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  1. I wish you could see my happy face right now! *goes to look it up*
  2. Holy Schmaoley, I had no idea I was going to spark a debate when I posted this! As things worked out I've been very sick this last week, and all the tanks were snatched up before I could get my hands on one. The reason I was going with the 10 gallon was because it had a very nice start-up kit included. Not something for really long term or extended keeping, but something to kick start the hobby back up for me. I had no intention of keeping a large, fully grown fish in it. Just a baby and upgrading as needed. @Fantailfan - I love that you're an #enabler ! Even at $1 a gallon there's no way I could afford the filtration necessary to run a 40 gallon. Looks like things may have worked out for the best for right now.
  3. Hey all! It's been a very, very long time since I had goldfish in my house. Admittedly it was out of control (90 gallon with 2 fish. They killed anything else I put in there), but I might have an opportunity to start up again. There were a number of 10 gal aquarium starter kits (good kits, not useless ones) donated to the shelter I now work at. Management is trying to determine how many the shelter needs, and the rest should be up for grabs. So I'm trying to decide if I'm ready to jump back into this. I know it's addicting, I did it for 7 years with lots of lessons learned, and that's what scares me. I know how easily 'Oh, just one baby in a 10 gallon is all I need' turns into 'I need a giant custom tank and ALL THE GOLDFISH'. Also looks like in the time I've been gone we're recommending 15-20 gallons per fish instead of 10? Or is that still for streamliners? ^_^ Thanks!
  4. Sure! It will probably be a day or so though.
  5. LOL, I thought the exact same thing when I saw the topic this morning!
  6. Flint is a roughly six year old white common I got from a science project back in the days I was still in high school. I've had the pleasure of watching him grow from a itty bitty feeder to a big robust boy of about 12 inches. For the last four years it's just been him and Charms, my fantail/ryukin, in a 90 gallon tank (Jello, a comet, joined them last Sept.), but when I went down to portland yesterday I purchased four new buddies, fully stocking my tank. So here's the real reason for the post - Is it time to say when? He has a tendency to race back and forth in the tank, and bump his 'nose' on each side. I really want good for him, and I need advice, lol. Or maybe just someone to tell me it's time for him to have a pond and some new friends. Any thoughts welcome. PS - Also concerned about separation anxiety in Charms if Flint goes. They've been inseperable for years, and even teamed up in killing a few of my new buys years ago.
  7. I had the privilage of spending yesterday in Portland looking for fish! What fun was had by me and my coworker and snail loving friend, Jamie. In my pursuit of a lionhead I first went to The Wet Spot (LOVE IT), but they were practically sold out, so the woman recommended a place called Pets on Broadway. Country: USA Town & State (fully spelled PLEASE): Portland, Oregon Name of Store: Pets on Broadway Adress: 2762 NE Broadway, Portland, OR 97232 Phone number: 503-282-5824 Review: This place is amazing! I didn't have the time to check out their fish supplies or other pet things, but the store was a a pretty good size. They easily had 10 tanks devoted to goldfish, with varieties like wakins, celestials, ranchu, ryukin - all of which are usually really hard for me to find. The woman that I spoke with about the ranchus knew what she was talking about, and was very helpful in aging the pets, talking about body shapes, defects, etc. She was also very upfront about the fact that they had treated a tank for bacterial infection when they got the fish in, and spoke easily of their favorite foods and current diet. The guy that checked me out was friendly, and easily met my requests for packaging when I told him they had a few hours ride home.
  8. I agree that it has a lot to do with breeding and conditions when the fishies are younger, however i'm not sure that that can account for 100% My fantail, Charms, came to me at about 4-5 years old from horrid living conditions. He was in a 10 gallon with one other fish, the water was about 1/3 full, and the woman had to FIND the fish in all the poop (They were both rescues). His friend, Lucky, lived for about a year and half but eventually died due to swim bladder problems. Charms turned 11 this year, and he's bigger than ever! At about 7 inches he's my little survivor.
  9. Did I place this in the wrong forum? I just realized this is a PHOTO forum. Oops
  10. How exciting! I went about 4 years ago and the number of people, vendors, and amazing fish was worth it! I still have the keychain I bought there. ^_^ My question is this: I live up in Puyallup, WA and am looking for 1-2 new fish to really spice up my tank and add some...flavor. I think that this event will be a great opportunity to purchase in the size, color, and variety I'd like to get. Can I get these fish at an even like this for under $50 for both? If so, what should I look for in a vendor? Will the fish survive the trip back? Right now I have ONE store locally that I trust for live fish purposes due to my living space and the lack of a quarentine tank. I've only purchased one fish in about the last four years, and that was a very carefully thought over decision. Is this event going to be something that will really pay off in this respect, or will it be harmfully to my carefully controlled enviroment, lol. Thanks! PS - for those out of area, Puyallup is about 3 hours north of Portland, where the even takes place.
  11. Okay, small update. Everyone seems to be doing a little better, more active, seems they like me again. I just ordered some coral from Big Al's, but what should I do for calcium? I've found Kent's Liquid Calcium, but it says that it is for marine tanks. Can it still be used in freshwater? When I talked to my lfs they also mentioned cuttlebone. What exactly is it and is it better/worse than liquid calcium? Also, once I get the calcium, should I add it before or after the coral? Does it matter?
  12. Woooooooow. I'd never been to Big Al's, but from what I just saw it's amazing! They have my foam pads at HALF the price of my local retailer!! I think I'm in love. Thanks!!!!
  13. I'll check out Big Al's, thanks! And I think I typed it wrong, I'm looking for media, not the filter itself. ^_^
  14. Sorry, nevermind. Just calculated shipping and it's not a savings....
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