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  1. did vendors at the MidWest and MidAtlantic show do that? Do they give samples away all through the show or just on the last day? I went to my first show in Pennsylvania this year, but didn't stay long once I bought my fish.

  2. Thanks for your comments. I didn't check the perimeters when I transfered the new fish to the big tank. When I put water into the quarantine tank a couple of weeks ago, I Primed it, checked it for pH and put in some PraziPro. Then to help establish the tank, I placed a goldie from the established tank into the quarantine tank. I went away for two weeks and was feeding the fish with a feeder. When I came back, I moved the old goldie back into its regular tank and put the baby into the quarantine tank after acclimating for temperature. It seemed to be doing very well for the two days it was there. The established tank had been checked for perimeters a couple of weeks before. It didn't have any fish in it for two weeks and was just filtering and airbubbling. Good point though, about checking for a match in environment.

    I've taken some of the plants in the established aquarium out and the baby fish is swimming around exploring everything. I just walked past the tank, and the little guy was startled again and headed for the corner, although there is no longer a lot of greenery there. I guess I'll just have to be patient. I suppose that if I just leave it alone, it will get used to its new home. I have to introduce a python cylindar to empty the tank for water changes, but I won't be doing anything else in the tank from now on, except to lift the tank cover to feed the fishes. The baby is coming forth to get food that I drop in, so it isn't going to starve as I orignially feared. I hope it will all work out.

  3. The finnage is beautiful! She probably lived so long because she IS a comet. A comet is a simple, straight forward basic fish, a type that hasn't been subjected to a lot of progressive breeding. Your fish's fins hint that one of the parents wasn't a basic comet, though. :)

  4. I just bought a 3" ranchu baby last week. It was very lively and swimming all over the quarantine tank after I first introduced it--happily eating, etc. Then I had to take delivery of a new fish I had bought online, and thought since the ranchu looked so healthy, I'd move it to the regular 30 gallon tank that only had one fish. I don't use a net to catch my fish, instead opt to hand transfer them from one receptacle to another. I did it quickly, but since the transfer, the ranchu has been preferring to hide in the back among the plants. When it spies me, it dashes to cover! I was really worried because it wouldn't come out to eat before my old fish, being a hog, ate everything every time. The ranchu would come out finally, but find no food and go back into hiding. Finally, I used the plastic aquarium forceps that I use to grab things with and just used it like a long stick to guide the ranchu out to eat. It tries to run back, but I put the forceps in its way and push it back out. It usually sucks in a couple of pellets and then runs back into hiding. Will this fish stay spooked forever now, or will it, given months or weeks of time, finally get over its fright? I feel so bad that it has lost its free and lively swimming behaviour. Obviously, it is afraid of me since I captured and moved it. What can I do?

  5. I think a tank separator would be good. Separators have holes in them that allow for the water to flow through and are slid through brackets at the top of the tank. This way the fishes both share in the water, but the victim is separated from the bully. You can set the brackets anywhere along the top of the tank, so you can force the "bad boy" into a jail if you want. I had a fish that was nipping and I put him in a net at the top of the tank every time he did it. Finally, he stopped nipping. Must've learned he'd get the "treatment" every time he chased and bit. Forever after, he was a peaceful fish.

  6. Thanks for your observations about whether my fish will turn. I think it would be very fun if he did, but if he doesn't, that's ok, too. He's got so much silver, that I kind of wish he were more blue. I'll try and post a picture. :D

  7. I bought a fish that was called a blue oranda. It is not black, but it does have a paling black overall and brass or silver bleeding through 3/4 of its body. I think the fish is in the process of becoming silver and red. The peduncle is showing a more orangy brass color. It is about 5.5 inches long, its sides are around 2 inches. No telling how old it is. Do you think this fish is going to change further, or will the fish likely stay this color? It isn't blue and it isn't black, although much of it looks sort of black. :)

  8. I looked at 3 pictures of the fish and the cyst didn't look all that bad. But we fancy fish hobbiests are also used to seeing the unusual. In response to complaints, the scientists at the museum decided to remove the cyst and the eye " in case it should develop into a problem." they said. But since nothing has ever been said about health concerns and the fish was healthy, I think it was just public pressure that induced the surgery. The museum spokeperson said that the museum, which has had 584,000 visitors to its goldfish and catfish ponds this year already, says it takes the care of its fish very seriously, so with careful expert evaluation, the scientists must have felt it was a good preventative measure, or that they couldn't save the eye and remove the cyst, or maybe it was because the eye was already doubtful. Fish do have great smelling capabilities and he still has one eye to see with, so he should be able to find food and go where he wants to go.

  9. Staying motionless for hours at the bottom of the tank is not normal for healthy fish. The change in appearance of one of the fish is puzzling. What kind of goldfish is it? Ranchus are curved and their stomachs are rounded. Perhaps yours is getting fatter and filling in? Or are you saying your fish's tail is getting stiff and he's folding his fins? Or that he's dragging his tail? But the lack of activity and staying at the bottom concerns me. What are the parameters of your water? And the temperature? What sized tank do you have? Is the fish that is shrinking between its tail and its stomach showing marked weight change, looking like it is losing weight?

  10. Thanks, Vmlola, I was beating myself up thinking that if I hadn't used a hard surface container to remove the gravel that my tank bottom wouldn't have gotten scratched. I never noticed if it was scratched before when I've completely hand removed the gravel to give the tank a thorough cleaning. This time I was removing gravel a little at a time every week as I was changing water, and I know I could hear the gravel scrape under the pyrex box. Never gave it a thought, then when I saw the scratches, I freaked. :krazy: But when I hand removed gravel, I would have already drained the entire tank dry and it was easy access. Dipping my arms into the depth of the tank upon water changes would have been a messy business, hence the container, instead. :rolleyes: (I love these clickable smilies--they show how I feel about what I'm saying! :D )

  11. I had decided to go bare bottom and began to remove gravel a litttle at a time for weeks. I was using one of those rectangular pyrex food storage containers from the 50's. I wanted to use glass and not plastic because I just felt plastic was softer than glass and I didn't want to share a food storage container with a fish and her tank. Well, I think scraping the gravel rocks into the container has left scratches on the tank bottom. Is this what always happens or did I do this especially badly? I've seen others' tanks and they look very pristine, ever so sharp, but I didn't expect the scratched bottom. :(

  12. I have an Eheim Liberty 200 hanging filter for my 10 gallon quarantine tank that I used to have on my 30 gallon populated tank. I am trying to cycle the 10 gallon tank in preparation for a new fish. I have had the tank running for a month now, and have .3 concentration salt in the tank and Prazipro in it. I added American Pharmaceuticals Stress-zyme in the water to try and get the biomedia started. I did remove the carbon filters because they would remove the Prazipro. It had one sponge filter and I added another one so that I have one either end of the filter with water passing through them and into the middle portion of the filter before it flows back into the tank. I don't know if I went about this correctly to get the tank cycled. I did add urine to the water after the sponges were set up to feed(?) the biobugs, because I read that the bugs had to have something to feed on. I tested the water parameters a week ago and had a 0 ammonia, 0 nitrites, 0 nitrates and 7.2 pH. If the nitrates are 0, doesn't that mean that nothing has happened? I suppose I could place my one fish into the quarantine tank, but will it do enough in two days time? I should really have it back in its regular tank before we leave for vacation for a week.

    I suppose I could just wait and place the new fish in the tank and deal with the ammonia and nitrate spikes that could happen. Or I guess I could do the messy job of taking out the old media from my Eheim cannister and squeezing it to get some of its media into the tank to process. I would rather not, but is there any alternative?

  13. Thank you everyone. I have a lot to think about. And yes, I have a canister filter, an Eheim 2213. I am going to have to save up for this equipment. So far, I don't need anythig drastic as I have only one fish, but I'm hoping to get another one sooner rather than later. When I get a third, if I do, I think I'll surely need the UV.

  14. Maybe I didn't state my question correctly. I'm considering installing a UV sterilizer for disease prevention, because I want to get a couple of really nice fish and I only have a 30 gallon to work with. Three fish is probably all I'll ever have, so I don't want what fish I buy to die. I'm trying to do everything I should to achieve the highest water quality possible. The 9W Turbo-Twist UV sterlizer apparently doesn't have an airpump. I am wondering what pump will do the job and be super quiet. I have heard that Rena pumps are real quiet, but someone has mentioned the Rio mini 50. I don't know the brand, so I'm asking. Does anyone out there know what would be best to do? :)

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