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  1. If you are planning to use Zeolites, please pay attention to the following line from Daryl suggestion Have NO salt in your tank Let us know your result..
  2. In green water system, you have to judge by looking at the thickness of the green. I cannot say "You need to change water once a week" kinda direction. Totally up to your condition. When I have two fish in 60 Green tank, I can go once a week schedule. But when I have more fish, I have to do more often. The same thing apply to clear water tank. If the nitrate reading is going up to 40PPM or (in your case of new tank, ammonia is building up), you might want to do a big water change. Once a week water changing schedule is general guide line for most people. But for extreme situation, we have to work depend on our needs(interest or believe).
  3. When the green is getting thick, you have to do 90% water change. Thick means when you cannot see fish 5" behind the glass.
  4. Yes, temporarily you can do that. But you have to do more water change. A lot of fish will produce a lot of ammonia, which green algae will consume and multiply in double. Excessive green can cause Oxygen burn to the fish. I have 2 green tanks for long term(more than 1 years now). It is good for fish but it is just not good for human(if it is your show tank in your living room). For me, I just don't care about the look. I want a healthy muscular fish.
  5. I am afraid bb will die if they don't get any food for some time. But I am not sure how long they can survive without food.
  6. If you want to seed filter from other tank, you can add a fish directly into tank. You will only face a small bump. If you really want to train your filter into full capacity, you shouldn't use food as source of ammonia. You should find clear ammonia instead. Add ammonia until it goes to 3PPM slowly.
  7. Hahaha! I laughed when I saw that wacky Ryukin. I think I prefer fishy fish to Frisbee fish myself. IMO all fancies are not fishy fish at all.
  8. I guess they want to give a chance to "buy it now" people. In Ebay, you won't know the reservation. Computer will bid for seller until it reaches the reserve price.
  9. IMO, 11 has ranchu influence as well (by looking at the back). and head is not big enough for my taste. What do I know? lol But I am using Peter's Spike book while I am typing this.
  10. 15? I think it's a mix of ranchu and lionhead though.
  11. Thanks Daryl. I guess Muscle is really important to become a good BIG Ryukin, especially to become a big balance fish. Muscle is also important in Ranchu as well especially in TVR.
  12. Thanks Daryl. I didn't know about Muscle before. All I look was hump for Ryukin. I learn something new today. Thanks again.
  13. Just a general question, how does US show judge? In Asian site, they prefer that kind of hump. How about here? I am too busy studying Ranchu. lol. Let me know which one you pick?
  14. Guess they are talking about UK gallon.
  15. wow. congratulations.. I hope the weather isn't that bad during weekend. I take a quick view at fishsempai after I saw your post and they have Tsugaru Nishiki. Is it Phoenix tail? If so, I should go for a road trip as well.
  16. wow congratulations!!!! You get two at the end?
  17. Like I said before, hope to see Kathy's line of Lavender Ryukin.
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