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  1. Wonderful, clear, sunny shots! Godiva is beautiful huh?! You have many nice looking fishies
  2. yEAH but Erin just named a fishie Jelly! How about moe, larry, & curley or Hughie, dewie, and louie *groans*
  3. Citrus may lower the ph i believe I read so be careful not to leave it in the tank too long and of course, check the water as usual...
  4. Awesome pics everyone! I had alot of fun going thru and seeing them all! I especially liked the pond fish. Lemme see if I can find any old pics of past fishies as Daisuke has about 8 already on the pic forum...
  5. Yup - I read it over on the goldfish feeding forum page. they also can eat Banana and other stuff. i never knew it till today too! I plan on making a gel food this weekend with fruits and veggies just to vary thier diet every so often. Next time I think i'll clip in in place tho b/c Daisuke is bouncing it around the tank like a beachball. I hope he's having fun at least! My dog, however, won't touch a veggie unless it's been marinating in someting, ie: she will eat the broccoli that's included on my sesame chicken plate (take out) but not what I cook on the stovetop. Stange dog with a sweet tooth...
  6. Jewles those pics were so adoreable! Especially the first one where all of them were hovering around the one piece of spinach! I gotta try that in my tank now... thank you for sharing!
  7. More piccies -- I couldn't resist. I love leafing thru piccies on this thread! I know you guys wouldn't mind... We had strawberry shortcake for dessert and (after reading the GF food thread all day at work) I decided to drop a slice in. They ALL *love* it! Daisuke "plays" with it, and the cories try to get in a nip... However they have a hard time finding it. Do Cories have bad vision I wonder? Hmmmm... Anyways -- here you go! And here's one that should be over at pet brigade, but I couldn't resist. Meet Sadie the party dog and my lil cousin Elizabeth!
  8. Thanks! I really enjoy them. My dog is spoiled rotten... wait till the hooman babe comes in August, she's got quite a shock in store for her! XD My husband just had her at the dog P-A-R-K this afternoon and she went for a swim - so that's cool. (Usually she's terrified of water and will only go in to her chest.)
  9. So, how did the 5 year old take it when you bought his fishie? MEANIE! lol!!!! I bet the mom breathed a sigh of relief under her breath!
  10. Ack! I imagine that the Cory wouldn't go down smooth because of the barbels... That would hurt a fish like Angus! My GF Daisuke is probably around 2.5 inches long so they get on well - not even any agression.
  11. Geez -- I'm just reading about this now Peaches. How awful! You did the right thing in taking that nasty oranda right back to the store. I hope Putter is healing up well and is de-stressing! Poor little thing!
  12. these ones are not too tiny -- at 3 yrs old the larget is probably like 2 inches long. In the pet store you will frequently see babies for sale (under an inch) -- those I would not put in with larger GF. Devs once has to pull a cory out of a Goldies mouth!
  13. Hey Erin -- Jelly is SO cute! He's got that "Jelly belly" look about him! (lol, coulnd't resist) I'm sure that he'll bounce back to perfect health with your care in no time at all!
  14. I love his coloring and long, flowy, tail! He and Mars match well!
  15. the striped one is by far more social, but then again, he is older and has lived with larger and faster fish for the past 3 yrs - One year with guppies and two with goldies. The bronzed one is more shy, but has a tight bond to the striped one. When I walk into the tank room, o will ofentimes find them side by side just hanging out together. It's sweet! It's funny b/c the striped one will swim up and down the tank when he thinks i'm not looking, lol. He's pretty fast!
  16. He looks like little Kevin in Home Alone... all he needs are his fins on his "cheeks" and a bottle of aftershave! LOL
  17. Oh, and can anyone ID these cory sub-types plz? I have no clue. I did try to ID based on pics online with no luck
  18. A bit blurry, but i'm shooting in less than ideal conditions with an old cam... I'll be getting a new digital cam before the baby arrives so that's cool. I love these little guys! and... my furbaby Sadie -- she looks a bit drunk in this piccie I had to share
  19. I second what Daryl sez: use it for your plants (as long as there are no meds in it...)
  20. Fishcrazy -- I'll try to get some tonight, promise. in the meantime here's another daisuke pic I had on photobucket. She's making the "PEAS PLEASE" Face (and indeed, it was right before I gave her peas). You can see the cory in the bottom center, although it's fuzzy....
  21. Yeah she's really huge - I've never had one so full or with such short finnage. I usually go for the thnner ones with long flowy tails but she caught my eye - I love her dorsal fin. She's really perfect... I've had her for like 3 months now... I had to rehome them all temporarily in the rubbermaid so I could nuke thier tank. It was disgusting and I had feared that it was harboring whatever illness that killed Poppi. I want a nice, clean, cycled tank before I get Daisuke a GF pal... So far, with stability added as an emergency measure, things are... stable, lol... They have been back in the big tank for a week now and all is good. I have the two cories still and they all co-exsist just fine in the tank together. I do have to be careful that the water temp doesn't drop too low for the cories b/c they are tropical... and of course they get fed at lights out b/c Daisuke gobbles up the food FAST... I dunno what kinds they are. The one in the pic has dark brown stripes and the other (not pictured) is shiny and almost pearlescent... I've had this first cory for almost 3 yrs. now and he's definitley a favorite of mine.
  22. Thanks D.A. She's such a little fattie. She had peas for dinner tonight. I'm going to get her a pal over the weekend, those cories can't keep up
  23. Daisuke and a cory in the rubbermaid last week... in his new home:
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