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  1. cool sounds good. ermmm im not sure how big its going to be, not huge. Just a corner one in my garden. Hopefully the bunnys wont go for a swim lol.
  2. looks really nice, i bet your proud of that. keep up the good work
  3. Hey Lucy, ive only just seen this post ive just read it from the start and wowee it looks amazing!! My mums letting me do a pond just like yours (finally) and im defo gonna have to show her these pictures!! When do you think you will be getting some fish to put in there? Any tips on pond making would be good aswel thanks xxx
  4. http://www.fishworld-sz.com/goldfish_list_en.htm its got some amazing looking fish on it i love the pandas!
  5. wow, nice looking fish. looks to me like he'll be turning orange soon this is my oranda, i havent had him long but i think he would of been all black once
  6. awww, nice fish! i love the black eyes. great colour aswel, looks so bright
  7. well i got a new fish on Monday called echo.. hes a orange and black oranda
  8. awww poor guy! i agree with devs his face does look scared and unsure. but hes got a great home with you good luck with him
  9. Devs - they are defo in my blood Well ive decided to call him echo, im not sure about people that live outside the uk but theres a chocolate bar here called echo.. n my boyfriend said that he looked like he'd been dipped in chocolate hes such a character already
  10. Well i went to the fish shop today and just couldnt resist this fella, hes so cute!! right now hes in a plastic 7 gal for the time being just to make sure hes healthy. (you can maybe see the scratch on the front of the tank, but dont worry its been like that for a while now and its fine ) the pictures arnt great because the tanks not great but ill keep trying for better ones
  11. yeh i think its nice, great job koko
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