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  1. yeah, i know he doesn't have a great chance... i'm so bummed out. i keep hoping maybe a miracle will happen. where can i get medications like that? vvvv/mmm? or do i usually need to go to a more specialty fish store? i'm going to be right next to one tomorrow, any specific suggestions? money isn't really an object - i'll pay anything to have him get better.
  2. sure, i haven't started anything yet because i didn't even know where to start - and i didn't have time to get on kokos. ammonia - 0 nitrite - 0 nitrate - 15ish right now he's (name's Mimosa) in a 29 gal by himself with a penguin 300 biowheel (?) but he has been in a 60 gal with 4 other fish, the largest being a moor about 5" w/o tail. the moor the newest but he came along about a month and a half or 2 months ago. i add prime when i change the water weekly - usually 50% changes no meds yet - i dont' know where to get them/what to get i feed them peas, flakes, and hikari gold pellets thanks guys. and i know i shouldn't use regular aquarium salt, i meant epsom salt.. i've been trying to read other dropsy threads in my spare time but i've been rushed. thanks devs, hope you can help me save the little guy. just in case i've been looking for vets around the area that will euthanize. i just love him too much to let him die in pain.
  3. well, i was thinking too positive when it came to my fan tail's eye changes. he has dropsy! i can't believe it. i've never dealt with dropsy before so i'm doing the best i can. just a few questions. 1. is it painful? my poor little guy is hiding from the filter current inside a big alligator head decoration. he comes out to eat and to visit, but when i leave the room he goes back in there. 2. how long can i expect him to live? worst case/best case ? he's been ill for a few days now. 3. will a salt dip help with the swelling or do i just need to add salt to the water? i'm so sad. he's been through a lot, the poor little guy. he finally has a 60 gallon tank to call home and i'm worried now he won't be around much longer. any input is appreciated.
  4. hi guys. i have a fantail, mimosa, who i've had for about a year and a half now. he's a perfect looking fan tail. i've noticed recently his eyes seem to be sticking out a little more. Not in a pop-eye sort of way (and this is a different fish than my recent thread in the disease forum ) but more like he's turning into a telescope or something! it seems like his eyes are just growing outward. i have good water, great filtration, i keep the tank clean.. i honestly don't think he's sick. his eyes are just.. poking out of his head. and there seems to be a light orange color between his eyeballs and his head. like.. scale color. does this make any sense at all? i really need to take some photos. i will soon, i promise. i just.. am totally confused. can eyes change shape?!
  5. Hi y'all, long time no see! My goldies and i have been doing amazingly, which is why i haven't been around much, but i've hit a bump! Ammonia: 0 Nitrite 0 nitrate 25 60 gallon tank, running for 2 months (using the biowheel from my old tank) i have a penguin Biowheel 350 and a penguin Biowheel 200 i feed them hikari gold every evening and brine shrimp every once in a while weekly water changes 30% added prime every time 5 fish, all under 3" except Frijol ANYWAY. my big oranda Frijol started getting some white bumps on his head about a week ago, very similar to ick. but they're on the top of his head so i assumed at first it was wen growth, and then as they formed a mpre "bumpy" appearance i (hoped) thought it might be breeding stars. then i read somewhere in a book or something that they sometimes, with good water conditions, just go away so i've been waiting. (yeah, it's taken me a year, but i'm getting good at this water thing. ) well, they just keep getting bigger and kind of spreading at the base and today i noticed his eye is popping out. well, actually, the area around his eye looks kind of full of liquid and it's swollen, but his whole EYE isn't popping out. I've never had experience with pop eye so i dont' know if that's what this is. i got scared and added melafix and i'm on the first day so i haven't seen results, but what should i do? i'm scared! i don't have a quarantine tank ready right now so he's still in with the other guys. AAH! thanks for any help! by the way, he's eating great, his fins are alert, he's acting fine. his eye is just making me sad/scared.
  6. alexandria's "eyebrows" are great!! cute fish.
  7. i think he actually meant V tail, not veil tail. my ryukin has the same kind of tail and i found out that it's just a tail defect that a lot of fancies get and it's very common.
  8. my ryukin did have aggression problems when i first got him. i let them sort it out themselves though and now there's no problem at all. i think it helped that my fantail and oranda that he lives with grew a little.
  9. what a cutie! lol. where are his eyes? i'm so envious of everyone who ones big wenned (a word? probably not) fish. mine are all small wenned!
  10. i almost choked on my candy. that's ADORABLE!
  11. pearlscales are expensive? the ones i see are always so small i guess they're inexpensive because of that. i've never owned one but they're really cute! my favorite is fantails. simple. classic. and the hardiest guys i've ever owned! (whether i should be admitting that or not... haha.)
  12. i'm almost positive my fish have enough oxygen in their water, they have 2 streams of water from their filter hitting the surface of the water, and an air stone.. but they sometimes head up to the top of the water and breathe up there. their mouths aren't doing the same thing as when they yawn, but they still breathe... i dunno! is there a test kit you can get for oxygen?
  13. do they generally turn white or black? i think it'd be cute if it turned all white...
  14. i'd think that if you assure they have enough room you lower the chances of them fighting.. correct me if i'm wrong.
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