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  1. Sometimes my two goldfish bump into the submersible Whisper heater in their 20 gallon tank. It's set at 72 degrees F. Since the setting is just a lever type thing, I wonder if they could ever accidently push the lever up so that the temperature goes up too high? Anyone ever heard of this happening? Thanks.
  2. I have a couple of different hollow ornaments. When I do my weekly water change, I swap the current one for a different one. This way, the ornament always has fresh water in it and the GF get a change of scenery.
  3. I kind of feel sorry for fish the most because they can really never leave their "cages." Dogs and cats can go from room to room and be walked, etc. Birds can be let out of their cages to fly free in the room. Hamsters, etc can be let out to run around. But poor fish have to stay in the same box for their whole lives. I would love to take my fish out and daily put them out in a rubbermaid in the sun for a while, but I know that the netting and the water change would be bad for their health and they would be really stressed. Oh well. Life is not fair for animals or people.
  4. Every water change, I take out the old decoration and plastic plants and put different ones in.
  5. Are they from fast moving streams and rivers or from lakes and ponds? I am wondering because I have been reading that if you know a fish's natural environment, it helps with knowing how to keep their tanks. I think goldfish come from lakes and ponds since they don't like a lot of current in the water. But streams and rivers have a lot more oxygen which they also require. Anyone know? Thanks.
  6. I want one!!!!! But I think it would end up being too much trouble.
  7. Now THAT is everyone's nightmare!!!
  8. I am sorry that things are so hard for you. You are in my prayers. I TOTALLY understand your frustrations with fish. I have cut back on the number of tanks I had because it was getting to be very unenjoyable to have that many. I have also battled endless deaths and diseases (costs a lot to buy stuff too) and am also starting to get very tired of water changes and cleaning the tanks. I think, eventually, I will not have fish. I like it now (only have 2 tanks) but I can see myself giving it up in a few years or only keeping one male betta in a small tank.
  9. Probably noone really knows, but mine get about 9 hours of dark time to sleep per day. I guess in nature that they get shorter nights in the summer and longer nights to sleep in the winter. And they can take naps during the day (lucky them--they don't have to go to work!)
  10. I think, if I wanted a quality goldfish, I would be willing to spend up to $35. I would be afraid it would die a month after I bought it if I spent more, and then I would have wasted my money. I think I would also stay awake all night worrying about its health and well being also, if I spent a lot on a fish.
  11. With automatic feeders, you could just put enough food in there for a few days and after it is gone, the fish fast for the rest of the vacation. That way, if the feeder accidently spills all the food in the water, it's not much food to spoil the tank water.
  12. It's good for them to have a time of fasting occasionally. That's what happens in nature.
  13. I was just wondering if my goldfish are the "average" size. I have 2 ryukins and 2 fantails and they are all about one year old ( I guess.) They are all about 2---2 and a half inches long (without the tail.) They have doubled in size since I got them 4 months ago. I have 2 to a 20 gallon tank. Anyway, just wondering. Thank you.
  14. I don't even WANT another tank. I don't want to do more water changes. So I am not even tempted.
  15. Immediately after I drop the flakes in, I swirl them around with my finger and they start sinking right away. The fish enjoy catching them while they are falling and then they vacuum up the bottom.
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