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  1. I used American Express before which has total protection for Consumer. Lately I am using Paypal or Virtual CC # from Paypal.
  2. needs to look at the side view profile first. lol very cute though
  3. It's a risky attempt and I just don't want to kill anyone by my suggestion.
  4. You have no idea how fast betta is
  5. If you really want it, you should go with female only. Male betta will kill all your neon.
  6. I am still thinking... budget budget... I guess I need to look for second job.
  7. This week Tommy has a lot of beautiful ranchu. Check it out... They all are beautiful!!!
  8. It is a beautiful one indeed. Even I am not a ryukin person, I really like that fish. I also have a doubt with big fish. Are they old? Did breeder do something with him/her already such as hand spawning?
  9. I just hope you get it. Just think, if this continues Kathy, I will have some lavender ruykins babies. (hint, hint) So it is going to be Kathy line of Ryukin. lol
  10. I am in the middle of testing one nitrate filter. It's a DIY filter and theoretically it should reduce nitrate and phosphate. I will know the result in 2 weeks.
  11. You are lucky!!! you live close to her and can get some fish from her. I also got 5 from hers when I visited Chicago fish show this September.
  12. I am not good in naming but he/she is very cute though. Where did you get her from(if you don't mind)?
  13. I only have 7 fish, I can make small batch and last for a long time. When I look at baby food, they have some % of sugar content. Is it ok for fish?
  14. Is it a good idea to add baby food (3 months I guess)? I have seen some discussions regarding adding baby food but I cannot find it anymore.
  15. Yes, i saw it and I wish he does the same for ranchu.
  16. I likes his long tail. Beautiful one .
  17. Calico ranchu usually doesn't have big head growth(Feng, Wen).
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