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  1. Sounds like your fish is just reacting to seeing you. Mine get very animated and cluster up to the glass everytime I come near. Classic 'begging for food' behavior, lol. (Goldies are notorious for being insatiable eaters, you know.) Otherwise, they just swm around in a lazy, content way. My betta often 'rests' on the bottom, too. As for your frog, perhaps he was sleeping or simply resting? Lisa
  2. Harpo, my Calico Oranda, gets to move into his big home today. He's been in QT for a month with no problems showing up so today is the day! Just keep fingers crossed that I encounter no 'aggression' problems from my other GF in the big tank. I always worry about that when adding a new GF to an already established community of GF. Lisa
  3. Bob, my short tail Ryukin, does that a lot. He's the biggest one in the tank, so I guess he wants all the food for himself? Lisa
  4. My blue and grean Oranda turned green, then black and now he's solid white. So, I'm thinking color change too. He's a beaut, btw! Lisa
  5. I'm pretty sure those are swordtails (tropicals). Regardless, that tank sure could use a good cleaning and a water change. Poor fish. Lisa
  6. I have a 135g with 3 AC110s, 2 15w lights and a wet/dry filter running 800+ gph. A little while back, we had an energy audit done and the guy told us, based on the wattage of the filters & lights, that it was responsible for about $10 a month on our bill. Lot less than I would have thought, which is good thing. Lisa
  7. It's definitely 'Fall-ish' and I love these colors on my table for T-day, but it's really hard on these old eyes of mine. Lisa
  8. Our vvvv won't price match ANYTHING. Not even their own website prices. Lisa
  9. What HAVE you been putting in the water this year, woman?! It's still so ironic (and funny!) to me that around this time last year you posted about having the exact opposite problem. You know what they say - be careful what you wish for, lol. Now I'd better start keeping an eye on my fry, as they are only 2 days older than yours and we've been having some fairly extreme temp fluctuations this week. Man, I do NOT want to have to clean an egg mess in my 135g. Lisa
  10. Keeping my fingers crossed for you, girl! Sounds like it's going well so far. Lisa
  11. Oh, Emily, I'm so sorry your parents did that to you. That seems so unfair for them to pull such a switch after you've worked so hard. I do want to say that I am VERY proud of you, though. You are a caring and knowledgable gf person and that will stay with you all your life. You WILL get your big tank one day, I'm sure of it. {{{Hugs}}} Lisa
  12. I usually use plastic clips with the suction cups, but for the kinds that don't fit (like brussel sprouts), I spear with a plant anchor - one of those bendable lead strips used to wrap around the base of a plant to keep it down. You have to be careful, though, that you smooth the ends with a file and tuck them in tight so there are no sharp, pointy edges for the fish to hurt themselves on. Lisa
  13. Truer words have never been spoken, Oliver. It is the curse - and blessing -of the gf hobbyist for sure. I'm a case in point. Oh, I DREAM of a pond. Have for years and years and years. Problem is, our sub was built on a grove so huge roots are everywhere and prevent us from digging deep enough. I have a spot, though, that I hope to be able to hack at long enough and hard enough to, one day, build a pond. One can keep dreaming, yes? Lisa
  14. I have no idea what kind of funeral DH would have for me, but if *I* got to plan it, it would be a HUGE party. Everyone would need to take 2 days off work to recover, lol. Lisa
  15. Thanks everyone! It's been a while since I've 1) been on board (home remodeling...ugh) and 2) since I've gotten a new gf. It's so nice to be able to share with others who 'get' the thrill that holds. Thanks so much for the tip, Fiberoptickkarrie, I'll give that a try! Eric, my dh will know exactly what you are talking about there (he's a programmer/systems engineer) but I'm as clueless as a newborn. I'll show him what you've told me and I'm sure it will be of great help once he translates! Thank you for taking the time to share that info. Thank you, Oliver! Of course it's okay to ask. They were $6 each. I got them at one of those Big Chain Pet Stores, which is about the only option we have here. Fortunately, they've hired a person who KNOWS fish and she does her best to take care of them. The health and quality of the fish have greatly improved since she started working there. While she was hesitant to sell them to me so soon after their stressful trip, I'm happy that she did. I think they'd have been subjected to illness and more stress if left in that overstocked. centralized filter environment for long. They seem to be acclimating well. I fed them a while ago and Harpo snarfed it up like mad. Bonsai is still being nervous and hiding beind the plants, but he finally came out and snagged a bite or two for hinself. I think he's going to be the shy one. Lisa
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