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  1. Well I need to ask ya all what would do for a tank if you were to start over. I don’t have a tank now and am wanting to get a new one.
  2. Question: when you say posts? Where? Here on the page? Thanks for all you do!!
  3. Larry was with me 12 years. I loved my buddy. Yes, bigger is easier - but I am in an apartment and won’t be here long term. For now a 10 gallon would be good. I had a 29 gallon one for Larry. He loved it!
  4. I love the painting! I miss my goldfish, Larry. Maybe time to get a ten gallon tank and start over. 💖
  5. I saw goldies can eat strawberries! How do I prep them, aside from washing them good? Do I dice them? I want to see if Larry would like them.
  6. bombing your home for fleas. I know I have seen it here before. I am thinking about doing this as the little boogers are starting to take over and I hate them. I got the dog and cat with the flea drops, but those take a bit to work. I hate seeing the hopping boogers on my socks when I walk in house. Honestly I want to rip up the carpet in the house and lay hardwood...but financially can't. What precautions should I take if I decide to do this? I am very concerned about my goldie Larry and his tank. He is in my bedroom, and the snots are the worse in there. I am at a loss here. Any advice would be appreciated! Also, who suggested the straight razor to take off the nasty stuck on green algea - it worked wonderful. I can see Larry now and enjoy him, and he can see me better. That stuff is hard to get rid of once it gets a hold of a tank wall. TIA
  7. I guess I will try a scraper. It is all over in large patches. I hate it. I can't stand it...it blocks my view of Larry. Oh well...such is life of a goldie owner! Thanks for the feedback. Larry and I appreciate it!
  8. Hey All! I am back...it has been almost 2 years since my last post!!!! Larry is doing great. He loves his 29 gallon tank. I just got a question about this green algea I can't get rid of. I can't even scrub it off. It is like it is adhered with gorilla glue or something. I am use to the brown hairy algea, but this bright green stuff is bad. Larry has gotten huge. Tomorrow is a water change day. Maybe once I am done I can snap a photo of him to post. He is really a fat boy! I never knew a goldfish could be such a great pet! I have had him for 5 years now!!! Hard to believe! Thanks in advance for suggestions. I don't have water quality check information. I have not done in a while. Have a good one!
  9. Here is Larry's new buddy. He is in QT still and will be a couple more weeks. Could not wait to share.
  10. I am thinking at the least 4 weeks. My hubby thinks I should just put them together ASAP since they are suppose to be together any way. I am just scared of any diseases or parasites.... Larry has come a long way and I know he will love his new friend. Thanks for all the replies. I appreciate it. I wonder how much color changing this baby will go through??? Any thoughts?
  11. Here is Al. Any input on how long to keep them seperated is needed. I don't want to stress out Larry to bad....
  12. He is a solid white oranda. He is about an inch smaller then Larry. I got the biggest one they had that I thought looked the best and acted good. The tank Larry is in is a 30 gallon. He has been in it since Jan 2007.
  13. I got Larry a tank mate finally. The new fish is in quarintine - but for how long? I just can't wait for them to meet and be buddies. I hope I picked a suitable friend for Larry - What if they don't like each other or something?????? I have been nervous about getting a new fish and putting in the tank w/ Larry. Am I being paranoid????? I need some feed back from the experienced goldie lovers here.... HELP! Thanks in advance...
  14. It appears to be a fan tail like Larry. Definitely post better pics - my guess he is the same Larry - I love fantails.
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