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  1. I am moving from Ohio to Arizona. I will be flying close to 6 hours to our new home. I need to know how best to move my goldfish. I called FedEx and they said they would not allow me as a private individual to ship my goldfish Overnight Express. Has anyone shipped their fish before? Help, please?

  2. I discovered that I was supposed to clean my Eheim cannister every 3 or 4 months, that is rinse out the medium with aquarium water. I hadn't changed the white filter or swished the medium in a year! That's why debris was floating about! :-) I expect that things should improve since I've rinsed out the medium and wiped out the cannister. It was gunked up with a lot of green slimy stuff. I rinsed out the medium, replaced the white filter and put back the water in the bottom of the filter with aquarium water. I think I cleaned the filter correctly. I will add the big fish to the 30 gallon tomorrow and transfer the Eheim Classic HOB filter to the big tank, also. I do 33% water changes once a week, too.

  3. The Eheim 2213 filter is supposed to handle 39-66 gallons, and right now it is handling the filtration fine for 2 four inch fish (that includes the tail fin. The bodies are about 3 inches), but I do see bits of stuff floating in the tank from time to time, so I wondered if I should add another Eheim 2213 to guarantee clean water when I put the 7 inch goldfish in with the others. I hadn't thought about whether this would create too much of a current. The smaller fish are a moor and a ranchu. The big fish is an oranda with flowing fins. What do y'all think I should do?

  4. I have a 30 gallon aquarium with 2 four inch and 1 seven inch goldfish. I have not introduced the big goldfish into the 30 gallon tank yet, but its quarantine period is almost over. I am using an Eheim 2213 filter, and because the new fish is so big, I am considering adding another Eheim 2213 or replacing it with a bigger filter. Will using 2 Eheim 2213 filters mean my filtration is equal to that for a 50 gallon tank? I see particles floating through the water at times and wonder if I should have a more powerful filter. Will adding another Eheim 2213 work for me? I have a chance at buying a new 2213 for under $80. Buying the next highest level is going to cost much more. I'd like to not have to change to a 50 gallon tank if I don't have to. Also, would I need a UV filter with the kind of bio load my big fish will introduce? Thanks for any help with my dilemna.

  5. I had drained my aquarium of almost all of its water, and refilled with fresh, and added Prime to condition it. My aquarium is a 30 gallon and I put in a little over a half capful of Prime since a whole capful was recommended for 50 gallons. The water felt approximately the same temperature as what had been drained out. When my fish began to curl, I wrote Rick Hess of the Goldfish Connection, and he replied that I had had a pH crash, and told me to add 3 tablespoons baking soda that had been diluted with water. It worked, as my fish recovered almost immediately. I was really scared when I saw the fish look like they were paralyzed.

    I am trying to drain 25% of the water out on a weekly basis, but sometimes it goes a couple of weeks, and I drain about 1/3 of the tank out. I have been keeping a bare bottom, but dislike the poop floating throughout the water, and have added gravel, which I will suction when I do the weekly 25% water change. I like the bottom bare because I could see that the fish were eating all of the food, but I think that since they have good sense of smell, they are probably getting all the food. I am also taking your suggestion that I feed at a specific spot. It didn't seem to matter before because I only had the ranchu and he was an efficient eater.

    I notice that the ranchu does not show a red vent today and the dragoneye is not chasing and nipping. I don't know why he was biting before, but it seems he has quit.

  6. Thank you so much for your comments. I had read that 7.5 was desirable pH for goldfish, so I thought I should try for a lower than 7.6. Apparently, 7.6 is what comes out of my tap. I put the stabilizer in because I thought that would reduce the number. And I had misremembered Epsom salts for baking soda. I checked the water pH today and it is at 7.6.

    I had a major scare last month when I did too great a water change. My previously healthy fish began to twist to one side as if paralyzed. I was told that it was a pH crash and I was advised to put in baking soda, which worked. This week when I did my 1/2 water change, I put in the stabilizer. I decided to ask this forum about the Epsom salts just to confirm the ratio, which is when I was reminded that it's baking soda you are supposed to use.

    The ventral area on my ranchu doesn't show red today. And I've begun to drop food in one corner to train my black dragoneye to look to that corner for a food drop. Thanks for relieving me of my anxieties! I appreciate my goldies and want them happy.

  7. I forgot to mention that I put in 3 tsp. baking soda mixed in water and mixed it well in my aquarium. I hope I did the right thing since I already added some pH stabilizer yesterday.

    I should also mention that the fish that is being bitten in the anus is the better eater of the two. He is a healthy ranchu with great eyesight and quick responses. The other was introduced after quarantine a month ago. He is a black dragon eye, also healthy, and feeds fine, but doesn't seem to be as alert when food is dropped in. He was swimming around fine and unaggressive before the water change, and today I noticed he keeps following the other fish around and nipping at his bottom, which shows some red now. Can anyone advise?

  8. Thanks for the correction. I tested my Ph yesterday when I did a 50% water change, and it was registering 7.6. I did put some Jungle pH stabilizer in the aquarium. I just tested the water and it is still at 7.6. I don't have a way to test Kh. By the way, one of my fish has redness at his anus and the other fish keeps biting at it. Any idea about that?

  9. Businesses and hospitals in my area are too busy to do their own aquarium upkeep. Aquariums are beautiful, even in restaurants and funeral homes. I know there is at least one company that makes regular rounds to clean and maintain aquariums here, because I see their truck on the road. And I've spoken to people who hire experts to come into their homes to maintain their salt water aquariums.

  10. Hi everyone!

    I am looking to buy orandas and ranchus. I wonder who is left to sell high quality goldfish online? I know about the Goldfish Connection, Dandy Orandas (whom I think is selling in auction on Goldfish Connection, if I remember correctly), the Fish Sempei, the Goldfish Connection, Kimmy Koi and perhaps the Goldfish Utopia site? Is there anyone else out there selling top quality goldfish? There used to be a vendor who had superb ranchus and ryukins. But I think his website is down. Does anyone know who that was? Thank you for any other names or information you can give.

  11. I probably should have said that I won't speculate whether my fish has emotions, but that his behavior seems to indicate that he prefers company. The lack of like fish may mean exposure to enemies.

  12. I had a goldfish that drooped, bottom sat and hid when the other goldfish that I had in the tank died and I had to remove it from my tank. He used to swim under the other fish all the time. The moment he noticed his buddy was gone, I noticed that for a couple of seconds, he just froze and then he began to droop and hide. He'd come out to eat, but didn't swim about as he used to. He kept this up until I added a replacement fish. Then he perked up and started swimming about again. He's perfectly normal now. I won't speculate whether he has emotions, but my older fish may like having company and feels exposed when alone. He doesn't swim under the new fish, but swims independently. Recently, I read that sea horses alone have been known to die if a mate dies. Or not. If there are other seahorses of the opposite gender, they may remate, instead. It's a point well taken, however, that fish eat their buddies, because they do. Also, while most goldfish are pretty placid and get along with one another, Ryukins are known to attack other goldfish, blinding them and even killing them. No mourning there.

  13. Hi all!

    I cleaned my Eheim 2213 cannister filter yesterday. I must admit that I didn't know I was supposed to clean the filter medium every 6 weeks (Hess and Johnson Fancy Goldfish book) and it has been 8 months since I bought my cannister filter. When I started the filter up again, it kicked a lot of whitish floating debris into the water that I had just changed in my aquarium. I was aghast! Yesterday, the debris was flaky; this morning there is a small amount of small particles floating in the water. I think since the medium was clean (rinsed in aquarium water) that it must come from coating in my lines. Wow that's a length of line! I've never cleaned the inside of lines before, and it looks like I will have to take all the equipment in the water itself out to scrub the insides of everything, too, if this is the source of my problem. What do you guys think? I don't think the gunk is really bad--just messy, but is it? Thanks for any insights you may have on this.

  14. Since the coloration of an adult fish is genetically determined, and the wen is is simply part of the fish's body, I think its changing or not is going to be genetically predetermined, as well. The exception would be whether it was tightly bred to be a red cap oranda. I have heard of other people's fish's wens changing.

  15. There is a Greater Pittsburgh Aquarium Society and they will be having a show on March 23-25, 2007

    at the Comfort Inn East on 699 Rodi Road, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. You can get more information at:


    Last year the MidAtlantic Koi Club had its first goldfish show, which was held in Allentown, PA. This year the show will be in Maryland. You can get more info at: http://www.makc.com/

  16. I think it's an individual thing. I had a moor that was very quick to notice food dropped into the tank and "played" in the bubbles of an aerator I had across the back of the tank. I had a hardy, responsive ranchu, and an oranda that was always curious when the front door opened, and would wiggle at me on the side of the tank where I was. It was quick to rise to the surface to feed, too :) . I figure it was trained to feed from fingers.

  17. I agree with Laurie that people think of goldfish as the cheap, plain, but pretty-colored fish that are associated with carnival games. I know that people do not recognize my big oranda, ranchu and ribbontail as "goldfish," and are surprised when I tell them what kind the "beautiful" fish in my tank are. They also comment on how "BIG they are," and are fascinated when I tell them about the wen, the breeding history and origins, and the other unusual goldfish varieties we hobbiests appreciate so much.

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