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  1. oops! this post was supposed to go under "Do people think you're odd."
  2. I agree with Laurie that people think of goldfish as the cheap, plain, but pretty-colored fish that are associated with carnival games. I know that people do not recognize my big oranda, ranchu and ribbontail as "goldfish," and are surprised when I tell them what kind the "beautiful" fish in my tank are. They also comment on how "BIG they are," and are fascinated when I tell them about the wen, the breeding history and origins, and the other unusual goldfish varieties we hobbiests appreciate so much.
  3. That's interesting. Presently, the body of my fish is a bronze-ish yellow color, kind of armor-like.
  4. Can a blue oranda change coloration all the way, so that the black in his fins and wen can go away, or is a blue oranda a fixed color?
  5. I agree with the bare bottom tank. I also think that such a fish (poor thing) should be hand fed. It can't see very well to eat from the bottom anyway. I sure hope there won't be any more bred like that. I think it is just too cruel.
  6. I read from a hobbiest somewhere that his algae floor harbored bacteria that infected his fish. Is that something to consider? Is an algae floor supposed to be vacuumed like a carpet?
  7. I change water at least once a week. My fish get skittish when I clean the tank, so I wonder if they wouldn't be outright afraid of me if I handled them every week, too. So far, I have been just refilling out of the faucet through the python. I use a thermometer at the faucet, but I also feel for the temperature at the tank. Strangely, sometimes its warmer, sometimes cooler and I run over to the faucet and make adjustments until the temperature approximates what was in the tank.
  8. I had a Moor that played in the bubbles of the long airstone I had in the back of the tank. I don't know why he just quit one day.
  9. I like the frozen ones because they are closer to fresh. My fish gobble them up! I defrost them first and drop a pinch down and while one is gobbling, I throw down another pinch so the other fish gets some . I wouldn't like to handle live worms --ew! But I can do the frozen ones.
  10. I don't know what their emotions might be, but animals are aware of each other. I had 2 fishes in my 30 gallon tank to begin with, and one was under the larger one, swimming with it all the time. I removed the big one to a pond, and the smaller fish(Guinevere) started to mope in the corner of the tank, only coming out to eat. When I introduced another fish, Guinevere perked up considerably and began swimming vigorously about. I introduced a third fish, my Oranda, but she got sick, and was pointing toward the corner of the tank in the back, fins drooping. I noticed that Guinevere went to the corner when it was dinner time and nudged the Oranda to get it to rouse. They both went out to eat after that. Very interesting...
  11. It looks more like a tiny bug... Can you provide a picture of the insect-looking culprit? It would help others identify what it is. Possibly pulling it off the fish with tweezers will eradicate it from the host, but then you'll need to treat the wound.
  12. Hi, This is a video of my new ranchu, Baby. She was 3 months old when this was taken, but now she is 4 months old.
  13. I had one of those signs, "Beware of Killer Goldfish" once. I thought it was too funny. I put it in with my benign goldies, and it just didn't seem to apply, so I took it out.
  14. BTW, according to the BBC, since 2004, the UK has outlawed awarding goldfish as a prize at funfairs (duty of care: Animal Welfare Act).
  15. I just found this news about the World?s Oldest Goldfish. It really tickled me. In case people hadn't read about this fish, I thought I'd share his story: A common goldfish that was recognized by the Guinness Book of Records as the World?s Oldest Captive Goldfish in 1998 died in August, 1999. The fish named Tish was at least 43 years old! Tish was found dead at the bottom of his BOWL. He had also turned from orange to silver toward the end of his life. According to news reports, Tish was won as a roll-a-penny funfair prize by a seven-year-old boy, Peter Hand, in Doncaster, South Yorkshire, England in July, 1956. Peter had also won another goldfish, Tosh at the funfair. Tosh died in 1975, and had shared quarters with Tish throughout his lifetime. When Peter married and left home, his parents took over Tish?s care. Tish took the longevity title from Fred, a Worthing, West Sussex, England goldfish that died in 1980 at 41 years of age. The Guinness Book of Records could not verify Tish?s age by the usual microscopic examinations to count the growth rings on his scales because he had been kept inside and had not been exposed to seasonal changes. They relied upon sworn affidavits of friends of the Hand family as to when the fish arrived at the Hand?s home. Mrs. Hand said in comment to Tish?s longevity, ?I think the mistake that a lot of children make is to overfeed their fish and put them in the sun. Tish was fed the fish food every day. We changed his water regularly and we always use a net to take him out, not hands.? They did everything wrong, according to current opinions regarding these practices, and Tish lived to a very ripe old age! What IS IT about the water in England?
  16. Guinevere has a 3 inch long body with 3 inches in tail. She is 2 inches deep.
  17. He's so pretty! Look at that dorsal fin!
  18. Congratulations on your new Calico. It's like bringing home a new baby, isn't it? All excitement, pleasure, and awe.
  19. Tinker, I have heard that I'd need to get a special program to get the freeze frame picture made into a picture that I could post on Photobucket, or a link like it. Is that right? I know I looked everywhere on my video clip made with my digital camera and there wasn't any function to transfer a freeze somewhere else.
  20. I'm so sorry your fish died. You have been posting quite a while, so it looks like you've been a hobbiest for a while. I, too, lost several beautiful fish a while ago, and got so discouraged that I closed down my tank for a few years, but I missed having an aquarium so I started mine up again a year ago. Goldfish keeping does keep us on our toes, but don't you just love those sweet little guys for their responsiveness, their wiggly little bodies when they run to the end of the tank where you are, their cute little antics and the challenge of caring for them to see them grow big and beautiful? I hope you won't feel like you have to quit after all. After you clean your tank and disinfect everything, you may feel less mournful, more like starting all over again. Give it a little time.
  21. Thank you, guys. I bought Guinevere from a sand and stone business in my area. People who built large ponds could buy big fish from them. They also took in fish that owners couldn't keep anymore. I think Guinevere may have been one of those. She has a rounded body with long finnage while most of their other fish were regular comets.
  22. OOps! I misspelled my fish's name. A brain glitch! Her name is Guinivere, not Genevieve. I can't believe I did that!
  23. Here my Baby. She was just 3 months old in this picture and she's been with me a month. She has little pompons and a healthy appetite. Her square little cheeks are so cute! And here she is with Shang, my Blue Oranda. Here's a sideview of Shang. And of his cheeky looking face! And finally, my queen with the flowing robes, Genevieve: Here's a picture of her back side: ...And that's my goldies family.
  24. Thanks guys. Very nice compliments and much appreciated.
  25. lol! See the one behind them? At first, I was going to name the oranda, Artus, for King Arthur and then my calico with the long fin, Guinivere, and the baby, after the Lady In the Lake. But I changed my mind because I did some research on armor. The silver and black outlining the silver reminded me of armor I had seen. Well, turns out that cuirass lamellar armor was introduced in ancient China during the Bronze Age. It was made of thin bronze plates sewn onto cloth and overlayed with another piece of cloth for protection. Hence, the name Shang, for the dynasty ca. 1766 BC - ca. 1050 BC.
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