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  1. Thanks my friend. I am getting better on choosing fish. But I still have a lot to learn.
  2. Such a clean tank... Like I said b4, I really like your tank. How do you get rid of algae?
  3. Hi Will, It is possible to cycle without test kit. But it will not accurate and you won't know the stage either. In that situation, I would use one fish to cycle and change 50% of water everyday for three months. Since you don't know the situation of the tank, you should at least do water change for 3 months. On the other hand, you can transfer some media from 10 g tank to new one and start the cycle quickly. PS. you can bring your tank water to LFS and ask them to test for you for free.
  4. Thank you. Why don't you set up again? Thanks Kathy
  5. everybody has their own immune system. Perhaps the sick one has a low immune system and the others has the better one. Just raise PH slowly and provide good water quality.
  6. Hi there, I have to culture greenwater for 3 weeks. I want green water. They are not new fish.
  7. Thanks. This is Daryl's hand pick from Chicago show.
  8. Thanks everyone.. But you are very lucky. I had to try very hard to get this green water.
  9. Today I found a good deal for P&S camera at Circuit City (Nikon P50 for $99). I bought it and decided to post the first pic that I took with new camera. Enjoy!!! You can see the rest here.. http://s93.photobucket.com/albums/l68/smal...anchu/20081126/
  10. Yes, if you wear makeup then female J/K. No you can't .
  11. According to your description Yahoo! is right. You might have two males.
  12. For picture, you can create an account at photobucket.com, upload photo there and post URL in Koko. It's good that you raise this question. I am afraid that your light bulb is not enough for green water and your plants. You should have at least 60 watts for plants or green water only system.
  13. It's a nice size starter tank. I have one too. If you get a chance, please show us the pic of your tank?
  14. I guess 3" round air stone is good enough. What kind of light are you using?
  15. I hope he grows into 9" fish... This is one of the problem buying big fish. You don't know the history of the fish and age. But I am hopping the best for you. Good luck..
  16. Fish produces ammonia. Ammonia is consumed by green algae. Algae multiply by consuming ammonia and light. Algae become food for goldfish again. Here is the whole cycle. Fish -> Ammonia -> Algae -> Fish It doesn't involve nitrite or nitrate in this process.
  17. Canister is a good choice. I also like wet/dry filter for biological filtration. You can also start a DIY project and get the best wet/dry for your system. HOB is good for mechanical filtration though.
  18. Clear water is the best to view the fish. It involves nitrogen cycle which convert ammonia to nitrite and nitrite to nitrate by using beneficial bacterial. You will see nitrate as the outcome. In green water setup, green algae use ammonia as their food source combine with light source. In the mean time, your fish are constantly fed with algae. It almost doesn't have side effect except you need to do big water change every week (90%). Too much green can cause Oxygen burn to your fish. In both method, you need to do big water change to reduce nitrate or reduce thickness of green. IMO, green method is natural way of raising fish and make the color(red or black) of fish more intense.
  19. Such a nice pics.. I am seriously thinking I should take photography classes next year
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