of poop and urine; and they are supposed to be big fish. The rule is 10 gallons per fish minimum, but that is not all there is to it. Take into account that goldfish need lots of space to live and grow or they will be stressed. When you consider that a fish can double its size if you were to put it in an outside pond, and they often can reach 8 to 10 inches if left in such a place, you know that stuffing too many in a tank will stress them. I know, they are so many attractive breeds and so beautiful and so cute...that we just GOTTA have that one and that one and that one... Oh, yes...I suffer from deprivation, too!
  22. From what I've read from owners whose fish lasted as long as 30 years, sometimes they develop disease that doesn't respond to medication and care, but sometimes they can detect no external signs with their fish eating up to a day or two of their death. Sometimes when a fish doesn't feel well, it will sit on the bottom, not stirring, or hiding, which is what vulnerable fish will do. Otherwise, appearance wise, they don't look different unless they are infected with attendant external signs. Big fish move slower due to bulk, so that may not be a tip-off either. I think slowing down, not rebounding from illness until it overtakes them, and refusing food, as well as hiding may be the alarming signals that an old fish is in trouble.
  23. Your fish pick up gravel and put them in piles? Are individuals pushing gravel aside and spitting up gravel they've picked up while looking for food, or do you mean they actually are creating a dedicated pile? My imagination picturing them doing that made me laugh!
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